1. Ok so I get to work. its my 2nd shift as an extern and a nurse asks me to do her a favor. the pt in 12 need a bath and she needs assistance. the nurse says that the patient has had some bad news today and needs some TLC and some chat time. she even offers to take care of our assignment so that I can spend some time with the patient.

    Guess I have a rep for being the sensitive bath boy or something, lol. Anyway I enter the room, alittle worried cause I have not given a real bed bath in a couple years but oh well.

    I have to say that this lady was beatiful, even without makeup, and she had a figure that would have made most models envious.

    Ok now I am really worried...I have never been in this situation...I am trying to think professional and doing a good job but i think she noticed cause she giggled which made me blush. OGM I am 28 not 15!! LOL. anyway I start washing her, and she cannot assist to much (post-op Back surg). I ask her to clean her own chest and when I reach the private area she say she cannot reach.

    That when I get a look of a....ah tool that is very simular to MINE!!! yep shes been on hormone theapy since HIS teens.

    I was beet red for the rest of the shift and Nurses were casually waiting at the station and were almost on the floor.

    THIS IS CRUEL!!! al the power to the patient but a surprise like that could have cause a massive MI - in me not the patient!

    Oh well they got me good, and I am planning my revenge!!!
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Keep us posted, Zhakrin--I want to hear about the the payback!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else thing Zhakrin needs to change the "Senior Member" appellation in his profile to "Sensitive Bath Boy"?
  4. by   Huganurse
    LOL. OMG. That was a dirty trick! But, I have a feeling that you are well liked on your unit or they wouldn't have done this to you. It was a joke and you just happened to be the jokee. Try to take it in stride. It's things like this that you will remember forever and probably with a smile, later on. It was unprofessional for the most part, but was anyone really hurt? Or, was it something that left everyone feeling good and in a good mood? Can't wait to hear how you plan on topping this one! Your going to have to be pretty good to even come close to equalling that! LOL. I think if I was on your unit I would have found the whole situation halarious!
  5. by   Zhakrin
    Actually I have already,

    My assigned nurse asked me if I had given a client the prn ASA, and I said:

    " yep, he couldn't take it PO so I crushed it up and tried to give it through his G-tube."

    "Did it go through?"

    "Nope I think its blocked, so I gave it in his IV"


    "oh don't worry I flushed it with tap water"

    *Its funny how a nurse can turn so many interesting colors"
    Lol, I did not let her stew to long and she started punching my arm!

    I did not do any of those things but I have been told that words are mighter that the love rod!

    Temporary Sensitive Bath Boy!
  6. by   CATHYW
    You poor thing! There are newbie "rites of passage" that you will have to go through, and this is one of them. One Saturday afternoon when I was fairly new to the ER up here, a mother brought in 3 toddlers, in their underwear. No biggie. Two were hers, one wasn't. She found them playing in the garage, dousing themselves with aluminum paint! They were covered-looked like the Tin Man in Oz. Poison Control said get that stuff off. Guess who was elected? Oh, yeah! But-one of the senior nurses felt bad for me and came in to help. It took hours-thank God it was a
    --ow day. I still can't say the "s" word, doncha know!

    One day when I was working 3-11 on telemetry, I came in to find that my team had just received a new patient-aslightly pudgy young man that worked 3-11 in our registration office. I got report, and went flying off to do assessments. It was one of those nights, if you know what I mean. Anyway, when I finally got a chance, I looked at the H & P assessment admit form that the day nurse had done. It said, "bilateral elective mastectomies," and "hysterectomy." I am a pretty astute person, but this was 1984. I got my asst. head to look at it to see if she got the impression I did. She looked up at me after reading the chart, with eyes as big as sauchers, and said, "oh, my Go-!" Turns out it was a good thing that I let her in on what nobody had told me. Later that evening, "He" complained of being in a room with a male! Seems that the shemale was still female, from the waist down! :roll

    We all have our times, so just be prepared for ANYTHING! (especially when you go in to cath somebody-you never know what you will find, or where it is located!
  7. by   hoolahan
    Excellent return Zhakrin!! Love the little IV trick!!!

    It's true they liked you or they wouldn't have toyed with you in this way!

    Did you guys ever read the book "Fluff my pillow, Bend my Straw?" It is hysteriucal, written by a nurse when she was new. The other nurses and docs tricked her into doing "penile" pressures on a post-op urology pt of some kind. What a hoot to read!
  8. by   judy ann
    Oh, lordy, I agree that is a funny "rite of passage". I certainly hope that the patient was in on it!:chuckle :zzzzz
  9. by   nursedawn67
    Revenge is sweet gang!!! LOL
  10. by   traumaRUs
    I love this thread!
  11. by   blitz
    Oh, Honey! You've been accepted...! Glad you took it with grace and can laugh. Laughter and comraderie are what get you through those tough shifts. It sounds as though you fit right in. Consider yourself lucky and thank your lucky stars you work with such people.
    I have the same situation, and I just love my co-workers!
  12. by   micro
    "temporary sensitive bath boy"

    gotta love the humor in our line of work.......

    brings out the wierd but luvable side in all of us.....
  13. by   MHN
    Zharkin, Had similar experience took pan to post-op "Lady" she and her mother blushed and then asked for a urinal explaining she had not completed surgry Like you i nearly broke my Jaw as it hit the floor.
    On a serious the young man/nearly young woman had chromosome disorder XXY from memory.
    nurses were casually waiting at the station and were almost on the floor - zhakrin,
    temporary sensitive bath boy!
    that's a shame...at least they didn't set you-up like one of my teacher's former student...

    i had a teacher who was into teaching students to trust their own judgment regarding taking vitals. this incident occurred not long into their first clinical rotation (which happened to be in geriatrics).

    this particular student was sent-in to get a set of vitals off of a patient....the student came out with all sorts of stats. the instructor asked her if she was sure of the readings she got...the student said yes...she was sent back into the room to reassess the patient. sure enough, she returned with a second but different set of vitals.

    by this time...the instructor & the staff at this facility was on the floor laughing because that patient had expired & had been dead for approximately 30 minutes.

    well, you can imagine how this poor student felt once she'd learned the news. she finally admitted to the instructor the she wasn't getting a b/p or pulse...she didn't have enough trust, in herself at that time, to believe her senses in order to arrive at the correct conclusion.

    the moral was that from that point on, everyone made sure they checked & double checked their findings...& if a b/p couldn't be heard...we made sure that we learn how to palpate one....heeeeee .....lol:roll - moe :blushkiss .