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I was doing a 1:1 observation with an elderly confused woman who tends to wander. So I was in the room with her and the 19 year old unit clerk came in with a piece of paper that said " My name is... Read More

  1. by   cargal
    I do believe some people can see the error of their ways. Perhaps a video on the losses that elders suffer and more positive role models, she may make a good nurse someday! I did some stupid things before I became a nurse, and I find myself advocating for this population on a daily basis.
  2. by   live4today
    Originally posted by P_RN

    I echo those same sentiments, P_RN! Very very cruel, and should NOT be tolerated! Report her for sure. Let her know that since she is in school to become a nurse, she will learn how very unacceptable doing something like that is to a patient.....regardless of their mental status.
  3. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by MollyJ
    Okay, folks, she's nineteen.
    I don't care how old she is...most people at 9 have more decency than that...I was taught to respect my elders, calling the Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith, etc from the time I was a child...so I just couldn't dream of treating someone this way whether or not I knew them personally. :angryfire It's sad that some parents don't impart simple values like that on their kids...She should be reported and terminated.

    I doubt she'd even get a job at Mc D's they have pretty set standards of deciency to customers
  4. by   eak16
    On a tangent, In find it interesting that you stated her age, 19, as though that was already one strike against her. Yes, her behavior was unnacceptable, but her age should have had no bearing on the situation- you wouldnt have said her age had she been, say, 43. Just thought it was interesting.
  5. by   hapeewendy
    19 may be young but by 19 you know the difference between what is right and wrong and what you should and should not do
    thats just crap
    I dont care that she's learning it from anyone else on the floor either, you make your own judgement calls.
    what was that whole thing about "if everyone else jumped off a cliff would you follow?"
    also there is a difference between making a stupid mistake , which we all make, and doing something like slapping a sign on a fellow human beings back
    that is not a stupid mistake it was a cold hearted downright moronic thing to have done
    and I cannot imagine anyone being able to justify doing that, how could this girl bring herself to make up the sign and stick it on the patients back?
    no justification possible whatsoever
  6. by   indynurse
    In my hospital, our gero-psych pts are considered "no information" patients. We do not even acknowledge that they are pts and if you are not working that unit, you do not know the names of the pts on that unit. Putting a sign on the pt identifies them and what unit they belong to (hence, why they are hospitalized). So, if "Edna" gets out of the unit and Nellie from church sees her and the sign, then Nellie knows Edna is a pt on that unit. So much for patient confidentiality.
  7. by   Aussienurse2
    I once put a "Deceased" sticker on an RNs back( well she WAS like the walking dead, took two hours to give out the morning pills)
    But as for a patient....well....I DON'T THINK SO !!!!!!!! What if her family came in and saw that??? I thought ward clerks were educated in privacy issues? I would also like a list of "everyone" I'm very suspicious of "everyone" they seem to do a lot of things around hospitals.....I think I might just try and track them down one day and find out if "they" really do the things that are attriuted to them.
  8. by   SharonH, RN
    There are two key points to note here. She is a 19 year old unit clerk and she said "well everyone else does it".
    I think she can be taught the error of her ways especially since they are the result of inexperience and immaturity but if she is getting that behavior from other nurses, then that is a problem.
  9. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by Aussienurse2
    I'm very suspicious of "everyone" they seem to do a lot of things around hospitals.....I think I might just try and track them down one day and find out if "they" really do the things that are attriuted to them. [/B]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ida No works at my facility...and whooeee! she is a screw up!!!
  10. by   TootyFruity
    Ya'll crack me up!

    I totally agree, if that was my mom.....someone will be saying "lawsuit" in their dreams!

    That's down right sad!

    Vegas~~ I'll hold your purse! lol
  11. by   Qwiigley
    Don't worry, this chick will never make it thru nursing school!
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, two wrongs don't make a right. What I'd do is have a little chat with this young lady and politely explain WHY she cannot put signs on residents backs!! Then I'd tell her that if I saw her doing this again then I'll report her to management.

    I am not one who is a tattle tale. If someone does something wrong and provided no patients were harmed, then I take that person aside and explain to them why their actions are incorrect. I think that this harbors a bettor co-worker relationship. BUT as I found out a few months ago.....Not every nurse feels the same way as I do.
  13. by   Teshiee
    Just because everyone was doing that doesn't make it right. You did the right thing. I know if someone ever mistreated my loved one like that I would kick ass and take names later. That is some cruel mess. LTC do some shady mess that is why I don't work in them anymore I couldn't stand the abuse and lack of care the elderly were getting. They pay this exuberant amount of money per month only to be treated like a damn dog. I would have reported her big time. That says a lot about what type of nurse she may end up being.