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I am a new employee and recent graduate...During orientation, I was told many things that probably would make the DON mad..I followed what the other nurses told me to do.. During my evening shift... Read More

  1. by   Dalzac
    Yes I have and yes that person was fired. We had a patient that was in a coma and we were going to be sued The family video taped every single time we came into the room. I caught the unit clerk reading the chart to someone over the phone. I took the chart away from him and told him to hang up the phone immediately. He actually looked me in the face and said he hadn't done anything wrong. I got all the policies and procedures concerning Hipaa. Then I wrote it up and put it under the managers door. The clerk was fired the next day. He even threatened to hurt me and my family. I had to get a restraining order. I would do it again if it ever happened again
  2. by   not now
    I work at a facility and the town that I work in is what some would consider "ghetto" probably because it's a small, poor city where a majority of the young men go to jail/prison, lots of welfare and mainly farmers and farm laborers/packinghouse workers. It's one of the few LTC's in the area and has the best reputation as far as resident care is concerned.

    Every once and a while a staff member is hired who isn't the the greatest and has that "ghetto" attitude. I grew up on the poor side of town, I have relatives with the attitude, I have friends with that attitude and in the past (before moving away, seeing more of the world and gaining an education) I had that attitude, I can handle that attitude. One night one CNA with that attitude started arguing with me about something I asked her to do. She started cursing, I was trying to get my point across, I told her if she kept it up I'd have to write her up, she said "Then f***ing write me up then!" and walked off. Her husband (also a CNA) saw this and took the opportunity to walk outside and key my entire car (this was at midnight) which was witnessed by two other staff members. When I found out I didn't go back in and start anything with them.

    The next morning I called the DON, I told her what happened. They never came back.
  3. by   angel's RN
    Yep, one day just after I started working at one place I noticed that my patient had a med on that I had put on the day before. I know it was mine, because I initial and date this stuff. Looked back in the med machine, and fould that NONBE on the meds were signed ot, but the MARS were all signed that the meds were given. THat nurse is not working there, but did not lose her licence, which is what I thought should happen. That is falsisfying a chart!! I'm no , but--------
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I've reported a co-worker to my supervisor (total of 3 times for the same person). The intention was not to get them fired, but that wound up being the end result.
  5. by   PralineLPN
    I have. A cleaning lady was mouthing off to residents and cursing in the halls. This woman was a total disgrace. I'm glad she was fired. DON and the Admin actually thanked me for writing it up. It was the last straw. I also had a problem with a med tech not giving me the keys when I asked for them. I had a pt in resp distress who needed nebs and another in severe pain. She pulls that again, I'll write that up, too. I don't deal with BS too well.
  6. by   withasmilelpn
    Quote from THOMP974
    Yes I have. She was and RN and I am just a clerk but I reported her to my supervisor and her nurse manager because she was LAUGHING and cracking up in a patients room during a code. The patients family was right outside the curtin listening to her cut up. I was SO mad! She told her surpervisor she was trying to "lighten things up" I am glad that she is gone.
    Off the subject, but next time just tell her to shut up- the family is outside! Healthcare workers do weird things sometimes during a code, its very stressful and unpredictable.
  7. by   UM Review RN
    I never felt comfortable getting someone fired. After all, that's messing with their livelihood and I admit that I just might not have all the facts or information to make the kind of judgment that can follow a person around for such a long time and have such a devastating effect on their life.

    That said, I reported one coworker who smelled and acted drunk to the DON. Turned out the employee had already used up all chances for Rehab and the person was fired on the spot.

    Most of the other times have involved myself with complaints from other nurses and involved a CNAs' blatant insubordination or failure to do their work. A couple of them straightened up. And a couple were ultimately fired or quit.
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  8. by   happydays352
    Well I'm not a nurse yet but I've reported two of my managers to the owner of the facility. One for smoking an illegal drug at the facility while on shift, she was fired later when we had to call an ambulance because she had alcohol poisoning. While at work.

    With my first manager it was for threatening a patient, that's just not acceptable. I'm lucky my boss is very very supportive of me and listens to what I say.

    Thank god my current manager isn't a crazy drunk.
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  9. by   leslymill
    I reported a NA for telling me had done some things I had requested. I didn't follow up and charted them. I found out later he lied to me and what I charted was false. I went to my DON. I really just wanted her to talk to him. I think he was too intimidated to say, no I am too busy doing...this....this...this. He was engaged to our ward clerk. The DON fired him. I wish she hadn't. It cause a slight riff. When the NA did what he was assigned he did a good job. I just think we had a communication problem. Botherss me to this day.
  10. by   flashpoint
    I've never liked the phrase "got someone fired." The way I see it...unless you are dishonest or unfair or unless you somehow allowed someone else to take the fall for your mistake, they got themselves fired or their actions got them fired. If someone does something that is cause for termination...it is their fault...not the fault of the person who caught them or the person who reported them or the person who was harmed by whatever they did.

    Do things right from the begining and expect the same from those around you...if they are doing something that you question, talk to someone about it.
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    I just fired one of my staff members today, and all I can say is, it is a RARE occurrence in a good facility---people don't "rat each other out" and "get someone fired" just like that. Employee discipline is the least liked part of my job; even when the termination is perfectly justified, I hate handing someone their final paycheck and telling them I have to let them go.

    The truth is, a manager generally has to build a case for termination---unless there is blatant misconduct going on right under our noses, we can't just get rid of employees because we don't like their faces or because we've heard rumors that they're doing something wrong. We have to play detective and investigate matters carefully, then document our hind ends off so that we can prove that we've done progressive discipline with the employee and given him or her a chance to improve.

    It's sad that so many otherwise grown-up, professional folks seem to be stuck in grade school, thinking that they can just 'tell on' people and get them fired. It's one thing when there is patient or resident abuse going on; quite another when it's merely a dislike of their personality or the way they do their job.
  12. by   Sassybottom
    Quote from Bala Shark
    I am a new employee and recent graduate...During orientation, I was told many things that probably would make the DON mad..I followed what the other nurses told me to do..

    During my evening shift orientation, I did something what the other nurses told me to do in a particular situation involving a med pass..But this particular nurse had different views on the situation..As a result, I think I will get reported to the DON and lose my job soon because I am new and they dont know my work habits...I was wondering if you ever reported a nurse then that person got fired/written up..

    I am not going to snitch on the nurses who trained me for giving me the information that would make the DON mad..I belive that some nurses are not perfect in every aspect especially if there is a patient load of 20 patients to one nurse..

    What shortcut did that other nurse suggest during the med pass? What did the second nurse want you to do instead of the shortcut?
  13. by   enfermera1
    As a Nursing Supervisor I have had to discipline nurses. I have never reported anyone ,but wont hesitate to do so if the nurse is incompetent and the patients are in danger. My advice to you is go by Policy and Procedure . If you go by policy you cant go wrong. The facility will have to back you up................Dont worry aboutbeing fired. Your Supervisor should provide you with the tools to do your job effectively. If there not doing it them perhaps you will be better off.