Have you ever taken care of a famous pt?

  1. Have you ever been assigned to take care of a movie star, singer, etc? I never have, but I know there has to be at least one of us here who has.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Yes. But HIPAA precludes telling about it.
  4. by   TazziRN
    I was not involved in the care but a very famous star and his wife took prenatal classes at the facility I worked at. I was embarrassed at how employees would line the halls to the front door so they could say Hi as the couple left after classes.
  5. by   Haunted
    This patient was a "John Doe" on the board, made a BIG deal out of letting everyone know NOT to give out info on him to people who may call. Turns out he was a former major league football player ( WHO I NEVER HEARD OF) who thought he was a golden GOD!!!! Another patient (back in the day) was being treated in the outpatient Beverly Hills laser clinic for genital herpes. Guy, recently had a baby etc. Very childish and rude to the staff.

    My favorite is a well known professional who is on a TV show who is a DARLING, had a lot of work done but you would never know. Love these folks and I never have a problem, BUT I will NEVER tell........
  6. by   LeahJet
    This DOES sound like a fun thread....but as Ruby said.... I'm afraid it can't go very far.
    The closest I came to fame in the ER was taking care of the Dad of an 80's all girl group member. He was nice and talked about his daughter alot. She probably would have been embarrassed.....
  7. by   TazziRN
    Oh, if you're talking about relatives....there was a well known soap star from here, and I took a college class from his dad, who taught at the local college.
  8. by   ana tomy
    I looked after a man who is (was)famous and very respected in sports. I didn't realize and he didn't say a word.He was the most unassuming person. I gave him a pair of pajamas that were too small..He said they were fine..not. I only found out who he was when he was leaving and I asked him where they were heading to ..a" Roast in his honor" in another city. Long story short..He was famous but most of all he was respected and I can see why.
  9. by   goats'r'us
    had a very well-known public figure pass away on my ward. talk about media frenzy!
  10. by   Thanet
    I have nursed several internationally famous people and mostly found them to be quite pleasent.

    I also nursed a infamous english criminal, who was a right PITA. The police had a 24/7 car out side the main entrance due to him... which made me laugh... as there were no police at the rear exit
  11. by   neetnik461
    I recently took care of a gentleman who was a renown oboist with a world famous orchestra. Unfortunately this man had a brain tumor and his course did not go well. After his tumor resection he spent a few weeks in a nursing home/rehab and developed infection at the surgical site. He was readmitted for a wound debriedment/dehissence and I was assigned to him as a post-op patient. He came to me from PACU and was crashing as they brought him up. We got his blood pressure and heart rate back in check but the poor man barely held on during that night shift. A few days later he died. There was a wonderful obit. in the local paper, he was really a gifted musician and teacher.

    Coincidentally, when he was my patient the first time (after his initial surgery) we developed a quick bond of familiarity because I had once lived 2 doors away from the concertmaster of the same orchestra this gentleman played in. He actually had gone to the same music institute as my former neighbor had, and they where great friends.
  12. by   Otessa
    yes: an Oscar-winning movie star , an owner of a multi-milion dollar business, a couple grammy winning well-known artists. Also some political figures in a couple of different states.
  13. by   icucharge
    I have taken care of many high ranking government officals from the US and overseas as well as a couple of hollywood celebrities and most of them acted just like any other patient when not around the cameras.

    But I must say the strangest thing one of them had the staff do was to completely wipe him down with Mens Chanel #5 after his bath.
  14. by   mercyteapot
    The pediatric practice for which I used to work treated a number of children of celebs. The thing about many of the celebs who choose to live in San Diego County rather than L.A. is that many of them have made that choice because they're not into the ''scene'' and the vast majority of them just behaved like regular parents of patients, not expecting special considerations, etc. the way they are sometimes portrayed in the media.