Nursing and Celebrities......

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Just curious if any of you guys have encountered any celebrities during your nursing career and if so how often did you meet one???? And if you don't mind sharing the hospital?

Where they easy to care for?? :uhoh3:

Tks for sharing your story.


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First job in a psyc. hospital. We had a few professional sports figures who would "detox" before training camp or a positive test. They were the best to care for IMO, they chose to be there, had everything they wanted brought in by friends and family, regular visitors.. good spirits and they weren't nuts trying to corner me in an elevator or thinking that aliens had set them on fire... ugh. No "I'm special and you're not" attitude.

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I met a belly-gun pilot from WWII. Talking with him for 10 minutes was VERY VERY cool. Most impressive "celebrity" I've ever met.

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I have been a nurse for over 32 years. I may sound like an old fart but I vividly remember being told about patient confidentiality and how we shouldn't even acknowledge that a person was in the hospital much less publicly talking about being their health care provider

With that being said....I worked in mid-town Manhattan, NYC so I have seen my share of actors and singers. Plus working in a well known NYC Cancer Center have taken care of many "famous" people. But the people that stay in my mind and thoughts? The "little people": those that don't have much, people that wouldn't garner a second glance from most of us passing them in the street. Those are the people who have touched me and it is those people that I think of from time-to-time.

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