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  1. icucharge

    Best Nursing school for the MONEY

    What about Nicholls State. Small school, good instructors and clinicals.
  2. icucharge

    Have you ever taken care of a famous pt?

    I have taken care of many high ranking government officals from the US and overseas as well as a couple of hollywood celebrities and most of them acted just like any other patient when not around the cameras. But I must say the strangest thing one of them had the staff do was to completely wipe him down with Mens Chanel #5 after his bath.
  3. icucharge

    No Beds, No Bumpable Patients!

    At my facility we will leave the last ICU bed open for a CODE and have th ED hold any ICU admits up until it would be time to call ED diversion to the other hospitals in the area. At that time we will fill the bed with any ED ICU admits. When this occurs any CODE that would occur would have to go to a unit with an appropriate level of care with hard wired telemetry( PACU or ICU or ED), which in this case would be the ED until the ICU would be able to open a bed up.
  4. icucharge

    New Grad going to ICCU..

    I have 15 yrs CCU/ICU experience and started out in CCU from the start. The first advice I normally give to GNs is that externship and internships are what YOU make of them as it is designed to be a learning experiences, so get the most out of them. If done correctly you will learn more in those few monthes than you did throughout your entire nursing program. Secondly, and this is just my opinion, if you have adequate time mangement skills, go ICU/CCU first. You will learn more patho and pharmacolgy during your ICU orientation than you would on a MS floor. If you are afraid of the equipment, do not be, it all helps treat the patient and becomes your friend very quickly. If you are afraid of your patient CODING, again don't be, if it happens you will have more help at your bedside than you may want. Lastly, and this was a no brainer for me, would you rather have 5-8 patients on a MS floor with call bells going off or 1-3 ICU patients. Also you actually get to spent more time with your patients and know there health problems backwards and forward.
  5. icucharge

    nursing salary

    New grad pay at Thibodaux Regional just increased to $21-22/hr with the new market adjustment we just recieved. Come check us out, it is a pretty good place to work.
  6. icucharge

    Ideas for a New Unit

    This might be a little late but here are some of my suggestion. 1. The designers should sit down with the staff that actually work in the unit and talk about the work flow in the rooms. 2. Sliding doors to the room that are the entire width of the room and open completely.. 3. Have a lockable med cabinet and supply cabinet on the wall with a an ample sized work counter with sink right when you walk into the room. 4. Have a light switches to all lighting on the wall right when you walk into the room and a second set located on the opposite side of the bed. 5. Minimum of 2 suction, 2 O2 and 2 suction outlets on each side of bed. 6. Plugs - minimum 4 outlets each side of the head of the bed and 2 on each wall in the room. 7. Think of a patient with every piece of life sustaining equipment connected to them and were it would be in the room, then give yourself at least 4ft of walking room directly around the bed.
  7. icucharge

    starting in ccu any tips?

    Here are some things I do when I orient new employees 1. instead of having them study a drug book I make them write their own drug cards on the the drugs we give. They learn it alot quicker that way. 2. When there is a CODE the new employee is always asigned to doing chest compressions or the drug cart. Why? Because they will be in the thick of things and will see and hear everything that is going on. 3. Befriend the MD and ask questions politely. Most will explain why they are doing something or what they are thinking. This is probably the most important tip to remember. 4. If the orientee is afraid that that the patient will CODE, just get them to understand this simple fact. Most CODE can be predicted in the CCU, and if they do CODE then they will have mre help then they will know what to do with.
  8. icucharge

    Oddest things found in a patient!

    I took care of an elderly lady who did not trust banks and kept her life savings of $4000 rolled up in her vagina.
  9. icucharge

    Cath Lab Salary Question

    Unfortunately today most facilities have a standard pay rate for a set level of experience. So in your case, you would be considered a new graduate RN, so what every the normal starting salary for a new grad should give you a ball park figure. Secondly, most cath labs require at least a year experience with some of that being some sort of critical care nursing.
  10. icucharge

    Really low "orientation" pay?? Advantage -

    The reason the orientation pay is so low is that the agency/hospitals want to make sure the nurse that is orienting is going to be commited to work some shifts at that facility. It can get pretty expensive to pay full rates to a nurse to orient and then they do not go to work at that facility. I heard stories of nurses making a living by just going and orienting to different facilities back when they were paying full rate for this.
  11. icucharge

    Why are others nurses rude to agency nurses

    1. The staff resent the high wages agency RNs get 2. Tha agency/contract nurse is gaurenteed their hours 3. The agency nurses generally do not go the extra mile in helping staff or the patients. This the complaints that I see and hear from my staff
  12. icucharge

    Visitation and staying the night

    I work strictly night shift and we lock to waiting room door at 9pm until 8am. My DON was pushing for open visitation 24/7 because of some research she had read that showed better patient outcomes. In addition to all the previous stated problems with this, the major problem that we found would happen were the families would become bored in the rooms and frequently stand at the doors looking at everything else going on in the unit(they already do this during regular visitation). Also, here in Louisiana, the families are usually large and just do not listen when they are told not to disturb the patients ( very irritating) and there is always a cell phone going off somewhere in the unit. the most important issue that we discovered was that alot of the MDs said they would not round in the unit if there were open visitation, they would just phone in their rounds to the nurses. Another facility in the area did open visiting and the families would literally move in with sleeping bags and food, needless to say this did not last long. So my vote goes for regular timed visitation hours.