Has anyone gone to school with a new baby?

  1. I have a 7 month old. I work full time and I am taking pre-reqs starting in the summer for nursing school.
    Has anyone worked full time and taken classes with a baby?

    Also, has anyone gone through nursing school with a toddler?

    Any advice?

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  3. by   hope3456
    I wouldnt recommend it. Nursing school requires hours of independant study.
  4. by   wan2banrseNms
    I have two kids (almost 4 and 1) and I am taking online classes. I set aside time everyday to study. I like that I can wait until the kids are in bed to take tests, and I don't have to get a babysitter unless I have to take a proctored test. I don't work, but my best friend went back full time at night with a 8 month old and a husband that works nights. I guess it just depends on your support system. You will definitely need a good one.
    If possible I wouldn't work while in nursing school. You will have to devote a lot of time to studying. GOOD LUCK!!
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  5. by   BouBou
    I have two children 4 and 2. I began my Nursing pre-req's when my oldest was 7 months, just like your baby. I completed the semester with a 4.0 and continued to the Winter Semester. That semester I was blessed to find out I was expecting again. Finished the semester with another 4.0 and then sat out the Summer and Fall semesters. I began school again the Winter Semester and the baby was just six weeks. I got a 4.0 that semester as well. The one thing that I left out was that my husband was in Engineering school during this whole time and we never put the children in daycare. We just scheduled our classes around each other and took turns caring for the children while the other was in class.

    Hubby got a job out of state, so the whole family packed up and moved. I sat out a year waiting for residency. I just got back into the swing of school again the 2006/2007 year. You can definitely go to school with young children. Not only can you go to school, but as I have shown you can do well. Even pregnant. Hopefully, I will be starting nursing school in the Fall.

    Being a non-traditional student is wonderful. You just need to be focused, organized, and determined. You can do it Sister.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    i have 6 (17,14,7,5,4 and 2 months) children full time job and full time school..it can be done..
  7. by   fultzymom
    When I went to school I had a 4 year old et a new born. That was when I started my RN generals et then did clinicals. It was hard but I had a good support system at home so things worked out well. It worked out well for us. But juggling things was challenging at times. Well worth it though.
  8. by   buddiage
    By the time your pre-reqs are done, your baby won't be a baby anymore.

    I go to school with two girls that gave birth within the first two weeks of the first semester of nursing school. They took maternity and went back to work full time. They do look tired sometimes, but it can be done.

    It depends on your support system and determination...and then your organization skills come into play.
  9. by   herecomestrouble
    Has anyone worked full time and taken classes with a baby?

    Also, has anyone gone through nursing school with a toddler?

    Any advice?


    Sorry.can't help it---When I went to school they didn't let babies or toddlers in.

    Seriously,when I went to school I had 3 kids,6,12 and 14,I went to class 5 days a week and worked evenings or nights on weekends.It wasw rough but I did make it through. I know that it seems they didn't need that much care at that age but my daughter has emotional problems and was hospitalized during this time too.

    Good luck to you.You can do it
  10. by   alliestar
    Thanks for all the words of encouragement. You all are awesome!
  11. by   NeosynephRN
    I had two kids when I started school...and I had another in the middle of nursing school...they are now 5, 4, and 1. I took no time off and have been able to be on the dean's list every semester. I am graduating May 12th. I am not going to say that it is the easiest thing to do....but it is definately doable!!! I have a great family support system, including my husband and my parents, who help tremendously with watching my kids while I am in class. Also when my youngest was born I was going to school, working a job and taking care of them...so I say if you have the support and the drive...then go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   ABQLNDRN
    I gave birth to my son during fall break between my first and second semester of nursing school. I have now been an RN for one year.

    So, yes, it can be done, but no, it wasn't easy.
  13. by   BWSPN
    Two women in my program have given birth. We started in september one was born in november the other feb. We go to school m-f 8-4. You can do it!
  14. by   model50
    I started nursing school when my son was 5 months old. It is a challenge because I breastfeed, he doesn't sleep through the night and he's crawling and getting into everything. But I've made up my mind that I am going to get through this. I also have a great support system, which is very helpful! If you think you can do it, than you can! Good luck!