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(Sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland") Doorbell rings, I'm not list'nin', From my mouth, drool is glist'nin', I'm happy -- although my boss let me go -- Addicted to allnurses - dot-... Read More

  1. by   shahsa
    that is really good......are you sure you are in the right profession?
  2. by   Jen2002
    I allnurses. I have found so many great resources here! Thank you to everyone for all your help and great tips. I'm almost done with my BSN but masters starts in fall 2009!!!!!
  3. by   Jaybird310
    I just found this site a few months ago right before I started NP school. I really wish I'd known about it while when I was first in school. Reading posts has helped me maintain my sanity with school and my job at times. Hopefully I can help someone else keep there's a bit too.
  4. by   stefano
    part of my success is from this wonderful site.
  5. by   allevi
    Cute! I am becoming more addicted as this is one site that I can be on at work during down time.
  6. by   Court23
    That song is too funny. I just joined allnurses.com and all I can say is I cant get enough!!! This website is fantastic!!!
  7. by   UjonesRN
    Yes this is truly additive!! I need to be studying!!!!:typing
  8. by   cheesey
    it actually is addicting.. ive been glued to it since the start of the week and its like it would be the first site to visit instead of my emails.. lol.

    helpful, funny, and very informative as well.

    high praises for the ones who started this.
  9. by   musicgirl
  10. by   Sabby_NC
    tn that was great now you have me singing this hahahahaha well done
  11. by   psychonurse
    Even though I don't have a lot of posts on here and I have been a member for 8 years I do love the site and I get addicted at times to the site. I use to get on during down times at work and I mostly stayed on the correctional site when at work. I used the time to talk to other correctional nurses and give them information. One day at work I was writing a post on how to get your CCHP (a certification for correctional nurses through the NCCHC). Well one of the other girls at work told my boss that I was in a chat room and even though I told my boss where I was and what I was doing, I am unable to get on this site at work. So I have to get my addiction at home and sometimes there isn't a lot of time to get on here but I try. I love the site and even though I haven't met any of you in real life I feel like I know some of you and consider you my friend. Hope to see you around the site again.

  12. by   RetireEarly
    I love the creativity!

    btw, I'm new here to allnurses.com so a big hello to you all.
  13. by   eyebags
    wow nice..i loved it!!!