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  1. irienurse

    RN student taking the nclex-pn

    In NY you'd have to complete an LPN program to sit for the NCLEX-PN. Definitely check with your Board of Nursing
  2. irienurse

    NCLEX PN------------->NCLEX RN

    JUST A FYI.........That option is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to RN students in NY.
  3. The excelsior site has list of colleges that accept their credits--which is many.
  4. irienurse

    Where can I find the CEU requirements for NYS

    http://www.op.nysed.gov/nurse-scope-lpn-rn.htm click training and the blue link at top of page gives online and physical sites
  5. irienurse

    LPN's and care plans

    LPN's in New York State do not have assessment privileges; they may not interpret patient clinical data or act independently on such data; they may not triage; they may not create, initiate, or alter nursing care goals or establish nursing care plans.
  6. irienurse

    LPN's and care plans

    Inappropriate use of LPNs may expose agencies to potential litigation, the delegating RN to a potential charge of unprofessional conduct for inappropriate delegation of professional responsibilities [see Regent Rules 29.1(b)(10)], and the LPN to a charge of acting outside the scope of nursing as a Licensed Practical Nurse [see Regents Rules 29.1(b)(9)].
  7. irienurse

    LPN's and care plans

    The NYSOP gives your license and determine what you can and cannot do, not the RN or the facility. No RN cosignings or check-offs . OP gives your license and will take it away for violations. The site and # are available so, not knowing is not an acceptable excuse to the board. please keep up with the changes