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brissygal BSN, RN

Oncology/Haematology/Stem Cell Transplant, Med/Sur

What a great platform to meet and share Nursing questions, discussions, advice and information. I have been off this site for some time. Glad to be back!

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brissygal has 22 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haematology/Stem Cell Transplant, Med/Sur.

I love traveling, exploring new destinations, meeting new people. Nursing has been a great career choice. I am currently back in Australia - after 5 years nursing in the USA - loved it and want to go again. I have a Bachelor Nursing (equivalent to BSN), M.P.H and now want to pursue my career towards Critical Care. (I have worked in array of clinical settings - predominately Oncology/Hematology/ Stem Cell Transplant, Med/Surg, Peds, Spinal Injuries, Urology, Respiratory, PACU and Case Management). 

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  1. brissygal

    Upper Peninsula of Michigan

    I found myself in UP of Michigan last Summer exploring this beautiful area. Wandering if anybody on this site is actually nursing at the new hospital in Marquette, Michigan. Love to hear what the climate at this hospital is for nursing and if many of the staff are travel nurses or permanent? cheers Brissygal
  2. I have a question for public health nurses working in the field. Would BSN & MPH be sufficient qualifications to over ride a PHN certificate and if so would submitting transcripts to the BON say in CA and MN be sufficient as they are a couple of states I am interested in working in this field. I am already licensed as RN in these states. Thanks in advance for your assistance with my inquiry. Brissygal
  3. brissygal

    Rituxan Spill... IV disconnected from patient

    I also wonder about infection control. If a IV is disconnected even with chemo, surely you can't just hook it up to patient and soldier on. What are your thought on this?
  4. brissygal

    Florida Salary for experienced nurse

    Does anybody know roughly what is the salary per annum for a RN with 7+ years in BMT Nursing in Florida would be?
  5. brissygal

    What type of experience for FNP?

    Hi, Sorry for my ignorance but what is the letter "F" stand for in FNP? Cheers Brissygal
  6. brissygal

    Pre-Employment Physical

    I am so shocked with the comments made regarding this post. I can't believe that some threads have indicated not to tell the truth in fear of not getting the job in the first place. Think about what you are doing, you are falsifing a legal document. I would be worried about litigation and the ramifications. Don't assume you will not be selected on the basis of your health. I wouldn't go in blind either, asked for a letter from your own Doctor that states that you are fit and healthy to perform the job (don't submit - have it as back-up information if you need to produce it later). I would seek out information from privacy acts and discrimanation acts, do you home-work which in hindsight might be what you are doing by posting this thread in the first place. Surely you have access to Legal Nurses who would be able to guide you - especially with your laws in the USA. I have always thought honesty is the best policy, by lying only shows you as a person up in a negative light and maybe taint who you really are and what you are about. I think if you were not selected on the basis of your health and you were infact deemed suitable to apply for the position by your own Doctor then I would think their would be basis on discrimation to fight that process, afterall most employers are EOE. Do your homework first! All the best Brissygal
  7. brissygal

    No.California Kaiser canceling contracts

    Stop beating yourself up! I am sure you are a very safe nurse! Look on the bright side - getting out of the kaiser system was your saving grace. Forget them, you don't need to be abused and treated like that. Hold your head up high, you will not be beaten - patients need you. You have to get real with yourself - contact your agency and try another hospital and put this behind you, I know it sounds easier than it looks (it hasn't helped with an earlier comment I made) however, what doesn't break us, makes us stronger. Don't worry over spilt milk, there are more people worst off than us in this world - give a thought for those who are facing life threatening diseases or the soldiers who are on duty facing the enemy. Best of Luck You will survive! Cheers:nurse:
  8. brissygal

    No.California Kaiser canceling contracts

    I am a nurse here in Australia with 10 years experience....I took an assignment with Kaiser Oakland.....about 7 years ago now.....and I have never returned to nurse in the USA...hence my experience. Please tell me that there are better hopitals than Kaiser? Cheers
  9. brissygal

    Scared! Need Inspiring Travel Nurse Stories!

    So dopaminequeenRN, Love the name! Have you taken the plunge and gone into travel nursing? If so, what are your impressions? Happy Travels Cheers
  10. brissygal

    Hey, any Aussies working in the USA?

    Hi Sydneysista, Kaplan vs Saunders....I would say Saunders is great for reference but Kaplan will see you suceed - a very basic formula is taught through Kaplan that is so helpful in the exam. You are never going to know the answer to every question, but if you know how to approach the question them you will be home and hosed. I orginally sat the NCLEX with Saunders and failed, studied Kaplan with references from Saunders and passed! Good luck
  11. brissygal

    Best way to get hospital contracts?

    Sorry for my ignorance.....what is an IC?
  12. brissygal

    Re: Floating

    Just curious it appears that travel nurse spend alot of nursing shifts floating to other wards. I realise this has alot to do with staffing issues. How often can a travel nurse be floated? Do hospital staff have to also float? Thanks?
  13. brissygal

    13 year old allowed to refuse heart transplant

    I don't know how many of you have been following the world news but at the moment there is a debate in the UK for a child acutally, teenager aged 13 years refusing to consent for a heart transplant. She has won the right to refuse in the courts I believe. I believe in the UK the consent age is 16 years - so this is why there has been so much media coverage I guess. This little girl has been sick for a long time and has lived 10 years of her life in and out of hospital. She realises she will die, but wants the choice to live out those days with her family. How does everybody feel about this? I think politicians need to look over the fence! They have no idea what some unfortunate patients have to endure. I know this is a crazy thread, I hope i have attempted to get my point across. I support this little girls decision, and I firmly believe she is capable to make that decision even at 13 years of age. Cheers
  14. brissygal

    Nursing and Public Health Combinations

    Hi Marshag, You can do MPH in International Health - very highly recognised. I know you live in the USA - I am in Australia but check out this web site www.sph.uq.edu.au or www.jcu.edu.au (You could do this degree from USA online in Australia and your US dollar is stronger than the Aussie dollar). I am just finishing off my MPH in tropical medicine to add to my Bachelor degree in Nursing. I am now considering doing my Masters in Nursing so that I can become a nurse practitioner - I am likely to get advanced standing for several subjects because of my MPH. I do know that you have many options. You just need to tap into all avenues and then decide what is the best option. There is another post on www.allnurses.com marked "MSN in public health nursing" worth looking at as someone has posted up web sites to check out. I would also look up your public health association. Hope I have given you food for thought. Wish you every success and let me know if I can help you with anything else, not sure if I have been a healp at all. Cheers:nuke:
  15. brissygal

    Pct To Pt Ratio On Tele/medsurg Floor

    You poor nurses! What horrible shifts you are working. Surely you are killing yourself - a painful and uneccessary death! To have the responsibility of so many patients in your care. Why haven't you all moved to California - where the ratio of 1:6 or 1:5 is law. I take my hat off to you all - and simply think you all deserve a medal!
  16. brissygal

    Online MPH programs

    I don't know if my suggestion is suited to you. I am not trying to do a plug for my university. But as I have just about to finish my MPH here in Australia - I thought you might be interested that you can do this degree online anywhere in the world. We have alot of Canadians & American students who I believe can only do the Masters degree in International Public Health - however you will probably be able to downpack it in a year. The dollar will be better for you as it is stronger than than the Aussie dollar at the moment. Consider that you are likely to have a bit more of an edge seeing you have a degree in another International country - you will have to do your homework and see if its the best choice for you....I suggest you check out the website.. www.sph.uq.edu.au - ( school of population health is under the University of Queensland located in Brisbane, Australia). Hope I have given you food for thought! Cheers:nuke:

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