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Hi there, anybody done a 3-year Bachelor of Nursing and having difficulty to get an academic equivalency against a 4-year Bachelor of Science Nursing in the USA?

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Hello! I completed the cgfns CES report, and it basically said my 3 year degree was not comparable to that of a RN in the state of Florida, due to the lack of Pediatric and Obstetrics hours. I was summoned to a meeting by the Florida BON where myself and other international nurses explained our clinical experience. Because I worked in a pediatric ward back in NZ they waived the education deficiencies in Obstetrics and have allowed me to sit NCLEX and obtain my license in Florida. From what I understand, it's up to each states discretion how they go about your education in comparability to their state requirements. Cali is probably the strictest in regards to that but again, it's up to each state because the CES report is only a guide for them and the board members ultimately make the decision whether your education is comparable to their states. Hopefully that helped 😊

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