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christvs has 12 years experience as a DNP, RN, NP and specializes in ACNP-BC.

I am officially Dr. NP now! I graduated this month with my DNP degree. I have been working as an adult NP for over 8 years now, and became an RN in 2005.

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  1. christvs

    Global Health anyone?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words :) Christine
  2. christvs

    Global Health anyone?

    Hi! I have not been on allnurses in a while. :) I have been working as an NP for over 10 years now. I enjoy the population I work with full time in my outpatient adult diabetes clinic. I also received my DNP last May, and am now also teaching online NP classes as an adjunct on the side. But for some reason, I have this feeling that I should be doing more. It's a little hard to explain, but I think I am getting frustrated with seeing one patient at a time and not feeling that I am making a huge difference. I took a class this past summer in Global Health/Public health and loved it. Now I think I might want to take a few more classes and get my certificate in Global Health (from UMASS Amherst, I love that school!). I think I am getting frustrated with not being able to make a big difference at the population level the longer I am in nursing. Does that make sense to anyone? I hope I am not crazy lol! My husband thinks I am crazy for taking more classes after I already received my DNP last year. Anyone else in my boat?? :) -Christine
  3. christvs

    Nurse Educator

    I work full time as an NP. I only teach two classes online as an adjunct instructor for my side jobs. One class pays me $3300 to teach it, the other pays me $4500 to teach it. This way the money I make teaching is extra spending money for me, I love it! :) I am certified as an acute care NP and also Advanced Diabetes management. I have been a TA for one year, and have been a preceptor for many NP students and I was also an online student for my DNP so I am very comfortable with online learning. My DNP was a post masters general DNP :)
  4. christvs

    Nurse Educator

    See my previous post. But also I found that it helped to mention on my resume that I had years of experience being a TA while in grad school and also that I acted as a preceptor for NP students at my full time NP Clinic job. I think having your doctoral degree also helps tremendously too, as both myself and my friend from my DNP program found online jobs within two months of graduation. Good luck!! :)
  5. christvs

    Nurse Educator

    I am an NP (since 2008). I also just received my DNP last May, and I applied to many online adjunct professor jobs right after I got my DNP. I got a job offer after a month and now I teach two different classes at two different grad schools for NP students. I love it! :)
  6. christvs

    Novice Nursing Professor here! :)

    Thanks for your advice everyone! I really appreciate it. :) I am also going to be in a nurse educator certificate program...am super excited to be doing this! I really feel it will be so very helpful for me in order to reach my educator goals. I found a really great program that is perfect for me. I love school! :)
  7. Hi! I am super excited! I am going to start an online nurse educator program in a few weeks. :) Anyone else do this type of program or about to start one like me?? :)
  8. Hi guys! I have my DNP (and many years of NP experience too) as well as years of experience being a clinical preceptor for MSN students. However now I will be teaching MSN students in the Fall in the online classroom. So I am wondering...is it necessary/advised to get a nursing education certificate? It seems it would be helpful...but I have to be sure it will be worth my time and money since I am working so many hours per day between my 2 jobs plus am still paying back nursing grad school loans! I would love to hear from anyone who did a nursing education certificate program...where did you do it? Was it online? What are your thoughts on this? Christine
  9. christvs

    Novice Nursing Professor here! :)

    Hi everyone! Wow, this is so very cool to be able to post this: I first came onto all nurses.com around 2005 or so when I first became an RN with my BSN. I have been an NP since 2008, and as of two months ago also received my DNP! :) I've been working full time as an NP for the past 9 years and also have acted as clinical preceptor for many MSN students in my clinic for their clinical rotations. However, now...I am also going to be teaching MSN students online. I'm so very excited! I have been looking over many books and journal articles on teaching. I've asked my own (former!) professors for tips...so now I'm asking you all for tips too. Please give me any tips or advice on what you learned about how to be a great nursing professor. :) Thanks! Christine
  10. I actually did apply to the school I got my BSN too! Plus the school I got my MSN at too!!! :)
  11. I did also apply to RN programs too. I will take anything! :)
  12. Hello! I am wondering if there is a certification for nurses or NPs to be trained in obesity managment or weight management. I did an extensive online search and only see programs for MDs, not nurses/NPs. I'm interested in learning more about obesity management, but not sure where to look for more info... Christine
  13. Hello everyone! I have been working as an NP for over 8 years now. I also just graduated last week with my DNP. I am hoping to get a part time position teaching NP students online as an online adjunct professor. I applied to over 20 such positions so far. I am just wondering if anyone else in my position has successfully obtained a part time teaching position? It's a little difficult because many of the positions say experience is needed, but since I just graduated with my doctorate I don't have formal teaching experience in a classroom setting yet with NP students. However I do have (and I included this all in my resume and cover letter) experience giving group lessons to patients, giving presentations in the community, I've been a clinical preceptor for NP students since 2010, and many years ago I tutored college students in biology and then was a TA teaching General biology I & II labs. I'm hoping all of this helps me get a teaching position! :) Christine
  14. christvs

    DNP student's project's proposal and IRB approval

    Thanks guys! Good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for the encouragement...I am hanging in there!! :)
  15. christvs

    Day in the Life of a Freelance Nurse Writer

    Wow Elizabeth! Your day sounds great! Good for you! And I totally get what you mean about the high level of noise being upsetting! :) It is so nice to get home after a 9 hour day to a nice quiet home! :) I work full time as an NP. I have recently started a health and wellness blog and hope to do some freelance writing too soon on nursing, health, diabetes, nutrition and fitness. How did you find places to hire you? Do you write articles in print or online? How much do you get paid per article on average? Also, do you get "writer's block"? Thanks so much for the info! Christine
  16. christvs

    Health Blogging for NPs???

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :) Christine