Any DNPs teaching in an online adjunct professor role??


Hello everyone! I have been working as an NP for over 8 years now. I also just graduated last week with my DNP. I am hoping to get a part time position teaching NP students online as an online adjunct professor. I applied to over 20 such positions so far. I am just wondering if anyone else in my position has successfully obtained a part time teaching position? It's a little difficult because many of the positions say experience is needed, but since I just graduated with my doctorate I don't have formal teaching experience in a classroom setting yet with NP students. However I do have (and I included this all in my resume and cover letter) experience giving group lessons to patients, giving presentations in the community, I've been a clinical preceptor for NP students since 2010, and many years ago I tutored college students in biology and then was a TA teaching General biology I & II labs. I'm hoping all of this helps me get a teaching position! :)


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Would you be open to teaching RN students? That may broaden your horizons a bit and help work you into the NP educator role.

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I did also apply to RN programs too. I will take anything! :)

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I have a friend that teaches part time for the school she did her BSN at. I think this is where networking comes in. She had zero teaching experience

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I actually did apply to the school I got my BSN too!

Plus the school I got my MSN at too!!! :)