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OK, I know I've posted about this before but things have gotten worse! My co-worker has nauseating, foul gas and she passes it in close proximity to people. I don't know if she has some kind of... Read More

  1. by   rach_nc_03
    As I recall, most of the jobs I had that required a 'professional appearance' also stipulated that the employee maintained good personal hygiene. She's violating policy, and the supervisor should treat this no differently than if she came in wearing something inappropriate.
  2. by   Geena
    Maybe you should direct the farter to this thread here... I think we have it pretty much covered. I mean, anybody in theire right mind would be mortified reading this feedback... I'm in hysterics!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   ktwlpn
    I did,at work...I am so ashamed....I was sitting next to one of our younger male residents (early 30's) and holding his nourishment so he could drink it.I leaned forward to give him a sip and tooted-not once-not twice but 3 TIMES...I was sitting on one of those molded plastic chairs--it sounded like GUNSHOTS! I thought I was going to have to run for suction-he laughed so hard he almost aspirated...Poor guy-it was probably the most fun he's had in months....OK-so I'm not ashamed-I don't mind being the "butt" of a joke if I can put a smile on a resident's face........I 'll also confess that I come from a long line of proud farters.My late father was the King Farter of Toot Hill....But he never claimed them-he always blamed some else- like me,my sister or the dog (she usually walked away when he dropped a bomb).Much to the disgust of my late mother who SWORE she NEVER farted in her life.She had a colostomy before she died and you know what? Very little gas-it was amazing.. I inherited the tendency from my father and am the Queen of Farts-I married a man who shares this heritage.When his feet hit the floor in the morning he can toot "Revellie" while walking down the stairs....Our son is carrying on our traditions and specializes in long cheek flappers and SBD's..We also happen to live in the "Mushroom Growing Capital of the World" Do you know what mushrooms grow in ? Yes-horse shyte...We are surrounded by compost companies.PU!...I buy Febreze by the gallon and Yankee Candles by the dozens...
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Now THAT'S funny!!!

    For nearly a year after my gallbladder surgery, I had quite the time trying to control excess gas until I FINALLY figured out what was causing the problem (too much sugar and starch in my diet). Now I hardly EVER play the butt trumpet---much to the disappointment of my two sons---and I've dropped 22 pounds as well.:wink2:

    Anyway, this is definitely off topic. It's one thing when someone accidentally pops one off when they least expect it; it's another thing entirely to walk around passing wind in peoples' faces and leaving wet towels around with God knows what all over them. YEEEEECCCCCCCCHHHHHH.
  5. by   fleur-de-lis
    This is cracking me up!!!! I did have a thought occur to me, though. I wonder if she has some kind of medical problem (obviously) and has brought up the Americans with Disabiities act when mgt brings this up to her. Not that it would hold water in court, but so many managers and HR depts are leery of that kind of thing. You'd be amazed what they would tolerate! In my previous life I was a dept. supervisor with a completely useless employee who HR would not let me do anything with - all because she told them if they fired her she would sue for age discrimination! Now, that case would have never made it to court, because that workplace had many older employees, many even older than her. But, just the threat was enough to keep them from wanting to deal with it, so I had to deal with her!!! If it is something like that, you might have a hard time getting management to help you. But, keep trying. If all else fails, rent a gas mask from a costume shop and wear it when she's around. Someone will eventually get the hint!!!
  6. by   Agnus
    Im sorry I am having a hard time with this. lol

    There is not only an elephant in the room there is a herd of them. This is so funny because this is a psyc unit and it seems no one has ever heard of ENABLING.
    Wasn't phyc that coined that term? poor fellow he means no harm. Why he doesn't even know he's doing it.

    rotf lol
  7. by   kalayaan
    hahaha!!! this was absolutely funny!!! im mean, not funny for you but funny for me. hahaha. i will remember this story for years.

    the best solution would be is to consult your manager. that would be the easiest way to stop it. but you can try putting a mask on, get the n95. youll never know what organisms lurks in the air you breathe.
  8. by   GatorRN
    I've always been pretty outspoken and would probably have to say something. As far as the toxic toots, have you tried making any type of comments in a joking manner? Such as, Whooooa GF.....something crawled up in you and died....whatever you ate....please don't eat it anymore.....wheeew...LOL. If you say it in a laughing manner, maybe she'll laugh along with you, but at the same time realize it's a problem.

    And as far as the wet, bloody towels on the seats, that's just down right disgusting!! Somebody needs to tell her they recently invented these things called feminine pads for overflow, and depends!! How this lady doesn't see any of these things as a problem or a gross factor is beyond me. :uhoh21:
  9. by   Elisheva
    I'd approach it from her side. Tell her that those nasty, damp clothes she's sitting on are wicking up years of untold hospital grime and you worry for her health. And, maybe mention that something "this way wicking comes" for the rest of the staff from her generous deposits. At the very least, I would request that she have a special chair, and I bet I could make a case for it.
  10. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Quite honestly, since this is now a health hazard to others, the DON can wind up in deep doo-doo for allowing this to continue.

  11. by   PANurseRN1
    I have a hard time believing most of this.
  12. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from kriso

    What is this Czhilispiel XXXIII of which you speak?
  13. by   OneChattyNurse
    [font="comic sans ms"]i don't know if this has been brought up or not as i did not have the time to read all of the posts but i would consult your infection control department. i worked at a facility where we had a nurse that had a huge boil on her thigh (this was actually the least of her problems). it did not bother her at all that she had bloody drainage seeping through her white pants (like a tennis ball sized area). when out nurse manager saw this she was sent to employee health and was told she would not be able to return to work until she was treated with antibiotics and could contain the drainage. huge infection contorl issue. i would think employee health &/or infection control would definitely be on your side with this one.