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  1. GatorRN

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    siri - i wanted to thank you for the article/links that you posted. i finally had the chance to read through all of them. they were all great articles, i found them very informative. mistersister - i wanted to thank you as well. the information you gave was also very informative. i appreciate you sharing your knowledge. i am definately now more informed about what to discuss with my anesthesiologists for future surgeries that i may need. i had no idea that there was such a thing as the consciousness monitor. i have written out a list of questions that i gathered from the resources provided. i will certainly utilize it in the future to better inform myself preop, and hopefully calm the anxieties that i'm sure i'll have. you can learn something new here everyday, that's what i love about this site! :) thanks again as i said before, i am amazed to find out just how many ppl have experienced this type of thing. it can be very traumatizing. some of you had experiences much worse than mine. i truly hope that you have been able to work through everything and will have no lasting effects. thanks for sharing your stories. ______________________________________ go gators!! :yelclap: sec champions!! :w00t: national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  2. GatorRN

    Criminal or just Bad Judgement?

    hmmmm, there are many things about this story that sounds fishy to me. first off, i've never worked anywhere where is was protocol to have a male nurse present during my assessment of a male pt. i've not worked with that many male nurses at the places that i have worked at. that being the case, it would make my job very difficult, if not impossible, to treat my pt in a timely manner. but, if it is protocol at your facility, it is what it is. secondly, he had no right to ask you to leave the room, especially considering it was your pt. i wouldn't have left the room. if the idea is that he has to be there to be your witness, then it only makes sense that you should be there to be his witness as well. the fact that your pt "deflected the question 3 times," in regards to his comfort level with the male nurse seems odd to me. in addition, he certainly shouldn't have been doing such a personal assessment without gloves on. on top of that, you mentioned that in the past he was "massaging" a guys butt after an injection. i can see doing a quick circular rub after an im, but a massage?!? what's wrong with this combined picture? i also have to wonder if there is more to the story about his past criminal history that hasn't came out yet. the fact that he's not allowed to be around any children certainly raises a red flag to me; perhaps he has a history of some type of child abuse. i don't see the connection between striking a police officer and not being allowed to legally be around children. i agree with you, it sounds a little off to me too. i don't think your over reacting, given the circumstances. i hope i'm not writing more into things then is really there, it all just sounds real fishy to me. i would ask around discretly, to the co-workers you can trust to not start rumors, and see if anyone else has noticed anything a little off with his conduct. i would be very careful what you document, but i would certainly document this incident and any similar in the future. he is definately, in my opinion, displaying inappropriate behavior. ______________________________________________ go gators!! :yelclap: sec champions!! :w00t: national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  3. GatorRN

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    Just because you've only seen it once doesn't mean that it doesn't happen more frequently, as the 60+ ppl that have posted here can attest to. No, perhaps not all occurences happened during a general, as in my case, but still happened all the same. I was not sick to where the anesthesiologist would have perhaps been inclined to give me a lighter dosage. I remember seeing the surgical lights because I woke up DURING my surgery. I don't "believe" I woke up during surgery, I DID wake up! My anesthesiologists confirmed that it happened. They were the ones, in fact, who told me I was trying to get up off the table, and trying to pull on things, which I did not recall. The surgical lights I seen, the excrutiating pain I felt, the sounds I heard, and the traumatic aftermath were/are also very real!
  4. GatorRN

    Hep B vaccine and hair loss?

    no, i sure didn't experience hair loss from my hep b vaccinations. i've not heard of it happening with anybody else either. you really might want to talk w/your physician about your concerns. ____________________________________ go gators!! :yelclap: #2 in the nation!! :w00t: national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  5. GatorRN

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    thanks rnlou, i stand corrected. :) _______________________________ go gators!! :yelclap: #2 in the nation!! :w00t: national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  6. GatorRN

    Policy on IV tubing/bag change?

    glad to know i'm not the only one who has done this..lol. i felt lost until i got all my lines and pump chambers labeled accordingly. we didn't have the pre-made labels though, i wrote them all up, all different colors, of course. to the original question: all bags changed q 24h. all tubing changed q 72h. with the exception of tpn/ppn, lipids and diprivan which was changed q 24hours. _________________________________________________ go gators!! :yelclap: #2 in the nation!! :w00t: national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  7. GatorRN

    New Grads - Rotten Shifts?

    when i was a new grad, many moons ago, i had a choice of days or nights, whichever i wanted. i think it probably varies with location and facility. i chose nights, i guess i'm a sucker for the "rotten shifts." i'm also a sucker for the nice 29% differential. :) although, i'd work nights even without it, but it sure makes for a puuuuurty check. ________________________________________________ go gators!! #2 in the nation!! :w00t: bcs national championship bowl bound!! :w00t:
  8. i prefer 12h shifts personally. once your there the time flys by, so what's 4 more hours to get 4 days off a week. working 12's i feel like i have more time off then i'm working, as opposed to working 8's five days a wk and only having two days off a wk. ______________________________________ go gators!! #2 in the nation!! :w00t: bcs bowl championship bound :w00t:
  9. GatorRN

    Medication Time

    I love it!! Thanks for sharing...too funny
  10. GatorRN

    NO way! Narcan deal part III!

    You have got to be kidding me? OMG, that mans doc needs to straighten those ppl out. I can't believe the trouble this nurse has caused, seeing as how she was WRONG from the get go!!! Unreal!! How very inappropriate for her to have placed unwarranted doubt in your pts mind about your nursing abilities, when she was the one that jumped the gun..totally unacceptable. Please tell me somebody, anybody has tried to get through to them that Narcan is definately not the answer. This poor man is now sleep deprived, painful, dehydrated, and not treating his sleep apnea, all because this nurse can't/won't admit to her mistake...instead of learning from it. I sure hope this nightmare ends for you soon. Hang in there. Good luck with your inservice.
  11. GatorRN

    How to deal with PCA bad attitude

    What would I do? I'd write her lil butt up, but fast! I'd also suggest to all the other nurses to do the same when she throws her fits. When the mgrs collect enough write-ups, they'll have no choice but to correct the situation, or find a replacment for her. That type of conduct, especially in front of pts, should not be tolerated, for any reason. I can't believe they allow her to throw childish tantrums like that. Unreal
  12. GatorRN

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    I understand that the anesthesiologist controls the anesthesia. What I meant was, did the surgeon even acknowledge that it happened after the fact. Both the anesthesiologists came to my room and discussed it with me. They said I was crying out in pain, trying to pull on things, and trying to get up off the table. I didn't recall all that, but I did recall seeing the overhead lights and hearing/feeling the surgeon pounding the acetabulum hardware (hip replacement) into place, and feeling excruciating pain. They must have quickly loaded me up with Versed or something. When I saw the surgeon, in the hospital, and at my follow up appt, he never brought it up until after I asked him about it, then he downplayed it alltogether. He told me simply that it's not unusual for pts to wake up confused, and that he hoped I understood that they weren't trying to hurt me, they were trying to keep me from hurting myself, explaining the reason for the restraints, I suppose. And, the fact, that he didn't document anything in his surgical notes about it. Someone else mentioned that they may have woke me up intentionally. I don't believe that was the case in my situation. It wasn't the type of surgery that involved anything neuro or reflex related. It was a total hip replacement. To any of you CRNA's out there: Is it, or is it not, standard to administer a paralyzant to pts receiving general anesthesia? I always thought it was standard procedure during a general. Either they didn't use it on me, or it wore off, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do the things they told me I did. I'm not seeking advice for medical or legal purposes, I'm just curious. I'm really surprised to hear about so many others that have also had such an experience! Thankfully, my situation wasn't like many have mentioned, about being awake, but paralysed, and unable to communicate what you were going through. That had to have been absolutely horrifying for you. I can only imagine. I'm sorry to hear so many ppl have gone through a situation similiar to mine. It's obviously more common of an occurence then I thought it was.
  13. I was responding to another thread the other day and made mention of the fact that I woke up DURING my last surgery. I got to wondering if this had ever happened to anybody else, so I thought I'd ask. It happened to me last year. I had a vague memory of waking up and seeing the overhead operating room lights, and being in excruciating pain. I thought I had imagined it, until two different anesthesioligists (teaching hospital) came up to my room, on separate occasions, and asked me if I had any memory of waking up during my surgery. I was shocked to find out that it actually did happen. :uhoh21: I later requested a copy of both my hospital records and my surgeons records for my own file, and amazingly enough, it wasn't mentioned anywhere in my records. I wooooonder why...Hmmmmm? Of course, my surgeon downplayed the whole incident at my follow up appt. Has anybody else ever had this experience before? If so, what do you remember, and did your surgeon own up to it?
  14. GatorRN

    Remember You're Important

    Wow, Thank You! What a wonderful post... I needed that. Thanks :)
  15. GatorRN

    OMGosh...she wrote me up! Update about the Narcan!

    Wow! I can't believe she actually put such a thing in her notes..Unbelievable! I sure wouldn't let something like that slide by without being addressed. By your first post about this particular pt, and previous posts about the night nurses attitudes with you, I was afraid you'd come back and say she wrote you up. As I said before, you did right by your pt, I wouldn't have given the Narcan either in that particular situation. It's a shame the pt had to suffer in such pain afterwards. She obviously wasn't too concerned with his comfort, sad, very sad indeed. She should not have made it her priority to undermine you, at the pts expense.
  16. GatorRN

    Drug Guide

    I too would be interested in hearing what the instructors didn't like about Davis Drug Guide. I have compared many myself, and found Davis to be my preference. I like the way Davis' is organized as well as the quick reference.