Good Advice for nubs.

  1. I was thinking that since it's that time of year, and as a testemony to the fact that we want new nurses to succeed, perhaps we "older" (ha, look at my 4 years) nurses could offer some unsolicited pearls of wisdom to the nubbies. Here goes:
    1. Don't fart at the nurses station. If it has to be done, and you can't make it to the restroom, at least go into a confused and/or obtunded patients room.
    2. Do not take every critique personally. We want you to get better, and want you to succeed. And yes, some people are just mean. Either way, listen to what we're telling you.
    3. If you ask someone a question and aren't sure or don't like their answer, don't go around asking everyone else. Discretly ask someone, or look it up. Don't be blunt about disagreeing with their answer- it makes you look like a know-it-all, and them wonder why you even asked to begin with. Then they won't answer any of your questions.
    4. Some of your patients will die. It will really suck. Take heart that part of taking care of people is giving them a dignified death, and if you can't save their life, then this is a good runner-up gift to give them.
    5. Pee before you leave the house. You may not have the opportunity until you get back there.
    Hope this helps. Welcome to nursing, glad to have you here.
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  3. by   KellNY
    Quote from first_lobster
    5. Pee before you leave the house. You may not have the opportunity until you get back there.
    I like them, except number 5-if that's the case, then you're being abused and allowing it to happen.
  4. by   HisHands
    Be yourself. I know that sounds trite, but think about it. If you are naturally happy and like to sing or hum while you work, go for it. Now, I'm not saying you should force everyone to hear your American Idol audition, but you have no idea how many compliments I've gotten on singing while I work. It's not usually, "Oh your voice is so great..." Usually it's, "Wow, you really make this feel like a happy place to be. You must love your job. I'm so happy you're taking care of my mom." Don't let people discourage you, and try to change you into something you are not.

  5. by   peds4now
    TY crystal, although I think I'll just spare everyone the torture of my singing, it's nice to have permission to relax and be me. That can be so hard when you are new and nervous. Then people just ask, "hey, who's the new robot?"

    As far as peeing and farting and other bodily things, I've never bought so much mint gum as since I started nursing school-I think I had better start buying in bulk. And one of those "internal deodorizer" products-oops, reality check in order. I'll just bathe daily, whether I need it or not!
  6. by   zasha
    thanks for this guys!
  7. by   Indy

    Please leave the "leet speak" at home. A nub is some little thing that pokes out. If you mean "new nurse" then type it. It's not a text message where you're trying to save space.

    That's just as much advice for new nurses as it is for the original poster.

    /rant off.
  8. by   1776patriot
    I think its spelled noob......
  9. by   oldiebutgoodie
    I beg to disagree.

    It's "newb". As in "newbie".

  10. by   traumaRUs
    I checked this thread simply cause I didn't know what a "nub" was...

    My advice for new nurses: be able to laugh at yourself and don't take things seriously unless necessary...this will get you thru a lot in life.
  11. by   Natkat
    Quote from oldiebutgoodie
    I beg to disagree.

    It's "newb". As in "newbie".

    Yes, true, but this recently morphed into "noob". But yeah, "nub" had me confused for a minute too.
  12. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I thought he was going to give advice on how to care for a patient with an amputation. :trout:
  13. by   TazziRN
    Do not treat the oldies like we don't know anything because we're oldies. We know more than you have any conception of and you will go far by watching and listening and learning. Just because you have graduated from school, you are not going to stop learning.
  14. by   first_lobster
    i thought he was going to give advice on how to care for a patient with an amputation
    i'm a girl!!!!!

    anyway, nub is the progression of saying newbie, into n.b. into nub. if you say n.b. fast enough, it sounds like nub. and besides, it got everyone's attention! and for any new nurses that might have been offended by the term, i say that this applies to that bit of advice where i said "don't take it personally". it also applies to the bit i forgot to say, but will post now:

    6. learn to laugh about it, whatever it is. like being called a boy if your a girl.