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  1. oldiebutgoodie

    Adult CNS-EXAM

    I would strongly recommend you take the ANCC review class, it is a telephone conference class. They send you a book of Powerpoints, and it "meets" (via telephone) once a week for 8 weeks. I did that, and passed. Here is the information: Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Study Group Event Type: Study Group Start Date: 5/14/2012 - 8:00 PM End Date: 6/11/2012 - 9:30 PM Location: Telephone Conference Calls Good luck, Oldiebutgoodie
  2. oldiebutgoodie

    LPN taking wound care course; skin tear question

    I don't recommend Tegaderm at all. Many folks getting a skin tear are elderly or with fragile skin from steroids, and trying to removed the Tegaderm can be impossible without causing more skin tears. I have seen patients from nursing homes covered with Tegarders, with wound fluid bubbling up and leaking out the sides. For skin tears with a flap, just irrigate with normal saline, put the flap back down over the tear, and you can secure with Steristrip or put a non-adherent dressing on it, like a foam (Polymem), vaseline gauze, or Adaptic. You may only need to change dressing every 2 or 3 days. Telfa pads seem to stick, don't use them. Here is a good article on skin tears: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3977/is_200005/ai_n8894280/?tag=content;col1 Oldiebutgoodie (certified wound RN)
  3. oldiebutgoodie

    Breast Cancer Wound Care

    It depends on what the wounds are from. Are these radiation burns? Surgical wounds from lymph node resection? Fungating tumors? (I hope not). Mepilex Lite foam is a wonderful product that conforms to the skin, can be tucked under the axilla. If too much drainage, could use a regular Mepilex foam tucked under. They have a gentle adhesive that will adhere to the skin, but should not be traumatic to take off. Other options would be Mepilex Transfer, tuck under armpit. This allows drainage to come through, and then regular dry gauze underneath. Securement can be challenging. May try a leotard sort of top with short sleeves to keep the dressings in place. If these are radiation burns, I recommend an ointment called Miaderm, seems to work well. http://www.miaderm.com/ Good luck, Oldiebutgoodie
  4. Oh for heaven's sake, your manager is foolish to allow tattletaling like this. We will never be a real profession if some RNs "run to mommy" to tell, and the manager allows it. Oldiebutgoodie
  5. oldiebutgoodie

    If I see one more post titled....

    This may have been already asked, but... can I still get a license as an RN if I am a convicted felon and am a registered sex offender? (The whole sex offender was just a big misundestanding... I thought the paperboy was 21, not 13).
  6. oldiebutgoodie

    Teach me about Thyroid Problems

    Yeah, but she didn't even say please. Jeez.
  7. oldiebutgoodie

    New grad orient possibly going to get fired...Plz help!

    Is anyone giving you concrete examples of time management and prioritization issues? If not, and they are just picking on you, you might think about transferring to a med-surg floor to get a better handle on nursing, and then go back to the ICU. ICUs have a certain culture which is sort of unspoken. If you don't "get" the culture, the RNs there will be all over your backside. Good luck to you! Oldiebutgoodie
  8. To make a "pretend" stoma, take a plastic plate, and turn over. Get some red modeling clay at the local hobby store, make a stoma, and attach to the plate (sometimes the clay will adhere on its own). Now you can demonstrate measuring the stoma with a measuring guide, cutting the correct opening, applying paste, and applying to stoma. Good luck! Olciebutgoodie
  9. oldiebutgoodie

    2015 DNP

    OOOh! Yes! Differential diagnosis! Controlled substance class sounds good, too. Hey! We're on to something! (If only the AACN would listen). Oldiebutgoodie
  10. oldiebutgoodie

    2015 DNP

    Unfortunately, those nursing leader pushing the DNP are stating that "Dr. Nurse" is equivalent to "Dr. Doctor". So we certainly need to have some of that material under our belts. http://www.forbes.com/2007/11/27/nurses-doctors-practice-oped-cx_mom_1128nurses.html Oldiebutgoodie
  11. oldiebutgoodie

    2015 DNP

    I already took statistics and research as part of my MSN. I guess I don't understand why one would need MORE of it in a DNP. Advanced stats and research would more appropriately belong in a PhD program. The other stuff belongs in an MPH program. My ideal DNP program would have separate courses (with their associated pharmacology) in: 1. Cardiology (with teaching how to read a 12 lead) 2. Radiology (extensive teaching on reading xrays and CTs/MRIs) 3. Pulmonology 4. Renal 5. Surgery (optional--pick one: general, ortho, etc) 6. Elective (OB-GYn, peds, pain, primary care, etc.) Just my $.02 worth. I'm sure the AACN will be contacting me soon to ask me to elaborate on these great ideas. Oldiebutgoodie PS--Anybody else have great ideas for their ideal DNP program??
  12. oldiebutgoodie

    2015 DNP

    Sorry, I think you are drinking the DNP Kool-Aid. Oldeibutgoodie
  13. oldiebutgoodie

    Adult CNS-EXAM

    Well, I would definitely put the blueprint for the exam in front of you, and go through it point by point. Either research each point on the web, or in books. Many points are addressed in Fulton as well as the Hamric and Spross book, so both would be helpful. My particular version of the test definitely addressed the esoteric aspects of being a CNS. Other versions may be different, however. I would thing that as a CV specialist, you know your meds and labs pretty well. Good luck! Oldiebutgoodie
  14. oldiebutgoodie

    wound in the wrong place!!!

    Our inpatient OTs have been able to fashion a "scrotal sling" to elevate scrotum and eliminate the skin on skin contact and pressure. There is a product call Z-flo that I saw at the WOCN convention, which is like a big gel-filled cushion which can be formed to any shape you want. That might be helpful. Here is their website: http://www.sundancesolutions.com/index.php?page=zfloseries__28 Oldiebutgoodie
  15. oldiebutgoodie

    Adult CNS-EXAM

    I have the Mometrix Adult Health CNS guide. It's really not very good, but if anybody wants it, I'll send it to you for cost of postage (probably about $5). It may have some helpful stuff in it. PM me if interested. Oldiebutgoodie
  16. Somehow my BS-o-meter is going off... Why would roommates tolerate the smell? And remember that the New York Daily News is not exactly a high class paper. Oldeibutgoodie

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