Going to color coded scrubs.

  1. After years, my hospital is going to a dress code. I actually think I am going to like it. T-shirts have been allowed (hospital name only) and that has been getting abused horribly.

    Peds get to have cute print tops (EBP shows it helps).

    I just have to find a home for all my old scrubs! many are pretty new, I had weight loss surgery and had to buy smaller size. I think I am going to call my old HH agency and donate. CNAs don't get paid enough to buy alot.

    For those of you that had to change, do/did you get a stipend or a vendor discount? I need at least 2 weeks of scrubs (if not more).
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    We got two free sets and then were on our own. I didn't care for the brand/style, so I bought my own in the same color.
  4. by   NuGuyNurse2b
    We have a dress code and I hate it. It's different colored top and bottom, we look like penguins. I'd rather just be solid.
  5. by   NurseDisneyPrincess
    I would be so so annoyed lol. I love my pink scrubs and my print tops.
  6. by   AJJKRN
    No stipend and the patients still don't know the difference between interdisciplinary staff...
  7. by   caliotter3
    When a new company took over a facility where I once worked, it was announced we would be provided two free tops of a specified color to be chosen by popular vote IIRC. The free uniforms never materialized, but the announced layoffs took place as planned.
  8. by   Cat365
    We received a 30% coupon for one set of scubs at a local store. I bougnt one there an two more online. A weeks worth of scrubs. I like it and there are no decisions about what to wear. Hospital wide nurses, tech, respiratory, and ancillary staff all have their own color. It helps if you explain the colors to the patients. Otherwise they often have no clue who they are talking to. My grandma was hospitalized last winter and when I picked her up she stated "I realize white is not practical but I still miss the days when nurses wore white. I have no idea who anyone is and I'm pretty sure I asked the janitor for pain medication."
  9. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I would check your state laws, some states require that if you are required to wear a uniform then your employee must provide it to you free of charge.

    The company I work for now is involved in a class action lawsuit because they did not follow that law when it changed a few years ago, so now they are stuck paying us 3 times what we payed for our uniform stuff, and that is like 3000 for some people if they had just started in that time period!!

  10. by   mmc51264
    wow Annie! We haven't gotten that far yet. I don't think there is a lot of push back. More than half are wearing the correct color already. I will have a ton to donate!
  11. by   cleback
    One facility I worked at in college as a cna provided scrubs at a low/reasonable cost. But the poliCy had been around for a while.

    Other facilities with scrub color requirements did not make any effort to provide staff with uniforms.

    If I needed to have any kind of facility logo on my work clothes I would absolutely expect them to pay for it. I think even my fast food job in highschool provided uniforms free of cost.
  12. by   StrwbryblndRN
    We wear navy blue. I don't mind it. We have been doing this for a few years now. And there are still many nurses who wear white so we have a choice of all white or navy.
  13. by   Here.I.Stand
    The one color-coded facility I worked for provided 1 set for the per diem staff and 2 or 3 sets for the FT staff (no regular PT staff.)
  14. by   applewhitern
    We wear whatever we want, as long as it is scrubs and not street clothes. However, we have a uniform shop that is really cheap. It is a medical supply store, so they make their money off the durable medical equipment they sell/lease, and not the scrubs, so we can get a top for ten bucks, bottoms for about ten.