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I'm a nurse and I've ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse. I decided to be a nurse because I am a nurturer by nature. I absolutely love taking care of people and doing my part to make them feel better when... Read More

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    Each to his own,however due to the high stress level,crazy patient acuity,physical demands,disrespect,no-so great pay,other risks it is hard for me to imagine why on earth someone with complete lack of interest,no people skils choose nursing profession,seriously.

    I think it would be better to sit behind the desk sipping on coffee and flipping the pgs of victoria secret catalog.

    I work with the new grad that you described. Last to arrive for report, first to leave for breaks and at the end of a shift. Rooms are a disaster, patients have complained, co-workers are complaining, but until she fails her exam again, we're stuck with her. We've even found her sitting watching TV in vacant rooms when every call bell is ringing and transfers are arriving on the unit.

    Her first degree didn't give her marketable skills, but the high grades got her into nursing school. We mentored her long and hard during her placements with us but noted that she had issues that needed to be addressed in order to pass the course. Well, our manager went on holiday and guess who got hired? Yup she has a pulse and a degree and an interim licence...
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    NewCareer4Me, I think that is the best I have heard anyone put it!
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    thanks! lol @ this smiley.
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    This is getting a little heated, and I just want to point out that we can't generalize about people who say they are "called" to nursing and those who chose it because they thought it was a good career move. There are certainly a million different personalities out there, and good and bad nurses mixed among both groups.
    Very true. However, I do want to point out that those who go into nursing because it is a good career choice (for a number of reasons, not only or necessarily because they feel the "calling") don't feel the need to question the motives, competence, and even character of other nurses. Like that poster who actually called these nurses "creepy."

    Isn't it rather ironic that some of these "called to nursing" nurses think they are more caring but in the same breath, are also self-righteous, presumptuous and even insulting to other "it's a career choice" nurses. Guess that "we're more caring" attitude only applies to patients. :icon_roll
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    If you dislike your job so much you can always go back to doing something else...I'm tired of people using the same old example of McDonalds,it is like people who come from different countries complaining how US sucks,this is not a jail just like nursing isnt so you are free to get out...

    Pretty bold statement from someone who is not a nurse and has zero nursing experience.
  6. by   EastBayCAStudent
    You know, since I'm not a nurse yet either but I can apply common sense and life experience to this situation. The bottom line is we can't say one nurse is better than another without looking at her individual work ethic and history.

    My statements have come primarily from my observations of my husband as a police officer. He doesn't like the criminals he arrests and interviews. He doesn't like the city he works in. He doesn't like the department for not supporting its' officers when it should. He chose the job more out of a career choice than a "calling." Yet he is an awesome cop, a hard worker, well liked in the department, and NEVER gets rough with suspects. His Sgts choose him over other officers for difficult assignments. He does all this with his logical mind. It's all about the choices you make.

    It doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart, he loves his fellow officers like brothers, and he still cries when he comes home sometimes when bad things happen. I don't know what that person was talking about with the "bionic" nurses thing. Nonsense.
  7. by   Ruby Vee
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    are you kidding? i'm sorry but you cant get brain stimulation from working at mcdonalds.
    sure you can. you can do your own personal study of whether people are nicer to you if you smile rather than bark at them, you can upgrade your math skills by adding up totals in your head before pressing the "total" key on the register, you can enhance your time sense by trying to anticipate when the timer on the fries will buzz, you can take on extra responsibilities for ordering, etc. you can stimulate your intellect no matter where you work -- it's just more difficult some places than others.
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    Quote from purple_scrubs
    i'm sorry, but i would rather have a confident, smart, capable nurse who was not "called" into nursing to care for myself or my family than some vapid kid who has the idea that nursing is her "calling" but has not a lick of common sense.

    schools should admit the most qualified candidates. if that means someone who does not have the grades to get in but has this so-called calling is left out, then so be it.
    you've said exactly what i meant, but said it so much better!
  9. by   madwife2002
    Believe it or not there are Nurses out there who had a 'calling' to come into nursing who are actually fantastic all round nurses with a caring attitude.
  10. by   John20
    Here's the easiest way to end this entire debate. There are a lot of nurses out there just like me who got into nursing for the profession (Job security, money, flexiblity) with no "calling" to help society, the poor, or whatever else. Some of us are good, some are not. Some nurses with a calling are good, some are not. But until the end of time there will always be a lot of nurses in the profession (with long careers in the field) for the security and salary. Those who don't like this can either accept it, move on and enjoy whatever they do in their personal life, or not accept it and stew over the intentions of those entering the field for years until they retire.

    Either way, we're here and always will be. Now excuse me while I spend the afternoon I have off thanks to my flexilble job playing a sport that takes a salary like nursing provides, golf. Good luck to all! Even you greedy nurses like me.
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    I agree with that completely, madwife2002. However, the OP and many others seem to think that a nurse can ONLY be wonderful, caring nurses if they felt this mystical "calling", and I think that is just a bunch of bunk. Some seem to suggest that those with the calling should get preferred placement in nursing school than those without. My comment was meant to illustrate that it may be preferrable to have an intelligent, yet "uncalled" nurse versus one who feels this deep inner calling but can barely pass her prereqs.

    It was in no way intended to insult those many good nurses who do feel they were called to this profession.
  12. by   Bortaz, RN
    What business is it of yours?
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    Quote from madwife2002
    Believe it or not there are Nurses out there who had a 'calling' to come into nursing who are actually fantastic all round nurses with a caring attitude.
    Believe it or not , I believe your assertion to be true , I think what has generated the response to this thread , was the inference ,from the OP's title to the thread and some comments in the thread , that you should not enter into nursing , if you feel it is just a job .

    Bottom line is it doesn't matter what motivated you to become a nurse , but that once you become a nurse you act professional at all times , when you are practicing your profession .