FREEDOM! I Quit my med-surge job!

  1. Well, I have never felt better. I finally just said ENOUGH.

    I realized that I am doing the job of at least 11 people. Yes I am an RN. So WHY and HOW am I expected to be a secratery, transporter, pharmacist, housekeeper, doctor, customer service rep, social worker, case manager, CNA, and waitress. (I could add dietitian, nursing student instructor, and PT/OT)

    There is NO HUMAN way to play all these roles with a smile and no overtime. Just NO POSSIBLE WAY to do hourly rounding, give report in the rooms, chart in the rooms, and answer the phone and call light at the nurses station. I would like to meet the SUPER NURSE who can physically be in TWO PLACES at once. (and not pee or eat for 8 hours)

    I am a good nurse. I care that my patients have to wait 30 minutes for pain medication and 6 hours for a post op walk. I care that STAT meds and STAT lab draws sometimes take 2-3 hours to get done. I worry, because as a good nurse I KNOW that some of my patients belong on tele or in ICU.

    I realize that 90% of my job consists of rounding up the proper people to FORCE them to do their job. I also realize that 99% of my job consists of DOING other peoples jobs because they are "At lunch, on a break, too busy, have too many other patients to see, don't feel well, are pregnant/breast feeding, or are on facebook."

    If I could go to work, do assments, treatments, medications, catch changes in condition, and chart my findings, I would be the happiest person on earth. I would be a NURSE.

    No I am not rich. I have to work to help support my family. I finally realized that my mental health and well being comes before the money I make. Yeah....I am going to be broke as hell before I find another job. It is going to suck. I don't care. My husband and children support me 100% I have shelter, food, water, and love in my life.

    Now I have time to find a job as a NURSE. Or who knows what will happen.......

    I am free!
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  3. by   Outerisland
    good for you, maybe they will hire 2 or 3 to replace you.
  4. by   chloecatrn

    Good luck with finding a position that doesn't require a nurse to wear all of those hats. Or, in today's market, any position at all. It's not easy out here.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Been there, done that.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   Flying ICU RN
    Quote from zofran
    If I could go to work, do assments, treatments, medications, catch changes in condition, and chart my findings, I would be the happiest person on earth. I would be a NURSE.
    You have just described the only things for which I can gauranty delivery to any employer. The rest, is strictly optional regardless of complaint or pressure.
  7. by   LifelongDream
    A month ago I left a job where I worked with two wonderful nurses. When they questioned why I was leaving, my answer was: Five years from now, I bet you won't even remember my name, however my kids will. If I stayed, they would remember every concert, every game, every birthday, and every holiday I missed. My family is #1 and I won't put anyone before them.
  8. by   JacknSweetpea
    I say: Good for you. When/If the economy and job market turns around, how many are going to stay in their present positions after being treated like crap? Believe me, in the LTC I work in, we have a DON who has no problem telling us "There's the door"!! if any disagreement about another hare-brained policy she comes up with occurs. It's not any better in a LTC either. Most times a nurse is expected to work a cart and pass meds for 28-30 residents, be the charge nurse, and pick up any slack left over from the other shifts. Just a month ago, I was on the phone with an MD in the nurse's station and the maintenance guy was talking with a contractor, and they were being very I told them to quiet down. Then I got written up by the maintenance guy because he is a manager and I have no right to talk to him like that!!! Crazy, huh? Good for you to quit your job, and good luck with any future endeavors.
  9. by   zofran
    ....thanks everyone.

    When I spoke with my manager about my concerns, she basically said that I was most likely going through a rough time at home and I was "bringing it to work." She also said, "There are alot of jobs out there for nurses like you who have experience."

    I guess she is not smart enough to understand.....When you take away a secratery, a transporter, and give the CNA's twice the ammount of patients, and you DONT REPLACE THEM (to save money) there is NO ONE LEFT to do those jobs. Except SUPER RN! Savior of the world!!!! LOL

    She knows damn well that I am HAPPY at home. I am OVERWORKED when I show up at my job. Her crazy staffing HAS NOTHING to do with my home life!!!!

    And YAY, I hope there are plenty of jobs for experienced nurses like me. I just wont pick one with an ******* manager who has UNREALISTIC expectations. Ha ha ha.....

    thanks again people.....You all have helped me open my eyes. I have been on this message board for about 3 years and I thank every single person who has posted anything. It helped me see that I was not alone, that I was not crazy or a bad nurse who has problems with time management. It is the JOB not ME!!!! So THANKS ALLNURSES!!!! You ROCK!!!!!
  10. by   MissBrn
    are you sure we didn't work together in the same place? lol. enjoy yourself and best of luck---you have an open door!!!!
  11. by   netglow
    Good for ya Zofran. I always feel a little lift too when someone decides to "take this job and shove-it, I ain't work'n here no more!"
  12. by   chicarn
    Good for you Zofran, I hope there be more nurses to do the same "Take this job and shove it", even in this economy. May be employers will think twice before messing with us. good luck with your future endeavors.
  13. by   casper1
    Congratulations, I understand, Nurses are pulled in 100 directions at once.
  14. by   PAROPPY
    Good for you!!! I'm totally jealous. Sometimes I want to pull a "Jetblue flight attendant" and tell everyone where to go and how to get there while chugging a beer and escaping out the emergency hatch (or on an ambulance, whichever is handy). Until a new breed of "super nurses" evolve, I don't know how we will carry on doing what we do AND maintain our fragile sanity.