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chicarn has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Tele.

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  1. chicarn

    It's Finally Happened!

    I agree
  2. chicarn

    What nurses don't hear often enough

    Thank you.
  3. chicarn

    Most shocking thing you've seen another nurse do?

    no he didn't, he did tranfer her to the icu.
  4. chicarn

    Most shocking thing you've seen another nurse do?

    I was new grad 4 months on the floor, the doctor put order for me to insert ng tube for a woman with esophageal varices vomiting blood. I told the doctor that I won't execute your order it is unsafe, he was mad. glad I refused.
  5. thank you, that's my point. A lot of businessmen don't agree with Obama policies but they don't use scare tactics on their clients.
  6. Doctors are throwing tantrums now.
  7. chicarn

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    To the OP. I admire you for your courage that many of us lack. many of us feel stuck in that profession that is supposed to noble but it become the crappiest profession by its administration. understaffed, unappreciated,and underpaid for the job we d...
  8. chicarn

    1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

    High patient satisfaction rating --------> Nurse should work like a dog and treated like a dog
  9. chicarn

    WGU RN-BSN 10/01/11 start...anyone with me?

    hello all, can anyone help me with answering these questions. i really appreciated. Anyone finished rn to bsn and applied for NP program ? do you have any problem transferring your classes?. Is WGU recognized by hospitals in Illinois ?. I'm inter...
  10. I'm thinking of starting rn to bsn. I leaning toward wgu due to low cost and possibility of finishing bsn completion sooner. anybody already started the program? if so how is the program? it is doable with full time job? did you get any problem trabs...
  11. can someone tell me how much the total cost for rn to bsn in chamberlain university. I had my ADN from truman college. any answer is very appreciated
  12. chicarn

    Chicago Hospital vote for unionization

    Good news, hope other Illinois hospitals as well
  13. chicarn

    Ready to toss in the towel

    sorry to hear this, you are not alone. after just 3 years of nursing, I quitted my hospital job just 1 week ago. God I feel so relieved and I'm taking a break now. After that I will look for another job other than bedside nursing. I know that I shou...
  14. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, women during their menstrution ,postpartum women are exempt from fasting during Ramadan. Some women fast while they are pregnant or breasfeeding. I think nobody fast during postpartum and menstruation. good luck...
  15. chicarn

    FREEDOM! I Quit my med-surge job!

    Good for you Zofran, I hope there be more nurses to do the same "Take this job and shove it", even in this economy. May be employers will think twice before messing with us. good luck with your future endeavors.