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  1. Turns out size really does matter !
  2. I'm so Stressed. I thought I could escape Adulthood and return to my inner child.
  3. Does this make me look fat ?
  4. casper1

    Psych Pts Are Found Throughout the Hospital: 5 Quick Tips

    I frequently see that when psych are admitted to medical and surgical floors their psych meds are not always ordered. Whether providers are worried that medications may interact with pain meds or that they may mask a medical condition are possible reasons for not administering. Pt are under stress from there physical conditions and without their medication their mental condition quickly detereates. Unfortunately putting both patient and staff at risk .
  5. casper1

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    The hospital picked it up from the Star Trek sale. It's a transporter it will beam me back to the hospital if their short staffed
  6. casper1

    Feb - Mar 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    We're over capacity again bed cordinators wants us to put patients in the bathrooms
  7. casper1

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    She should have ask you to review and the steps to I'm injections before entering the patients room.
  8. If I'm working night shift with 30 patients and three nurses, with one tech who has to sit with an elderly patient whose confused and delusional and a patient complains because they had to wait half an hour for water. I feel its fair to say i'M sorry but were short staffed tonight. Is that considered complaining or telling the Truth.
  9. casper1

    September 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Nurse Tin Lizzy just shorted out the MRI machine
  10. casper1

    Other Jobs That a Nurse Can Do?

    I feel your pain. Bedside Nursing is extremely difficult you have to balance multiple demands at one time. You not only need to be clinically excellent you also must be a diplomat a social worker a teacher a computer wiz on and on the list of attributes and skills a good nurse must master is endless. I just left the bedside for a job in abstraction, I review medical charts to verify my facility is meeting core measures for certification. Great Job !
  11. casper1

    Risking life and limb

    Here we are again in upstate NY. Yet another blizzard is upon us. All area schools are closed, business's are closing early and sending their employee's home. A state on emergency has been declared, no unnecessary travel. But for those of us who work at hospitals it's business as usual, no snow day for you. I know I'm not alone theirs lots of us you will risk life and limb getting to your job . I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW HOW INCREDIBLE YOU ALL ARE AND HOW LUCKY YOUR EMPLOYERS ARE TO HAVE SUCH DEDICATED EMPLOYEES. We don't hear that enough. It's days like today that make it clear
  12. New Grad salary is $22.50 an hour. Shift differential is $2.00 and hour eve and nights. New grads get a $5.00 hr raise after 1 yr. Hopes that help
  13. casper1

    Freaking out about my PPD!

    Years ago I had a positive reaction to a PPD. A large red bump appeared on my arm. I had not had any exposures so I was alarmed. The employee health nurse asked me if I had been around any horses. I had My daughter had started horseback riding lessons and I was at stables several times a week. My positive reaction was contributed to my exposure to horses, I quess the she was right I have had many PPD since then and none of them has been positive.
  14. casper1

    Retired, now what?

    The facility I work at has a phone triage unit. Nurses who work on these units facilitate patient transfers from Doctors office or other facilities to the Hospital. They make sure the correct paper work is in order nd that important test have been completed. They Also make phone calls to discharged patients checking on their well being. With your years of experience you would be great at something like this.
  15. casper1

    suspension/possible termination

    I would look into a transfer to another unit, your managers are looking for mistakes. It doesn't,t matter how much you do right or how much the patients like you, they are only going to fixate on what is wrong. considering the volume of work tha is expected and the unpredictable nature of the job, being perfect every minute of every day is a tall order.
  16. casper1

    Hourly Rounding

    Reimbursements to hospitals are being tied to press Ganey score. Hospitals that receive high scores are given bonuses. Hospitals with poor scores are penalized. Some of the verbage in the rounding scripts mirrors questions on press Ganey surveys. " Did you receive very good care."Did anyone catch a recent episode of Nurse Jackie she was with a patient in the ERIC. I laughed when I heard her say "Were going to give you very good care" Even Nurse Jackie can,t escape rounding frenzied