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  1. LifelongDream

    SCRUBS (Mailorder)

    Uniform Advantage is good, but be aware that some of the pants run BIG, especially the buttersoft stretchy pants. They are HUGE on me! I would order one size below what you think you need. Also, the Buttersoft scrubs are a pain to iron! They wrinkle very easily, but they are super comfortable! Just prepare yourself to iron every time. :)
  2. LifelongDream

    Texas Tech Spring 2015

    I applied to the FNP Program. I'm in Odessa, Texas. Wild West
  3. I attended the 2nd Degree Program in 2008-2009. I had a wonderful experience. I've been very successful since graduating and I can't say enough good things about the instructors. It was COMPLETELY different experience from the one semester of nursing school I had attempted years before. They were supportive, encouraging, and I cannot say enough great things about the program. It sounds like one of the posters above had a terrible experience, however I can say that was not my experience at all! Good luck!
  4. LifelongDream

    Texas Tech Spring 2015

    I got mine as well! Woot Woot! Can't wait to meet you all in the Spring!
  5. LifelongDream


    Get to know other nurses through Professional Organizations and network! You'll quickly learn that in most cases, it's not what you know, but WHO you know! Good luck.
  6. LifelongDream

    A Little Extra Money Honey

    I am a Registered Nurse with a BSN and 5 years of experience. I currently work full-time as an instructor for a High School Career Prep Program and PRN at a rural hospital. I love both of my jobs, however my second job is filling all full-time positions. This means fewer and fewer PRN hours. I am a single mom and I need the predictability of a consistent paycheck from my second job. I would love to find something that would allow me to work from home, as I have three kiddos. I'm also open to other positions such as immunization clinics that will allow me to choose the shifts I'm willing to work. I look forward to hearing any ideas you have! P.S. I live in TEXAS!
  7. LifelongDream


    Have you ever thought of teaching? I teach high school Health Science classes. I make $48,000/yr for working 9 months. I have two weeks off at Christmas, a week at Thanksgiving, a week at Spring Break, and two months during the summer. I LOVE my job! Look into this type of job! The pay is comparable when you consider you aren't working weekends and you have so many days off! I work PRN and make $48 at a rural hospital to keep up my skills and supplement my income.
  8. LifelongDream

    Is per diem nights fairly manageable for non-night owls?

    I teach Health Science Classes M-F and work as an RN at a rural hospital on Friday and Saturday nights. I worked as a Pedi nurse on nights and HATED it! I love working PRN nights because I come straight to work on Friday after I leave school and then I sleep all day Saturday. On Sunday, I get up at noon. I feel a little sluggish Sunday/Monday, but I'm back to my old self by Tuesday!
  9. LifelongDream

    IM injection ?

    Here's one more! chet_wilson_drugguides_1|Medication Administration Techniques|Injections
  10. LifelongDream

    IM injection ?

    Here's a good site for you. Hope this helps! Large-volume IM injections: 
A review of best practices - ONA
  11. LifelongDream

    Fun Pharmacology

    here are some videos i found on you tube that make pharmacology fun. i hope this helps you all! dig song [color=#898989]http://[color=#898989]youtu.be/8mxcl_6srgs[color=#898989] [color=#898989] dilantin song [color=#898989]http://[color=#898989]youtu.be/fwcap2xoers[color=#898989] coumadin rap [color=#898989]http://[color=#898989]youtu.be/mfk05iffw48[color=#898989]
  12. LifelongDream

    Should I Take the Chance/Sacrifice?

    Don't be silly... This is no different from FutureRN, HopeitworksRN, etc. It's not like she has it on her name tag. I guess your mother never taught you "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!".
  13. LifelongDream

    Missed fingerstick

    Ha, ha, ha.... You're clueless. My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic. He was diagnosed at the age of 27, the same as his mother. He is 5"8', 140lbs. He eats healthy and he fit none of the "classic profile" for Type II Diabetes except for the family history. Despite his best efforts, he sometimes still have BS in 200's. Educate yourself before you make assumptions about what causes high BS, it most cases it has nothing to do with "bad choices".
  14. LifelongDream

    For all of those on Medicaid

    I can't believe my eyes as I read these posts... Because you have six kids, you must have medicaid???? Amazingly cell phones are sometimes cheaper than house phones, so is it THAT strange that they would have one? No one should be excused for the attitude or self entitlement, but come on, you and I both know less than 1% of Medicaid patients act like this and it has nothing to do with the medicaid and everythng to do with ther raising!!! If you really think about it, you also have patients that are rich and have insurance that feel this entitlement. I guess it doesn't bother you as much because they are actually paying your check? I'm very sad to see the way that some of you guys think...
  15. LifelongDream

    Question about holding Lantus

    Our facility has a reminder posted everywhere. It states: You wouldn't hold the pancreas, don't hold the Lantus!!!"
  16. LifelongDream

    how to leave work frustrations at work and not at home??

    I am just finishing my 8th month. I still experience what you are talking about. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to happen as often. Hang in there or go back to you previous profession like I'm doing! The anxiety is eating me alive and I'm not normally an anxious person. I'm planning on working PRN so that I can work it at my own pace. We'll see how it goes...