Favorite Quote and It's Origin Please - page 2

I have seen some incredibly cleaver qotes on this BB. Could I see them (again) and get some feedback on where they originated? I finally got my one I intend to use. I got it from a fortune cookie... Read More

  1. by   donmurray
    "Never eat food that comes in a bucket. Avoid giving LSD to guide dogs. If you have not heard a rumour by 10am. then start one. Avoid bigots of all descriptions. Never run with scissors or pointy things................ Billy Connolly did a revision of the "Desiderata" some years back, and they are all true!!
  2. by   BrandyBSN
    I just recently changed mine. I am not a big fan of mark twain, but I liked this one.

  3. by   galenight
    Have no idea the origin,, but simple and sweet

    Faith makes things possible, not easy.
  4. by   nursiev
    I found this on a quote site:

    "Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels." -- Faith Whittlesey

    "Character is made by what you stand for, reputation by what you fall for."--Robert Quillen
  5. by   shannonRN
    rusty, i thought i was the only one who added in bed onto the back of my fortune cookie!! good to know that i am not alone.

    "happiness is like a butterfly, which when pursued is just beyond your grasp, but if you will sit down quietly may alight upon you." nathaniel hawthorne
  6. by   3651bht
    If you always do what you always done you will always have what you've always had..

    Or put another way: Doing the same ole thing and expecting different results..

    My Dad always said: There are no yes/buts.

    And of course my fav.. May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that...

    And then a guy at the ski shop told me one time when I was getting my boots adjusted for falling and I told him I never fell ( yeah right) He said, " If you don't fall you ain't trying."
  7. by   Zee_RN
    From a karate instructor:

    "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

    And my hubby's favorite expression is a Japanese quote:

    "Even monkeys fall from trees."
  8. by   aimeee
    I found my new signature line in a book by Jerri Neilsen, the doctor who was wintering at the south pole when she found she had breast cancer. Physical conditions there are truly awful and the crews have to make do with very little, but the crucial element in surviving the winter there is what they do to nourish their souls through the long darkness.

    I love it because it gives me permission in my own life to budget time and money for those seemingly frivolous things that may be so important to remaining a "whole" person. And because it is a reminder when dealing with patients that the emotional/spritual part of care is as important as the physical care.

    The original source is Persian, from the 12-13th century.
  9. by   kaycee
    Another favorite of mine is...

    "I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter"

    Fits well with some of the patients we see in the ER!
  10. by   nightingale
    lol... what enjoyment and entertainment from all!!!! This was great!!!!

    Stolen from a fortune cookie ------------> "The secret to staying young is good health, and lying about your age." (in bed)

  11. by   RazzmaStaaz
    Got mine from a Chris Farley character. I use it in many different situations and always amazes me how well it can fit.

    Oooooohhhh that's gonna leave a mark!

  12. by   ICUBecky
    " And as a wise man once said...WHEREVER YOU GO...THERE YOU ARE"(Mike Brady, Brady Bunch the Movie)
  13. by   canoehead
    Mine is sappy;
    We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience

    Reminds me to come back to my "sane" spot, and that I can cope.