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You know you have to see them, but have you ever hated getting together with them? I mean, you still love them....but, can't stand being around them.... Read More

  1. by   avimom
    My mother and I have a strained relationship. I think she got tired of me not automatically taking the blame for every problem she has. Then again, I'm tired of her only calling to get my husband to fix her computer and not even bothering to ask about her granddaughter while she's at it. It truly bothers me how she's got no problem asking my husband to do favours for her, but can't be bothered to try to have a relationship with her grandchild. Just as well, I suppose - her behaviour would hardly set a positive example for my little girl.
  2. by   moz
    Like Canoehead, my mom seems to have a public and private side. Its very hard. We had an "incident" over the holiday where I butted in when my learning disabled sister was disiplining her kids inappropriately, she is staying with my parents since just recently leaving her husb. After I left mom said "She had no right butting in, she hasn't been over here for a month!" I was in tears when my other sis told me that. My husband and I have taken my niece to dance classes 15 mi away, I went to court with her, I have babysat, bought the kids clothes, I have helped and helped. I have a fulltime job and 4 kids of my own with their own activities. The road goes both ways. I get along fairly well with my sisters and dad most of the time; and my inlaws.
    When do you get old enough that it doesn't matter when your parents are disappointed in you? When does that stop hurting?
    I'm WORKING, making a conscious effort to establish a good relationship with my kids now.
  3. by   renerian
    Yes sometimes my family and the inlaws look like aliens to me.....

  4. by   opalmRN
    With 9 siblings, it's nearly impossible for everyone to be happy with everyone else all the time.

    The good side of that is there is always another sibling to hang out with when one ticks ya off!
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Our family gets along great EXCEPT for the female sibling. Each family has a problem member to one extent or another.

    The female sibling is a moocher. The female sibling has the typical "middle child" syndrome and makes me, the oldest and original BEST (HEE), and the youngest - the cutest and smartest, SICK.

    But, what can you do? It's like my brother says, "She doesn't do **** around here. I just don't say anything because she has ISSUES."

    Ah well.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I hear ya Vegas. Gotta sis just like yours. Moocher all the way.
  7. by   kittyw
    Hmmm.... I moved far, far away straight out of high school for this very reason!! Distance is wonderful. I visit about once every year and a half (about the time needed to forget about those delays and travel nightmares).......

    Step mom: A TOTAL FRUITCAKE.

    Mom: I didn't have much contact with her when I lived with my dad cause my stepmom couldn't handle it. Now I chat online with her almost every day for just a few minutes.

    Dad: I wish he would stand up to my step mom and tell her that she can't treat his kid like that. But, I know he loves me even though the only way he knows how to show it is to cook me the BEST steak ever (which really pi$$es off my step mom cause she thinks she's God's gift to cooking :chuckle)

    My sisters: The middle one has turned into a ****. I'm afraid the youngest may follow in her footsteps.

    My P grandparents: THE BEST!!!! When I visit I always stay with them so I get lots of time with them.

    The rest of my paternal side: Love them all .... basically they all get along (with a few minor squables here and there.) My uncle (divorced from my blood aunt) still is close to the family. They help each other out - babysit or do things for each other.... just wish my step mom wasn't around.... and they lived close to a beach (which is a requirement for where I'll move to when I graduate.)

    I haven't met any of my mom's family except for the grandparents (they've both been dead for years) - I'm sure someday I'll hear the story.

    The ex's family was totally dysfunctional .... my dear MIL asked me why I cared if my hubby had a girlfriend (she said this while we were still together). Now I'm looking forward to getting some distance from them!!!