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Am I the only one who is concerned about someone who has failed multiple times, finally passes and then wants to share their experience with everyone else? Am I the only one who is concerned about... Read More

  1. by   fortheloveofpink
    The computerized nclex, from what we've been told, IS adaptive. *shudder* :-)
  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from wooh
    Nursing will never get the respect it deserves until nurses themselves start realizing that intelligence and knowledge are AT LEAST as important as compassion and caring.
    i'd like to take compassion/caring out of it completely.
    as long as they remain requirements, it's no wonder we get treated as we do.
    fwiw, people by nature, are generally compassionate.
    it needn't be a criteria for nursing -
    and all that talk about it, only serves to diminish what we really do.

    (oh i just wanna spit nails when i hear about "caring", "compassion".)

  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from morgrn2b2011
    well let me just say that i would not want any of you taking care of me or my family. you have no compassion. and that's one of the biggest qualities in a nurse. not just skills. i cannot believe half of you are nurses. being a dancer or pro baseball player is a little far fetched to used that as an example of a dream. do you people not remember what you sacrificed to get through your nursing program?? just to quit after 3 times taking nclex is terrible advice. there should be remediation classes yes, but to just quit is absolutely absurd. im not saying put incompetent nurses on the floor, but work with them. take a class or 5. dont quit! i hope one of these days your heart grows a little bigger.
    i'm not entirely sure this is a serious post, but here goes:

    compassion is just one aspect of what it takes to be a nurse, and probably not even all that important. compassion, after all, can be faked. being astute/smart/educated enough to realize that amlodipine and amiodorone or diltiazem and digoxin are not the same thing, that coumadin dose is related to inr and that blue skin might indicate a problem are much, much more important. so while my heart could, perhaps, stand some tenderizing we have a lot of folks posting here whose brain could use a bit of exercise.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    After staff discussion, this thread is closed for a time out so members can step back and cool off. Many posts on both sides of the discussion have been negative and attacking in nature, which is not beneficial to anyone. It would be refreshing if members could use both compassion and intelligence when posting.