Ever feel like..."STOP COMPLAINING"..

  1. Ok. I am understanding. I have medical knowledge. STOP WHINING!
    It seems like EVERYONE around me is DYING of something. My dear husband made the coment that someone has to be full of tubes and machines in order for me to feel bad for them. I'm sorry. It just seems like everybody I know has some MAJOR health issue. I want to bring them to work, so they can see a 23 yr oldCF patient admitted once again, or a 13 yr old SCD kid crying because of yet another pain crisis. Am I supposed to feel bad because you need back surgery to finish the final touches on your lawsuit, or discover another illness while surfing the net.????
    Am I the only person who can see you are exaggerating, or I am so heartless I don't see your disease process as real.?
    Please tell me if I need to get out of nursing or if it's a fashionable trend to be sick.
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  3. by   darius000
    Hi BuffaloLPN,
    I agree with you. I too get tired of hearing about everyone's seemingly medical problems. (maybe I am in the wrong profession). WE know that there are others who are worse or in more need than they are. When I go out or meet friends of friends ect, I never say that I am a Nurse because sure enough you'll get the full medical history, or the story about how poorly they were treated in ED.
    No you are not the only person who can see people exaggerating. I have been at Triage a few times feeling like I was dying (flu with all the aches and pains), and people would come in with their minor ailments, and I would think truly nasty thoughts. When I was a kid and with 4 siblings, I can't rember mum taking us to ED everytime we vomited or had a sore throat. I think with greater internet access, the general public are looking signs and symptoms up, adding 2 + 2 and coming up with 7.
  4. by   Tweety
    When you work with the majorly sick, it is difficult to deal with the minor sick.

    Also, I have touble with family members of our patients. They scream at me because I'm ten minutes late bringing dad a blanket. I want to scream back "WE SAVED HIS FREAKIN' LIFE. STOP B*TCHING!"
  5. by   baseline
    I remember working the ED and taking care of a kid who looked like a pound of ground round after a motorcycle accident. The mother complained because we cut off his leather jacket.......it was new..........
  6. by   zudy
    I know what you mean, Baseline. I had a pt complaint once from a pt, she had been in a horrible MVA, complain coz her jeans had been cut off "And I had just lost 5lbs. so I could wear those jeans,and that NURSE just cut them off, and I looked great in them!" I was so disgusted, for once, I truely had no comment.
  7. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by baseline
    I remember working the ED and taking care of a kid who looked like a pound of ground round after a motorcycle accident. The mother complained because we cut off his leather jacket.......it was new..........
    Don't you just love it? I have had people complain because I am 5 minutes late getting their meds to them! Well, excuse me. That pt across the hall was trying to code on me and I was prioritizing my care.

    Don't you just love taking care of patients whose family work at the same facility? We have a nurse from another department whose parent is a patient on the floor. This patient has Alzheimer's and can get very mean and agitated. The other night this patient got agitated and upset and the nurse gave him a sedative to calm him down. The patient slept all day and the family had a fit. The one "child" who is a nurse commented to me "surely the nurses can handle him for one night." . I told her that I would pass onto the next shift to try and not give the sedative. Well, this wasn't good enough. The "child" called the patient's doctor and got the sedative d/c. So, the night nurse said the moment this patient got out of hand she was calling the "child" to come and sit with the parent. I hope the pt got fired up at 1am so this "child" could have the joy of staying with the pt. Of course, this nurse was scheduled to be at work the next day at 6am, so that would have even made it better. Sorry about the long rant.
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  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    so many idiots....so little time. yep i know what ya mean. people can be unreal.
    Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy
    When you work with the majorly sick, it is difficult to deal with the minor sick.
    He said it all right here.

    Even thought I don't deal with the "majorly sick," it's annoying when some people pester you with their every ache and pain and zit!

  10. by   ceecel.dee
    I know what you mean! I try not to give away how I feel about seemingly small complaints with my body language....but, suffering or pain can be rated on a scale, and if what they are experiencing now (compared to what their own personal experiences with pain have been, or witnessing someone's experience with real pain) hasn't been much worse, they will be distracted by it. I try to be pro-comfort regardless of the complaint...but it is hard to do sometimes.
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    Howdy yall
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  12. by   PennyLane
    BuffaloLPN, I think what you're saying is that people complain to you more b/c you're a nurse. That would be annoying (I can't relate...yet). BUT, on the other hand, there are some 'minor' medical problems that CAN interfere significantly with your life, even if you're not in agonizing pain or horribly disfigured. For instance, chronic back pain, daily headaches, or GERD. Just because you don't need to go to the ED doesn't mean you're not suffering.
  13. by   Dr. Kate
    It's even worse when your Mom is a nurse. If you're not bleeding out (a little blood doesn't even register) you are well enough to go to school. It has a lot to do with the ability to tell the difference between life and death situations. For people outside of healthcare, all manner of insignificant things become matters of life and death. And because nurses are kind, we get to hear about it. I smile, nod, and daydream a lot.
  14. by   Vsummer1
    First semester student here... as soon as some people hear that, they ask me questions about their health. Ummm... I am a 1st semester student!!?? I always just listen and say "wow, what did your doctor say?" then they usually reply with something about how they didn't want to bother their doctor with it. So why the heck are you bothering me, a know-nothing 1st semester student?!

    I usually add that I haven't had the opportunity to learn about that particular problem, but if they need a foley, staples removed or diaper changed then I am their gal. They never bother me twice with questions anyway...