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My 17 year old son had 3 wisdom teeth extracted today under general anesthesia. His prior history is only significant for an emergency lap appy and he got IVP Dilauded every 4 by a nurse buddy who... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The best thing to do is contact the oral surgeon who did the work and ask for a consult/change of RX as he/she sees fit. Really you can't assume anything here. Nor can we. Hope he gets better SOON.
  2. by   gr8rnpjt
    [QUOTE=LoriAlabamaRN]He might very possibly have "dry sockets"

    I had dry sockets at 29 when I had mine out. My oral surgeon ended up putting me on po demerol 50. That helped a lot. I agree with taking the po steroid. The swelling doesn't come out full force for a couple of days.:stone
  3. by   RedSox33RN
    I also had dry socket after my widsom teeth were removed. The pain was excruciating. I had a rx for Percocet, and was packed and re-packed every 2 days with the oil of clove packing (which I must be weird - I found it so relieving and soothing, the taste or smell didn't bother me in the least!). The combination of those with ibuprofen 800mg got me through the week, before it started feeling better. Hope he feels better soon.
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    Oh my goodness. I had two wisdom teeth dug/ cut out last year. Love the IV sedation. I was ordered a steriod and ABX for 3 days an Vicodin. I think I took one Vicodin a day along with Motrin RTC.

    Very painfull for me. I would rather give birth than have oral surgery.
  5. by   MDSlady
    I too think the same...dry sockets. I've heard they are terrible!!! I would call the surgeon also. Maybe he has a low threshold for pain too. I don't think he is playing you. Call the surgeon and give it a few days, then reconsider..... Good luck....
  6. by   SusanJean
    Quote from Gompers
    He may very well have dry sockets...supposed to be horrible!

    Have to agree this may be a possiblilty.

    Call the surgeon so your son can be evaluated.

    Hope he is feeling better soon.

  7. by   caroladybelle
    DarvocetN is a very weak pain med.

    And dry socket syndrome or postop infections (usually later, in 5-10 days) can hurt like the dickens. He probably needs something stronger.

    Also, usually some Novacaine was given before the extraction, which would be wearing off a few hours after the procedure. Much like surgical patients that get some local pain killers along with IV during surgery, when that local wears off, it will actually hurt much worse for a while. And while he got Dilaudid in recovery, he was also not trying to eat and drink then. Now, that (presumably) he is eating/drinking, as well as wide awake, swollen, and the local has worn off, the pain can be major.

    A few days of heavier pain meds that keep him able to take fluids/nutrition is preferable to hospitalization for dehydration because he was in too much pain to eat/drink or infection from poor mouthcare (d/t pain)

    PS. Watch out for complaints of HA/sore throat/pain when swallowing, and especially an earache. These frequently have to do with infection at the site or dry sockets. For some reason the, pain frequently gets "referred" to the ear/eustachian tubes.
  8. by   foxyhill21
    My fianc got 4 wisdom teeth removed last Friday and he was under strict rules so that the bony sockets would not be exposured:
    no soda, no alcohol, no spiting, no sucking from a straw, his med were hydrocodone every 4-6 hr for pain and cephalexin, methylprednisolone for infection.

    I see it has been several days ago since you posted the ? has the pain subsided.
  9. by   Gompers
    Quote from caroladybelle
    PS. Watch out for complaints of HA/sore throat/pain when swallowing, and especially an earache. These frequently have to do with infection at the site or dry sockets.

    While I didn't have dry sockets, I did have a sore throat a few days after the teeth came out. Just when I was startingn to feel better, I woke up one day and felt like I was swallowing red hot swords! At first I thought it must have to do with the extraction, so I called my oral surgeon. Since there was no actual mouth pain and the swelling had subsided, he said it was probably strep throat. Went to my regular doctor, who did a quick swab test for strep...negative. She said my throat looked fine to her. I pleaded for her to look further down, because the pain wasn't at the back of my mouth but rather IN my throat. I asked if maybe I could have thrush, since I'd been on antibiotics for two weeks pre-op (to clear the absess that alerted me to the wisdom teeth in the first place) and one week post-op. She said that was ridiculous because my mouth had not a single white spot. After more begging, she finally looked WAAAAAAY down my throat with her little scope..."OH MY GOD! THAT IS THE WORST CASE OF THRUSH I'VE EVER SEEN!!!" She looked so embarrassed as she wrote me the scripts for Diflucan and Nystatin!!!
  10. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    Oooohhhh thrush... I was on a MAJOR round of steroids (trying to reduce spinal swelling) and I ended up with horrible thrush. I certainly sympathize!

    Dry sockets are incredibly painful, but that packing sure helps. I never could get over that clove oil taste, though, and ended up sipping Dr. Pepper constantly (for some reason that helps with the taste.) I also had Percocet and that helped a lot.

    I sure hope everything with your son is okay by now!
  11. by   student4ever
    OMG - I had major jaw surgery along with removal of 4 terribly impacted wisdom teeth - and on discharge, was never given a steroid. The swelling - well, lets say my face looked like I had just gained 400 pounds. I had an ice pack on each side with an ace all the way around my head too!

    I don't remember having much pain though - I think I had tylenol with codeine. Not sure though. A call to the oral surgeon is definetly in order. Hope all resolves soon... it sucks having your mouth hurt!
  12. by   rnmom3153
    MAJOR MOUTH PAIN....:selfbonk: Esp. if dry socket!!! I hope he's feeling better! Hopefully by now.... I had dry sockets with mine and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced and I even have chronic pain issues!
    It also took a while for me to heal...I don't remember how long, but I know I needed MAJOR analgesics.

    Please let us know how he's doing and how things turned out.
  13. by   mstigerlily
    How is he doing, please update us!!!

    I know Darvocet isn't very strong. I'm no help for comparison - I had all four wisdom teeth out (two impacted) and never took more than Motrin. Had an infected abcessed molar extracted when I was six months pregnant too and same thing - just Motrin. But I didn't have the dreaded dry sockets either as others have mentioned. Hope he is ok.

    Quote from Haunted
    Just a note..his vs are BP 130/70, 88, 18 and he reports a 7/10 on pain. He does not smoke or drink and is pretty athletic. Should I contact the oral surgeon tomorrow or just ride this out. I feel awful. The teeth where impacted and they had to chip them ou of the bone. Also, they gave him decadron thru the IV and want him to continue with a medrol pack but I am hesitant to continue him on steroids and he has very little swelling. He has a good appetite and is totally with it and aware, just c/o lot's of pain and states the Darvo N 100 isn't doing much for him. Any advice....