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Hi I sometimes work in a pretty good unit of co-workers and the question came up from another young nurse that she'd prefer to wear dresses again instead of pants stated it looked more... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I wore and old fashioned white nurse's dress, white cap and white hose on Halloween.

    My pts kept saying "Wow, a real nurse!" This was kind of disconcerting! What did they think I was the rest of the time?

    I wouldn't say I felt more "professional". I did feel rather prim, and like I had to be on my best behavior. It was fun for a day, but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.
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  2. by   my2sons
    If nurses still had to wear caps, I seriously would not be a nurse. Poor kids in the vocational program still do, and the caps are HUGE!
  3. by   GPatty
    I would love to have a dress or two to wear a work!
    I have ton of scrubs, but I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with dresses.....if worn clean and pressed (just like scrubs) you can always be professional, and look the part!
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  4. by   TracyB,RN
    No dress here. I work Rehab & maybe I am just not lady enough to figure out how to transfer, put on a CPM, shower, & all the other things that go with rehab, in a dress.
  5. by   Kyriaka
    I think it really depends on the person. My old mother in law is a head nurse. She is in her 60's and always wears a dress with white hose and those little old fashion hats!
  6. by   movealong
    I haven't worn a dress unifrm in years. back in the day, not ony did we have to wear dresses, but they had to have 3/4 length sleeves too!

    Wore scrubs for years. Then I worked in an office and had to wear business dress.

    Now I work from home and wear whatever I want. I had a garage sale and sold most of my scrubs. I'll try to sell the last few off again. At 5 bucks a set, they were a bargain.
  7. by   cursenurse
    i have worn the knee length white dress a few times. i got a lot of compliments from the patients who thought that it looked more professional. i also got negative feedback- people (men) leering at me, and patients (elderly men & women) telling me how nice my legs are and how good i look in a dress. all in all, i have felt that dresses in addition to being both uncomfortable and impractical focused a lot of attention on my body, and work is definitely not the place for that.
  8. by   spiritus
    [QUOTE=gwenith]There is some pretty convincing research that proves that you are far more likely to sustain a back injury if you lift wearing dresses than pants.

    That for me is the end of the argument - I am not doing my back in for fashion.

    How sensible!! Practical, even...but, please, tell me, if you don't mind a nosy
    Yank asking, WHERE did you find this research?? I'm ALWAYS looking for evidence based stuff to throw at my tutors, because it really makes them

    I agree that scrubs are comfort all the way, but the hospital won't allow us to wear scrubs if we are NOT on a surgical ward...so, we have to wear our uniforms, and usffer in silence...anyway, thanks!!

  9. by   Dixiedi
    Quote from lisadlpn2brn
    I sometimes work in a pretty good unit of co-workers and the question came up from another young nurse that she'd prefer to wear dresses again instead of pants stated it looked more professional, religion didn't play a purpose in this opinion this was just her opinion so how do you all feel? Me, myself I think both are fine because you can look just as professional in pants.
    As I read the other posts, it became obvious that personal preference should have nothing to do with it. All nurses should wear pants, even you cross-dressing guys (hehehe - oh come on, it's a crude joke and doesn't infer that all male nurses are cross-dressers! LOL)...
    Anyway, now that everybody is over my crude sense of non-humor....

    1. Dresses cause the wearer to bend, stretch, stoop and in gnereal move, in such a way as to protect the visuals, not very healthy for your center of gravity thus affecting muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.
    2. Stockings that get ripped on something REALLY look bad.
    3. Oh please! beside #1...the view is just not to my taste when you are not able to protect the visuals...now put one of those guys in a dress and... Oh that's sexist! Sorry
    4. And finally, in a dress, you'd freeze your buns off when you go out for a smoke on break!
    The only best way to dress is pants!
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from my2sons
    If nurses still had to wear caps, I seriously would not be a nurse. Poor kids in the vocational program still do, and the caps are HUGE!
    That's right. We had to do it all, too. I got so I hated wearing the hat. I caught it on things, it turned yellowish by the end of the school year, and it made me feel like a dunce wearing a beanie. We were spotted wherever we went, because we were the only students who had to wear them. The other school had progressed to pants by then.

    Our school's program director was one of the old fashioned kind who believed in leather nurses shoes only. I spent nearly $60. on a pair of all-white Nike aire's and just because they had a tiny bit of cloth on the upper back overlap, she said they didn't meet program requirements. Needless to say, I was a bit :angryfire FURIOUS, because I had no job, and no other income at the time besides what I was living on from the sale of my mobile home and the half acre it was on.

    The thought that did come to mind since many many time is, "If we aren't allowed to wear white athletic shoes, then why are we wearing the dust catching, dirt grabbing, dunce hats, and what about the cloth shoelaces in them nurses shoes?" I guess you can tell I didn't like them one little bit!! Nor did I like the A-line figure dresses or the peter pan collars that were attached to them. They made a person my age especially, look silly.

    But we were always told that the older folks do look at us as professionals when we're dressed that way. Heh! Then why aren't the male nurses wearing dresses? Now, wouldn't ya just love to see that??
  11. by   mercyteapot
    I'm not working in a hospital right now, but if I were, it would be scrubs only. That being said, I do remember being in nursing school and being so proud of putting the dress on for clinicals. If I were to ever wear the dress uniform again, I think I'd put biking shorts underneath it, though. I've discovered that little secret for being comfortable on my lunchtime walks when I wear a dress or skirt to work.
  12. by   mercyteapot
    You didn't ask for opinions on the caps, but since a couple other people have mentioned them, it does make me remember how much I hated them. I think they're even less practical than the dresses. Mine was always sliding all over my big fat head.
  13. by   teeituptom
    When I met my wife back in the early 70s
    she was a nurse
    wore white dress uniform and cap
    and back then miniskirts were so popular
    her uniform was so short
    I fell in love with her and have been ever since
    she can still wear that same uniform now
    even after 7 kids

    But I prefer my scrubs