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Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day. Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?... Read More

  1. by   beachbaby
    We had a "door prize drawing"- all the door prizes were things left by vendors- pens, coffee cups, and note pads....and the office staff won about 60% of the items....*sigh*.... I guess they still don't get it.......
  2. by   mamabear
    I work in a satellite facility, about 25 miles from the main campus. This year, the Grand Poobahs of patient care services brought a bunch of salads, roast beef, chicken-done-something-to, rolls, potatoes, ad nauseum. Since I work nights, most of the food was well on its way to putrification. The leftovers looked and tasted like leftovers. They brought it over in the morning, so day shift glommed on to most of it, further exacerbating the War Between the Shifts. :angryfire We also got some el cheapo trinket thing, with the hospital logo on it. Oh boy. Could they spare it?
  3. by   MelissaRN
    We didn't get squat for nurses day. I expected at least a freaken card. They did offer a CEU course about stress management but that was it.
  4. by   lpnjean
    Quote from OCCHCanada
    Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day.
    Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?
    Our office recoginized each of the "NURSES" with a floral hanging basket of our choice and a very appreciative "THANK-YOU"!

    Our Doctors also never fail to say "THANK-YOU" at the end of each day.
  5. by   LPN_mn
    Our facility not only celebrated nurses day but they had something all week long. Every nurse recieved a nurse pin with a plant, and we had fun things to eat all week. I feel fortunate that I work in a facility that not only recognizes us on nurses day but all through the year. It is not unusual for the nurse manager or the DON to let you know how much you are appreciated when you are walking out the door at the end of your shift. Even the over niters had fresh food and treats when they came in for their shift. It was a fun week.
  6. by   manna
    Do Nurses Week/Day and Secretaries Week/Day coincide with each other?
  7. by   reyna
    yup...and for all our good work we got...a small cooler bag...geee, thanks.
  8. by   veteranRN
    My sister sent me a happy nurse's day card (she's also a nurse). Like many of you we have hospital week which is OK but I wish my boss would recognize nursing day
  9. by   dkbhu49
    You're not going to believe this but it's the truth! The hospital where I am working offered ice cream bars on one of the days when I and one other nurse were working but wouldn't give me one because I was a traveller!!! Talk about feeling unappreciated..I wasn't worth a $1 ice cream bar!!(14hr day and I hadn't even had lunch!!!) (My co. sent me a lunch bag...I added it to my collection! ) So very sad!!
  10. by   PedsNurse1981
    Quote from OCCHCanada
    Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day.
    Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?
    Hah! Here's what my employer gave us:

    a keychain
    a bumper sticker
    $4.00 worth of vouchers to fast food joint

    We all feel so appreciated here.

    Oh, and to top that off, the travel nurses here didn't even get that.
  11. by   cindyrn1
    Having been a nurse for almost 17 years, this year was probably the most memorable. I just started the job of my dreams so I never even mentioned that it was nurses day. I had been there for almost a month, made several new friends and just thought that I would go through this year, like all the others, not receiving anything for being a nurse. My secretary called me to her office and told me that I had to go up front (which is where administration is) and I thought I was in trouble! She led on that I was. I got up there and the officers that work there tried to tell me that I had done something against prison policy. They couldn't keep a straight face and then told me that I had flowers. The plant had a baby girl dressed up like a nurse set in the middle of the most gorgeous arrangment. It was from my group of co-workers who had never even said a word to me about that day. I was so touched. They all remembered, they just made it a surprise. It made my day not only for Nurses' Day but for being new and being accepted by my co-workers. I had no doubt in my mind after this wonderful gesture that who I was working for would be where I would work for a very long time. I have a super job, and work with super people. I have found a job that makes nursing a much better career for me now.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from teeituptom
    everyone got a nice little umbrella for nurses day this year
    with the corporate logo on it

    how tacky
    hey mebee you can use it as a parasol on particularly hot,sunny golfing dates! bwwwahahahaha
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    hahaha. We had a combined "celebration" with Nursing Home week. It was a buffet lunch and a pen. And the higher ups kept making sure everyone had gotten their pen. So kind.