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  1. LPN_mn

    Direct care staff incentive bonus

    I work in LTC and the CNA's get a bonus if they are on time for work, if they cover their shift when they are not going to be there, and something else but I can't remember. The nurses do not get this bonus every month just the CNA's.
  2. LPN_mn

    Is it illegal to initial when.....

    There are some treatments that the CNA's do. I always check and make sure that they are done before I initial the tx sheet. I would not initial if I could not check to make sure it was done. CNA's where I work mostly just do the nystatin powder, and some creams. I make it a habit of popping into the room when they are doing cares and see that it is done. That also gives me chance to see if the tx is working or if the tx needs to be changed.
  3. LPN_mn

    How to help my CNAs

    All of our residents have cork boards in their rooms above the bed. Recently we put little cards up on their boards. We drew stick people or put a P for Pal, H for Hoyer. Now when I go into a room I know if I can help that person or if I need to go get help. My CNA's know that I will help whenever I am available and they have no problem asking me to help with a lift. If I have the time and not on my way to do something important I will stop and help. When you have a few extra minutes and you see an aid going into a room ask them if you can go with them and help. They will appreciate the extra hands and after a while they will see that you really want to be a helping hand and they will appriciate the help that you can give.
  4. LPN_mn

    Unreasonable female 30 something p'ts

    I once had one of my family members in the hospital and they started acting like a spoiled brat. When the poor nurse left the room I had a not so nice talk with them. They were only in the hospital a couple of days and probably could have managed at home but just wanted someone to wait on them. Once their nurse mother got ahold of them they were more than happy to behave.
  5. LPN_mn

    How do I walk back into a room

    First off I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I went through a situation a couple of years ago. I was in a car accident. The other driver was about the age of my oldest daughter. He was high on meth ran a stop sign doing 60 miles an hour and I hit him on the drivers side. He took out a power pole. When I got out of my car I got to the guy and realized he was not going to live. I was so devasted that as a nurse I could not do anything to save this kid. It took 6 months of counseling before I could go back to work. It was so devastating because as a nurse I kept feeling there should have been something I could have done to save this kid. I learned alot about myself and about why I felt the way I did. I am in no way comparing the horrible loss that you have experinced to mine. But just letting you know that with counseling and a good support system you will return to nursing with a whole new perspective. May you feel the warmth of Gods love at this time.
  6. LPN_mn

    What is this Press-Ganey business?

    It is not only hospitals using PG. The clinics are using them also and creating alot of problems for the staff. They even use them for staff satisfaction surveys. That is a real joke. The problem is like someone else said they are not worded properly enough to get real honest feedback.
  7. Please disregard the previous post. Thanks for the correction.
  8. athanks for the correction
  9. Can u say HIPPA violation. I am not sure what ur job is but if u didn't have direct care for this patient u my be setting yourself up for a big problem. If u did not have a medical need for accessing the patient records that is a HIPPA violation. Since u are not a nurse I am betting that u did not have any need to access information on this patient.
  10. LPN_mn

    Would this work? If so, why hasn't it been done?

    I work in an urgent care that is connected to our hospital. We see upwards to 120 people per day we are open 8am-8pm. The sad thing is that most of the cases we see are things that could wait until the next day for the PCP. We also get people who come in wanting a physical (sports, yearly, etc.) they are not seen in our UC due to the time that it takes to see these pt. It is not like they just found out today they need a sports physical and I am sorry but that is not what UC and Stat clinics were designed for. We help them make an appt. Urgent Care and Stat Care is being used like convenient care. I understand how frustrated the ER nurses are when they get chronic problems coming in that should be seen by their PCP. We do not get the chart and we do not know the patient like their PCP but they will come to us even when the PCP has openings. When we were kids and even when my kids were little we did not run to the doctor all the time. We gave our kids tylenol for a fever. People will come into the UC and tell the provider exactly what they want for meds be it antibiotic, pain med, etc. then they get mad because they may not get an antibiotic. We also have people who will come in 2 or 3 days in a row knowing that we do not have the same providers every day and if one didn't give them what they wanted then maybe the next one will. Some of the things that people come in for are just plain stupid stuff i.e. I woke up an hour ago and have a fever. No I did not take anything for it. I need such and such drug because the fever is not going away. To that we just think "You can't fix stupid"
  11. LPN_mn

    My son needs help. The system isn't working!

    You sure do need some help. Please PM me. I went through the same thing with one of my sons and found a great program that does not cost an arm and a leg and is a great program.
  12. LPN_mn

    What should i do? a question of ethics

    I do not agree that this is none of your business. Whether it is your MIL, your neighbor, and another client. What this care giver is doing is against the law in many states and yes you are required to report elder abuse in many states. It is similar to child abuse. Would you say that just because it is not your child being abused or mistreated that it is not your business or concern. That is ridiculous. Elder abuse is a crime and needs to be reported and that can be done anonymously to the ombudsman or department of human services in your area. If this person started out being a care giver it doesn't matter if she gave up you position with the person she is still responsible for her actions of abuse and neglect. She may not be physically harming the patient but she is certainly abusing her position and the trust that the family put in her as a care giver and trusted employee. This definately needs to be reported and immediately. You should be able to report anonymously and by the way in some states you can be held accountable if you knew of this type of abuse and neglect going on and you did not report it.
  13. LPN_mn

    "sister" = registered nurse

    TriageRN_34 We have a few actual "Sisters" that are RN's...but that is a title of Religion as a Nun and nurse. You refer to them as "sister _____" commonly or "nurse sister _____". But yeah...we call LPN's LPN's and Nurses Nurses. I am not sure about where you are in Oregon but the last time I checked LPN's are nurses and RN's are nurses. So maybe it is only where you are that they are refered to that way but here in MN we are all nurses.
  14. LPN_mn

    Admin Tyl and Vicodin w/ in 4 hr

    If I were you I would question the doctors order. I have taken vicodin and was instructed by the physician that NO acetaminopen could be taken as long as I was taking the vicodin (and I am much younger than your pt.) I was told that I could take ibuprofen with the vicodin every 4 hours. Example vicodin then wait 2 hours and have ibuprofen then wait 2 hours and have vicodin. If your pt. is taking vicodin 2 q 4 hrs. then she is getting her daily max of acetaminophen. Also ibuprofen is a NSAID and may do more for her pain than acetaminophen.
  15. LPN_mn

    Would becoming bilingual be useful in nursing?

    Some places even pay more if you speak a second language.
  16. LPN_mn

    Anybody buy their own private insurance?

    I am an LPN and I carry my own liability insurance. I have only had to use it once but it paid for itself with that one time use. The only time I was sued by someone the Attorney General office represented me. But when I had to go to the board of nursing the AG office could not represent me so I turned to my liability carrier and they represented me before the board. It is a very prudent thing for nurses to carry their own insurance. The hospitals, LTC facilities, and other medical facilities are not going to be looking out for you when they are the ones being out all the money. When it comes down to it they are going to cover their own butts.