Does your employer recognize "Nurse's Day"?

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Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day.

Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?


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yep----we have had goodies to eat every day this week, special gift bags, and a few CE oppertunities every other day............happy nurses day/week to all!!!!!!!

prmenrs, RN

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I got a free massage!!! and a piece of cake, punch and a tote bag. I'm happy.

Katnip, RN

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We have things all nurse's day, lunch one day, brunch another, flowers, dinner one evening, a fashion show, and wandering massagers are coming monday.

nialloh, RN

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It's nurses day??? :rolleyes:

After 3 years of hinting around, they "got" it. Had lunch and received a beautiful boquet.

ktwlpn, LPN

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I came home sick yesterday and was scheduled off today-I don't know what they had planned nor do I really care..Try treating me like I have good sense the rest of the year and then maybe I'll appreciate the cookies and coffee on nurse's day....I will be teaming up with the charge nurse on my sister unit next week and bringing in a nice lunch for the cna's....and I tell them frequently how much I appreciate and value them...

nurseygrrl, LPN

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Nope...they don't recognize us on Nurse's Day, or any other day for that matter. Didn't get a dang thing. Not even a Happy Nurse's Day over the intercom. I can't stand the administration at my place. I can't wait to move south next year!

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Of course they do! We got a very nice tote bag, getting free pizza tonight, free brownies tomorrow, and other assorted things.

I get a little frustrated with the "is this all there is" kind of folks. We yes, there's a tote bag, food, a paycheck, vacation time, insurance, that kind of stuff. LOL

We also have a "Nurse of The Year" and clinical excellence awards that recognize good nurses which is nice (I won one in 1996 :)).


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Yes, they had a lot of things scheduled like guest speakers and free meals. No money though.


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I'm with you 3rdShiftGuy!

The Nursing Leadership has planned something nice for us each day this week. Nursing Leadership brought around for each nurse (day and night shift) cookies and cokes on Monday, got nice tote bags and hamburger cook out Tuesday, pen lights and red hots (Our Nurses Are Red Hot) Wednesday, had waffle breakfast 6-8 am and chair massages at noon today, chip and dip party tomorrow.

Lots of recognition for nurses all year long with great incentives including nurse of the quarter and nurse of the year, but I get so aggrevated at those with the "is that all" attitude.

I love where I work and feel appreciated each day!


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we have an almost "nurses week"--heros and salads for each shift on on day--ceremony with awards for np,rn,lpn,na "of the year",multiple drawings for donated prizes every -- we all got insulated lunch bags with a chocolate bar in it with a "happy nurses day" label placed on it and on fri our 50/50 drawing --now up to $2500.00 !!!!!!!!! today we had our own party on the unit--all brought in food,one nurse gave us all corsages and we had all ordered the same scrub top so we all looked the same !!!!!!!patients were going crazy but we looked great.But we did have some sadness--last year one of our best-loved rns died after a truly stupid accidental fall at her home--and nurses week was postponed for months--they had a memorial massfor her but every year around this time of nurses week ,she will always be remembered and missed.

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