does this ever make you feel frazzeled?

  1. Are you ever hounded on your days off by phone calls asking you to come in to the point where you feel as if you are just as aggitated and frazzeled as if you had worked? I think it can add to the stress of the whole nursing shortage. I felt guilty when I finally responded by disconecting the phone but no one is going to save my sanity but me.
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  3. by   JennieBSN
    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!!! I can totally relate to that. My days off used to be plagued by phone calls constantly begging me to come in. I did the turn off the ringer thing, turn off the phone thing, and finally did the QUIT THE JOB THING. I feel it absolutely increased job stress. On your days off, you just want to FORGET ABOUT WORK. How can you, when they constantly call? If you're not in position to leave, I suggest getting caller ID...screen your calls that way.
  4. by   NicuGal
    yup..and I have caller ID...or leave the machine on! Don't feel we always say..what does that place truly care about..not you! Enjoy your days off!
  5. by   Mito
    I use a pager and only give work my pager#, that way if I dont want to work I turn the pager off.

  6. by   mustangsheba
    I screen my calls, and I tell my employer that is what I do. Most of the time they catch on pretty fast. Sometimes I don't answer the phone at all on my days off, no matter who it is. These are your days and you need them. If we need to assign guilt, how about to the person who is doing the calling?
  7. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I agree with the previous posters. Keep in mind, that it was not all that long ago that many of us were told that we were a dime a dozen. Well, if that's so, let them struggle to find help. I know, it's hard to think about the patients who could benefit from your help. But, I'm assuming you're not responsible for the staffing crisis.
  8. by   Genista
    I used to feel guilty for "screening my calls" on days off, but not anymore. The straw that broke the camel's back was recently when I got a call at 1 am on a work night (I work day shift) to see if I could "come in early at 3 am?" Arrgh!! Those rude people. My shift normally starts at 7am! They also have called at 4 am to see if I can come in at 5 am! So, now I not only screen my calls, but I *also* unplug the phone each night when I go to bed.If they want me to come in early, they better ask before 9pm, or it's too late. Enjoy your days off! You deserve them.
  9. by   nurseinanutshell
    Disconnect this phone, screen your calls, whatever you want, but don't allow yourself to feel guilty--no one should be a martyr for their job!
  10. by   Q.
    YES!! I was just complaining to my husband - I work at TWO hospitals so if it's not one calling it's the other. Sure I can say no, but it's just the phone call that bugs me! Last night I worked a 12, came home and there was a message from the other facility asking if I could work PMs.
    Sometimes I could just throw up.
  11. by   hollykate
    I just say No. I find if I screen the call and don't answer, it comes again and again, until I answer and say no. I don't feel guilty or even funny about it anymore- of course, on occasion, I do say yes, as well. I know the supervisors don't enjoy those calls either, takes time away from their paperwork.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    My hospital calls me just about everyday to see if I want to come in early like at 11 am when my regular shift starts at 3pm or if I want to work on my day off. I usually say no but they have to run the call list just the same.

  13. by   canoehead
    Speaking as a supervisor I hate making the calls, and am just as happy hearing from a machine or a no if the nurse involved has just worked a stretch of time and really would not be able to help out and still maintain health or a family life. However we have to be able to say that we tried EVERYONE.
  14. by   puzzler
    I am one of those who are making those calls. When I first came to this position it used to irritate me when no one would call me back to at least let me know that their answer was "no". I still would rather hear a "no" than not get a reply, but I have learned to live with it.

    But I have had to call and beg so much recently that I think I need knee pads (LOL).

    Should you feel guilty for saying no? Absolutely not!! Only you know how you feel. Everyone needs time off to regroup. The patients do not benefit from tired nurses or tired anyone (CNA, dietary, lab, resp care, all those we need to care for the patients).

    But I just have to tell you this. I recently took 2 days off (scheduled) for eye surgery. I got home about 4PM and immediately went to sleep (did not check the answering machine). Woke up at 1AM and noticed the machine blinking. What was on it??? My co-worker (Supervisor) wanting to know if I could work the Labor Room 11P to 7A. Just had to laugh!!!! Did she forget?? No--she said she was just hoping I would be up to it and she needed staff for L&D. LOL, LOL. Did I go in to work the next day? Nope. Did I feel guilty? Nope!

    We all have personal needs including the need for a little space some times. I used to work all the time, no longer. I am much healthier and happier this way too. I am not saying I do not pitch in when emergencies arise, I do. But scheduled lack of staffing is not an emergency in my book.

    Good luck and keep healthy and happy.


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