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I know we sometimes feel like we need one at work, but I am talking about when you are in your (or someone else's) car? I was astounded years ago when I worked Trauma to discover that the Director... Read More

  1. by   prn nurse
    I never wear a seat belt. I loop it onto the handle, makes it look like it is on....tightens the belt. Surely I am not the only one? And, yes, I have done some time in E.R....Just don't like them...
  2. by   dianah
    ALWAYS wear one, kids do too. Now, can someone explain to me why school busses do not have them????? DO NOT understand that one . . .
  3. by   ERNurse752
    Always, always, always wear my bf didn't always wear his (til he met me!) hehe

    One of my friend's fathers died in a car crash...driver airbag, passenger airbag, and sidewall airbags all deployed...but...unrestrained driver.

    Motorcycle riders without helmets = organ donors
  4. by   kaycee
    Always and my car doesn't move until everyone's buckled up!!!
  5. by   disher
    The car doesn't go if anyone child or adult is unrestrained. (I'd even restrain a dog if I had one).
    Lack of seatbelts in school buses is very scary!! hmm ...think I will write to the ministry of transportation and let them know I think they should be mandatory.
  6. by   kids
    Without fail, driver or passenger.
    Taught my kids that the car doesn't even get started until everyone has buckled. Now they buckle without thinking. 21 yo girl child won't let passengers ride without (17 & 18 yos don't drive). None of them will ride in a friends car without a seatbelt.

    Remember when carseats were nothing more than a seat to contain a child in a car and were not about safety? Anybody remember baby car beds?

    I never gave any thought to seatbelts until 1983. I was driving down Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale FL, in a 70-something Opal Cadet, bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, 4 lanes, 40 mph...guy in front of me locked 'em up and cut to the right, leaving me to slam into the back of a stopped car. I was thrown through my windshield, fracturing my skull, 7 ribs and an open right tib/fib, I landed on the trunk of the other car, I slid off between the 2 cars and had my pelvis crushed when another car hit the back of mine. I spent 10 weeks in Broward General, 4 of it in ICU.
  7. by   CathyCatheter
    I always buckle my seat belt. And that is the one rule for any vehicle that I drive: buckle up. I am currently working direct care in residential settings for a brain injury rehab program. it is so scary to see a number of clients who where unrestrained in the accidents that lead to their brain injuries. I have a couple of clients who still argue about buckling up. One in particular says "a seat belt isn't going to stop you from dying, God's gonna take you when he's gonna take you. a selt belt ain't going to change that." I always wish that I could say "well, if you were wearing a seat belt when you had your accident, you may not even be here with a brain injury."
  8. by   nrw350
    Amazing the diversity here with all the medical people. I too have noticed that I religiously buckle while driving, but not while riding.

    Right now I am too drugged up to think much more. My visit to the oral surgeon today went well overall.

  9. by   fergus51
    ALWAYS!!!! Did I mention my Dad was a cop? We never got out of the driveway without being buckled in and I have kept the habit. I can't understand why people don't wear them. They would have to be nuts.
  10. by   Reabock
    ALWAYS on! I tease that I wear one to move the car in the driveway And my car does not move until belts are buckled!!
  11. by   nursezilla
    My littlest child (3 years old) starts saying "mommy get hooked up" over and over until I get it done. Sometimes she starts saying this the second after I ger her buckled. She is my reminder!

  12. by   gypsigirl
    Always, always. always
    Two nights ago a boy down the road from us was driving on a road he's been on hundreds of times...lost control....over corrected....threw him out and rolled on him...his funerel was today. I know his mom well. He was 21. His younger brother has Downs and has only a few months to live, already has hospice care. It is such a tragedy, and one that could have been avoided.
  13. by   whipping girl in 07
    I was in a very bad accident a little over a month ago where I ran off the road and rolled my truck (fell asleep after working all night, staying up all day the day before, and trying to stay up the next). If I had not been wearing my seatbelt, I would have been seriously injured or probably killed. My pregnant bulldog was with me, and she was wearing her seatbelt too. She was OK, too, and she had her puppies a few days ago. I had been nagging my husband before the accident to wear his seatbelt, and he has been every since my accident. I think it scared him as much as it did me.