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  1. disher

    paralyzing epidural

    The risk of paralysis is approximately 1in 150,000, see link below http://www.reddinganesthesia.com/spinal.htm#What%20are%20the%20risks%20of%20spinal%20and%20epidural%20anesthesia? Have looked after patients who were paralyzed from epidurals. I believe the theory behind the paralysis in the patients I saw was; the epidural caused the b/p to drop really low, which lead to an inadequate blood supply to the spinal cord, caused spinal cord ischemia and permanent parlysis.
  2. disher

    Uti In Infants Question

    It does not seem fishy to me, because it is possible for pseudomonas aeruginosa to end up in a bladder after accidental catheter contamination. If the urethral opening is not disinfected prior to insertion of the catheter, then bacteria on the perineum can be transferred into the bladder. Once in the bladder, the bacteria starts reproducing and can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks develop into a symptomatic UTI. The doc's connection of the infant's pseudomonas UTI, to the catheterization, makes sense when you consider it from an epidemological perspective. The pseudomonas is the agent, the infant's bladder is the host and the catheter is the vehicle of transmission, once transmitted the bacteria thrives in it's new host until it is treated with antibiotics. Hope this makes sense and hope that the infant is feeling better.
  3. disher

    This place is not very active

    Your welcome and yes I am a urology nurse. Sorry that you have interstitial cystitis, hope your symptoms are under control. You may be interested to know that you are not the first nurse whose personal IC experience led to a career in urologic nursing. An article written by a nurse with IC describes how her experience influenced her decision to become a urology procedures nurse, it is published in in the April edition of Urologic Nursing journal. Altieri, M.E. (2003) Me and my bladder, my bladder and me. Urologic Nursing. 23, 2.
  4. disher

    This place is not very active

    Urology nurses who work in urology clinics can be trained to conduct or assist with a variety of urology procedures such as urodynamics, renal ultrasounds, cystoscopy, electro-ejaculation or vibrostimulation. Urodynamic testing is used to assess voiding dysfunction. It is a computer-based diagnostic test, that assesses how much your bladder will hold, how well you empty your bladder and what your bladder pressure is. Cystoscopy is used to assess urinary tract inflammations and diseases such as benign prostatic hypertrophy and genitourinary cancers. The urologist does cysto and the nurse assist in some clinics the nurse is responsible for sterilizing the cystoscope. Electro-ejaculation (EE)and viborstimulation are procedures used to retrieve semen from males with sexual dysfunction (usually related to a spinal cord injury). The urologist does the EE and the nurse assists. In vibrostimulation the nurse does procedure and teaches the patient and wife how to do it. Aside from diagnostic testing some urology nurses are continence advisors, and help patients select the most appropriate continence products.
  5. disher

    Common practice or just plain bad medicine?

    What motivated you call? Were you trying to get an appointment or a prescription? Sometimes patients want to try repeating an antibiotic when they have symptoms of a recurrent infection. They try the antibiotic first and if it isn't effective, they book an appointment for further assesment. It saves them sitting in a walk-in clinic waitng to get the diagnosis and treatment that is similar to what they would have got by phone.
  6. disher

    Any good references?

    Good luck in your new job. If you are interested in reading CE articles in obstetrics on the web, you can check out the two sites below http://www.nursingcenter.com/home/index.asp (To locate click on: CE connection, browse by clinical topics, obstetrics) http://www.awhonn.org/
  7. disher

    Nursing literature websites

    Gwenith I think it's a great idea to list the websites. I usually just read the CE articles in both rnweb.com and nursingcenter.com because they are FREE. The journal articles are listed in these sites but you usually have to pay a few dollars to have it sent to you via e-mail. Disher
  8. disher

    Nursing literature websites

    I frequently log into a library and use Proquest Nursing or CINAHL to search for fulltext articles. If I cannot find what i am looking for then I use one of these sites. http://www.nursingworld.org/ojin/ http://www.nursingcenter.com/home/index.asp http://www.rnweb.com/be_core/r/index.jsp
  9. disher

    Spinal Cord Injury

    Jaded I have sent you a PM Disher
  10. disher

    Any suggestions on a good resignation letter

    For suggestions on writing a resignation letter see How to Resign With Style by Donna Cardillo, http://www.dcardillo.com/articles.html Keep your chin up, and start sending your resume out, the sooner you get into a healthier work environment the better.
  11. Thanks for the article Karen, FYI the University of Alabama is recruiting research candidates to participate in a study to evaluate three bladder irrigation solutions to determine which is most effective in reducing UTIs. http://www.spinalcord.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=41762&site=1021&return=2177
  12. disher

    Sink or Swim @ doc's office..

    I am a bit uncomfortable with the doctor asking this of you, if he considers you a potential team member than he should organize a schedule so that he can give you advance warning of when the one week trial will occur. Otherwise he is just thinking of himself and this is a red flag as to how he will treat you in the future. However if you are still keen on the one week trial period, you could ask a colleague if she is willing to cover your shifts while you take a week to attend to a personal matter. That way it won't be difficult for your current employer to give you a week's vacation on short notice.
  13. disher


    If you are looking for an ethical explanation/argument in favour of giving narcotic, then you may want to look at the principle of double effect in Beauchamp and Childress Principles of Bioethics. 4th ed. Also there was an excellent post on this topic by a poster in nursenet listserv, PM if you cannot locate it.
  14. disher

    Young, but New RN Grad with Disability

    I vote for trying clinical research or a doctor's office. Either will give you a different experience from what you already know and if you don't like it you can always go into case management later.:)
  15. disher


    Is anyone taking, or finished the nursing research course through Athabasca?
  16. disher

    Nursing Changes Since the 80s?

    Positive changes that have occurred are: -greater diversity in the workplace and a greater acceptance of peoples differences -increased diagnositic technology and improved ability to detect problems while they are still manageable - nursing has become more research based (less anecdotal) and this has improved our professional image and our effectiveness on interdisciplinary teams