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Hello, fellow nurses! The other day, I was discussing "ER" with a fellow group of nurses,and most said that they do not watch any medical shows. Most stated that they get enough of it at work. And... Read More

  1. by   hpyrn
    i hate sponge bob what a dork!!!!
  2. by   catlady
    I never watch anything associated with medicine or nursing. I don't consider being reminded about work "entertainment."

    I did watch St. Elsewhere when I was a nursing student a million years ago, but I was distressed by the image of nurses they presented.
  3. by   -jt
    Loved St Elsewhere & will watch Scrubs just this week because St Elsewhere will be in it.

    The only show I watch is Third Watch.

    HAD to watch ER last week because it started this weeks Third Watch story. NBC combined both shows for a storyline about Dr Lewis coming to NYC to find her drug addicted sister & it concluded on Third Watch last night. I thought that was brilliant.

    Next week Third Watch will be about the recovery efforts at the WTC and it involves Hill St Blues cast.

    I cant wait till next Monday.
  4. by   thisnurse
    Oh i will be watching scrubs tonight for sure.

    It's funny, I don't remember St Elsewhere portraying nurses in a bad light. If you think about it, they portrayed nearly everyone that way, except maybe Luther or Dr Auchlander.

    They were right on with the surgeons tho...
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    I am another "medical show junkie" LOL, as I am also a glutton for punishment. EMERGENCY was the coolest. . . I had the biggest crushes on Gage & the guy on Trapper John, who lived in the trailer in the hospital parking lot. I wanted to be "just like Dixie McCall" when I was a little kid.
    I love watching TLC shows, & I especially love "Emergency Vets."
    I do find myself critiquing all the shows. My hubby usually has to "remind" me that I am at home watching TV.
  6. by   Y2KRN
    Love ER and Scrubs!!!! Try never to miss them. Got my husband into Scrubs he won't watch ER though!!

  7. by   Teshiee
    I watch the discovery channel med shows. They are rather informative. Especially Maternity ward and Nicu. It is nice to see what parts of this country is doing. As for the Hollywood drama sometimes, I don't get to excited about it because it is not reality in the sense we do not wear white dresses and kiss doctors asses! What time do we really have to bring our personal problems to work?
    i like "emergency vets" too!!! i forgot about that show...damn, i do watch too much tv...haaahaaahaaa.
  9. by   Huganurse
    OK, I'll admit it, I like the old shows: Marcus Welby MD, Medical Center, and MASH. My hubby doesn't like ER, Chicago Hope, or Scrubs but I sneak them in once in a while anyway. I too yell at the TV, especially when they don't give the right med or omit to give it all together when you know that med would perhaps save the patients life. I have always been offended when a nurse is portraid as a bimbo or ditz. Over the years it has not gotten much better but at least the producers are trying to get it right! I remember the first time I saw open heart on TV, Wow, I was totally amazed! I watch TLC but only when I am in a learning mode, otherwise, I don't find it entertaining b/c it's too much like work!
  10. by   Huganurse
    Hey Ted, it's Power Puff Girls, as my 4 yr old advised me. What's not to like? Three little girls kickin butt, protecting thier city, and getting rid of all the evil monsters of the universe. Cool! My fav is still Rugrats though! Toon town rules!
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  11. by   RNFROG3
    In the er where i work we all are glued to the ER show if and its rare we are quiet ( hate that word) enough to catch it.
  12. by   nograd
    I aboslutely LOVE ER! I am cable-less right now so I miss all the TLC show, watched or taped them all. Direct TV will be set up soon and I can't wait to get a peak at the Discovery Health Channel.

    By the way does any one remember another show called ER from the eighties? It was a comedy with Elliot Gould and I believe George Clooney (YUM!:wink2: )? OR am I just dreaming?????

    Gotta Plow,
    Srubs is on!!!!
  13. by   thisnurse
    i remember that er show. it didnt last too long ..i liked it.. wasnt much of an er tho was it? more like a little clinic , and oh yes george was on that one.

    i watched scrubs tonight and was sooooo disappointed. cant say i really liked it all that much and i couldnt get over the four members of st elsewhere. first of all luther was a PA, not a doc and didnt elliot DIE? i do believe so. plus...i am SURE 4 docs...SURGEONS yet would all be in the same room like that. especially dr craig.

    who didnt have a crush on gage from emergency? lol

    at first i HATED trapper john MD. when i started watching it in reruns i liked it much better.

    anyone remember medical center?
    oh was i hooked on that one.