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  1. by   leslie :-D
    i have, time permitting.
    this was working at an inpt hospice facility.
    i pretty much gave my pts whatever they wanted.

  2. by   jrbl77
    we are going smoke free in sept, i don't smoke so i don't see this as a problem. however we do have alot of pts that go out to smoke, where do you draw the line? what about family members in crisis situations that do smoke- i know i would need to continue my bad habits such as chocolate if i had a family member in critical condition. will see how it goes.
  3. by   jmgrn65
    We have a designated smoking facility for smoker patient and families, employees are not to smoke on the campus it is grounds for termination and it has always been like that (as long as I have been there).
    I am on a tele unit so none of our patients are supposed to go smoke. But I don't think I have ever seen staff escort any patient out to smoke, I guess if they are well enough to smoke then they are well enough to get themselves to the smoking hut.
  4. by   GooeyRN
    The last place I worked does allow pts to go out and smoke, but only with a staff or family member. I do not smoke (I am a former smoker) so I do not go outside with them. But it is always easy to find a smoking nurse or cna, or even the maintenance man to go out with them. Usually the smoking staff are happy to get an extra smoke break. But sometimes they get annoyed, since pts want to go with them everytime they go, and then they don't get any undisturbed time.
  5. by   StudyingRN
    Yes, I do. I am a tech, I am not a smoker and am dead set against it.....but I also try to keep my patients happy and comfy and for some that unfortunately means keeping them pumped full of nicotine. I do make them wait until I am able to leave the floor without it affecting another patients and as most of you know that doesn't happen very often. I have told patients straight up, "I can't go till I finish taking vitals and that is going to take a couple of hours counting charting and answering call lights in between patients". They seem to understand and usually wait patiently as long as I communicate that ahead of time.

    I must tell you that as much as I hate it....the extra effort on my part is always appreciated and it usually makes for a happy and content patient, Lord knows we need more of those!
  6. by   RNsRWe
    Thankfully, this is a non-issue for me: hospital I'm starting in has no-smoking policy for everyone--patients, visitors, staff. NO smoking anywhere on their premises, period.

    The subject came up during last semester of school, as there are other hospitals in the area that are not smoke-free. If I did work in one of those facilities, I personally would NOT be taking them out for a smoke. I'd be darned sure I'd be far too busy no matter WHEN they wanted to go. I am extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke, and there's no way I'd stand there while they were doing it. Not a moral viewpoint, just my own physical one! If there was another staff member who didn't mind (maybe a smoking staff member?) then that's up to them.

    I can tell you, though, that ONE of my considerations with the hospital I'm going into is that they ARE smoke-free. Everyone knows when they walk (or crawl or are wheeled) through those doors what the rules are. Don't like it? You can leave and check in somewhere else!
  7. by   VirtualMe
    I live near a hospital, and I frequently see people outside smoking. I don't know what that hospital's rules are about where they can smoke, but it must be something like "so many feet from the entrance" or "this many feet from the edge of the building," because a great many of them move about half a block down the street and smoke... in front of an elementary school.
  8. by   jenmedsurgRN
    no, i won't. i'm a non-smoker and don't wanna inhale secondhand smoke. Though, usually one of the aides or other nurses that smoke will take the patient.
  9. by   RGN1
    Our hospital is a smoke free hospital. If patients want to smoke they have to go off grounds & sign a form stating that they are going out against medical advice & that they accept any consequences of their actions. Even with this form signed they are not allowed to go unless they are dressed in suitable outdoor clothes & are not attached to drips etc. We do not accompany them, it's their responsibility.
  10. by   Dabuggy
    At a nursing home I had clinicals in the pt's were allowed to go out for a smoke. At one hospital we had to chart when a pt went outside to smoke against medical advice. RGN1's hospital sounds like they are one step ahead of us.
    The MD's thinking is to protect those with asthma against hypersensitivity to even the smell of tar, nicotine, smoke, etc.

  11. by   twinmommy+2
    Our hospital has a smoking area that is not a normal entrance/exit for the hospital. Therefore nonsmokers really don't get hit with it unless someone is smoking where they arn't supposed to.

    I have taken patients to smoke. One reciently was assualted and was very unnerved by the whole event. The Dr. told her adamatly no, under no circomstances will she smoke. But the woman had been through so much and was so uneasy that I gave in and she had someone with her at all times.
  12. by   steelydanfan
    I am a smoker, don't smoke once I get to the hospital until after I have left (I consider it a welcome break from the smoking stimuli)!
    I once had a pt. who had JUST had cataract surgery, was wheeled out by me to the parking lot to await her ride, and PROMPTLY lit up. I said to her, "Now is not a good time to smoke, your driver will be here any moment, and you KNOW that smoking will not help your eye to heal".
    She turned around in her chair, looked me straight in the eye, and said " I don't give a s___"!
    And promptly called the Manager the following day to report me for "being mean".
    Well, I guess she had not much stake in HER outcome, after all, Medicare was paying for her operation!
    Seriously, our patients can be as uncomprehending as rocks, but we still have to TRY.
  13. by   sarahlh
    No we don't and let me tell you there have been some pretty upset patients/families.

    Our hospital is smokefree although people go out and smoke in front of the hospital because they say the sidewalk is part of the city and not the hospital. I think it is a nasty habit.

    I don't want to smell like smoke when I walk into the building because they are all gathered around the entrance.