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How To Save A Person From Stroke Using Only A Needle? - Healthy Food Choices I just, I'm at a loss.... Read More

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    and CHARCOAL - STAT!
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    Quote from pixierose
    Any article that combines the statement "this method of bloodshed ..." with such an obscene amount of exclamation points just ... well ...


    I can't get over "bloodshed."

    EMS would be so confused when they get there. A scene reminiscent of "Carrie" along with facial droopiness and slurring.

    I don't know how to do the emojis on here
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    Davey????? You are going to get slapped!!
    Yep, virtual knock on the noggen for you, Davey! (It might have the added benefit of preventing a stroke!)
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    My favorite part is when you pierce the victims ears.
    Id love to have earrings again. I mean I wont be able to use my hand to eat, or wipe my butt, and Id drool from half ny mouth, but if I can get someone to put the earrings in, I'd at least look pretty.
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    Yep, as a cousin of mine says, "You! Outta the gene pool!".
    Except its not the victim of the stroke who is the idiot, its the one doing the needle poking.
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    The sad part is some people will believe this and not call 911 immediately.
    ...natural selection? Though, sadly, usually that isn't supposed to involve a 3rd party.
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    It says it is traditional Chinese medicine?
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    Apparently, this has been circulating the internet for more than a decade:

    Dangerous Hoax - 'A Needle Can Save The Life of a Stroke Victim' - Hoax-Slayer
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    This would be funny, except that it's so damn dangerous. People need to stop attending the University of Facebook and Google, inc, and get the real scoop from actual, oh I dunno, doctors?
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    Quote from Davey Do
    You literally made me laugh out loud, thx I needed that!!
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    Quote from Orion81RN
    Except its not the victim of the stroke who is the idiot, its the one doing the needle poking.
    Oh believe me, that's what I meant when I said that.