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Nurses like police are supposed to remain calm and professional at all times. What someone sees is a matter of perspective. We can close the curtain, so that 6 person team to give a combative... Read More

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    Patient dignity and privacy should be protected at all times! I have had and have had family exposed that was totally unnecessary in medical procedures all because someone did not take the time to make the door stayed closed, the curtain was pulled or the patient covered with a sheet before leaving a room or being transported. Unless a life is truly saved there is no reason for a patient to be put on exhibit.

    The same a medical personnel need to be protected.

    Once again this forum is for Nurses and nursing Students. We are professionals who come together to vent and laugh and seek advice among those who DO UNDERSTAND. So please *try to understand* and refrain from posting on a nursing site.
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    I find your cop apologist attitude reprehensible.
    I find your attitude and disrespect for a fellow nurse reprehensible.
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