Disappointed in Pinning "Ceremony"

  1. Attended Univ's. Nothing special about it. Graduates wore street clothes and their parents or sig. other put their pins on them. Where in heaven did that idea come from? Had slide show of grads. pictures. At least they had on a white blouse and lab coat in the pics, but most had the long hair hanging down. Looked more like Glamour Shots. Profs. spoke and bragged on themselves about how smart they are and read some silly poems. The last pinning ceremony I went to was beautiful. The graduates wore pretty white dress uniforms, came in with lit candles, recited the N. pledge, and their instructors pinned them. It was very moving to witness that ceremony.
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    When I was pinned 6 years ago, our class voted on whether or not we would wear our uniforms, dress clothes or lab coats. I voted on dress clothes and so did the majority of the class so I bought a brand new dress and shoes. We had our pinning ceremony the morning of College wide graduation so who wanted to bother with having to change clothes. I never wore a cap during my 4 years of nursing school so who wanted to wear uniforms? I don't see any problem with graduate nurses wearing nice street clothes for a pinning ceremony. Sorry that you were disappointed
  4. by   P_RN
    Well I never had a pinning ceremony. We were told if we wanted to we could go to the bookstore at the student union building and buy one. We needed no ID just the money. That was 1974. Mine was stolen back in 1977 when the prices of precious metals rose rapidly. It was the same with the caps. If we wanted one we could go down on Main St to the Uniform Store and pick one up.
  5. by   TessRN2B
    I just had my pinning ceremony a week ago and it was pretty nice. We wore our nursing uniforms that we had for clinicals. In the past, the classes had to wear white caps, however, the instructors decided to move up with the times and did not require us to wear them. Our family or SO wore nice street clothes and pinned us. I guess the department thought since our families endured the pain of our nursing school (especially the moms and dads who were virutally single parents while their spouse was in nursing school), they should be the ones to pin us. We carried a white candle as we walked in and was sitted up front. We had a vocalist sing and heard an encouraging speech from the president of the university. We then went onstage and were pinned, recited the nursing pledge, sang the alma mater and was finished. We had a reception afterwards, also. This was all done the night before graduation. I thought it was really nice and was very proud to be among the students that finally completed nursing school. Barb, I'm sorry you had such an awful pinning.....
  6. by   KaroSnowQueen
    We didn't have a pinning either. They had them for us in little jewel cases and handed them to us with our diploma. We had a capping ceremony before we started clinicals, but I was in the hospital and didn't go.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    When I completed LPN school - there was nothing - diploma came in the mail. When I did the ADN part - there was a pinning ceremony and it was nice, but I had no connection to this school - because I was an adult who just did the bridge program. Now I'm in a BSN/MSN with University of Phoenix online and who cares - I just want the MSN behind the RN. In the end, it only matters what kind of nurse you are. Good luck and congrats.
  8. by   Katnip
    We're wearing our graduation gowns for pinning.

    This FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hatparty:
  9. by   shelleybelle
    I graduate July 22 and we're having a formal pinning ceremony. We have to wear all white (we can also choose to wear our clinical uniform). We do the candle thing and a family member pins us. My only dilemma is WHO to pin me? But hey... I'll be MORE than DELIGHTED to make that decision
  10. by   Liddle Noodnik
    I graduated in 1977. I don't really remember the pinning ceremony but it was a Catholic nursing school and EVERY milestone was a big deal! Capping ceremony, pinning ceremony, graduation ceremony ... family invited and all... It was really neat cuz finishing nursing school IS a HUGE deal! Especially, for me, finishing CLINICALs cuz I was such a wreck!

    Congratulations and I for one am VERY proud of you!
  11. by   zudy
    Had a lovely pinning in '86. We wore our caps, white uniforms. My favorite insructor pinned me. A very nice memory.
  12. by   boopchick
    Congratulations cybercat and shelleybelle!!!!

    I prefer the more formal pinning ceremonies...think they are nice. Besides we deserve it!!!!
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  13. by   MishlB
    Old Biddy:

    The pinning ceremony is for the graduates, NOT the public. They decide on their own ceremony, and if you were so disgusted by it, then you could have left. It was THEIR night, NOT YOURS.
  14. by   blue280
    My pinning ceremony was in Dec and we wore professional attire, clothes that you would wear to an interview. The only requirement for the person to pinnn you was that they HAD to be a nurse. It was very, very nice.