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I am so sick of being a nurse at this point I am ready to quit. It seems like every single day for the past month, someone somewhere out there has gone to complain about me. Actually it has only... Read More

  1. by   katfoster
    We have a nursing shortage. Change jobs there is nothing more invigorating than going in to a new position. Nurses that work for 30 years at the same old position I find grow boring and stale they are unwilling to change, go with the flow of moving on and for the most part they criticise everyone but themselves. No one can do the job and no one is as good as them. They do guality work (Never quantity). Someone always has to pick up there workload because they are too busy thinking about how it use to be not how good it is in the future. Move on and keep right on going don't look back and don't let any of them get the better of you. Better yet just let them gossip, I doesn't make you look bad it makes them look bad.
  2. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by Allison S.

    One family member complained for days that the patient was losing weight, needed more feeding, etc. and then wanted to take him for a walk when it was time for his tube feed. I reminded her of his schedule and priorities and then she did what she wanted. Later she complained that I was rude, telling her how to take care of her family-memeber, AND that I was late hanging the tube feed.

    When they left our facility, she gave me a big hug and thanked me with tears in her eyes, yet I still have a complaint in my file.
    How do you put a damn hug in a file. Should have asked for that is writing. Ha.
  3. by   Agnus
    Hospitals now days are hung up on kissing up to Docs and patients. They don't seem to understand the basic concept that you are a customer too. That you are their most critical asset and with out you they have no business. They cannot meet thier "customer's" needs nor demands.
    I read something on this this week, it come from Steven Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. "I was in a group once where someone asked, 'How do you shape up lazy and incompent employees?' One man responded, 'Drop hand grenades!' Several others cheered that kind of macho management talk, that 'shape up or ship out' supervision approach.
    But another person in the group asked, 'Who picks up the pieces?'
    'No pieces.'
    'Well, why don't you do that to your customers?' The other man repied, ' 'Just say, 'Listen, if you're not interested in buying you can just ship out of this place.' '
    He said, 'You can't do that to customers.'
    'Well, how come you can do it to employees?'
    'Because they're in your employ.'
    'I see. Are your employees devoted to you? Do they work hard? How's the turnover?'
    'Are you kidding? You can't find good people these days. There's too much turnover, absenteeeism, moonlighting. People just don't care anymore.' "
  4. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Thanks so much you guys! I posted this am and went out to spend all the money I had on Christmas for the kids - great treatment for depression.....Walmart, the Mall, and Cracker Barrell!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of worried what posts I would find when I got home, because you dwell on crap like this and decide maybe that you (me) really ARE the dimwit that they say you are.
    I really appreciate all your input, and think I will spend my days off the next couple of weeks playing with my resume and go out looking after the holidays. I do feel really supported by you all. I did call someone over her head and am going to try to transfer to a sister hospital in the same city while I figure out where and when I am going, maybe it will be better. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!:kiss
  5. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Pretzlgl
    Great advice 3rdShiftGuy. (For me that is). When I read your post, I thought "hmmm". I have been guilty of getting angry at my peers when mistakes are made. I think if we were all a little more tolerant in these busy, busy days then we could present a more unified front - and maybe gain a little more respect. Thanks for the thought provoking response!

    Beth (pretzlgl)
    Thanks Beth. When a person makes a mistake, or are getting hung to dry for whatever reason, they feel bad enough. They don't need their coworkers judgement too.

    When I'm in the hot seat, I beat myself up enough. LOL
  6. by   RRMLPN
    good for you karo!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you the very best and a very Merry Christmas!
  7. by   cargal
    I am sorrty this is happening to you, and I know how you are feeling. I also know that I would not be nursing today without the support of As I have learned, there is a nursing shortage. There is no reason to stay in a job like that. Good luck, hold your head up and smile. It will get better!
  8. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by Susy K
    If the physicians are so important, then I guess we can all go home and they can provide 24/7 nursing care.

    Amen Susy!!!

  9. by   treecy
    Karo, what happened to you is so typical of nursing. Everyone's shortcoming is nursing's responsibility. You documented the elevated k+, called the MD, documented that and although you didn't say, I presume that you endorsed that to the next shift. What else could you do? An order for xray is entered. Radiology doesn't do the xray in a timely manner and that too is your fault. Management places these burdens on our shoulders. The supv. that said you should have contacted her about the xray is full of it. She probably wouldn't have been any help, but for the family conplaining. And who says the complaint was about you. It was about xray, and she decided it was your fault. The manager doesn't want you on the floor? Tell her you agree 100%, your nursing expertise can be utilized elsewhere.
  10. by   ZORYA
    Well Karo, I think your tag line "for everything there is a purpose" states it perfectly....Think hard about what the purpose is, and why you're going through this....I personally(and don't everybody get all mad at me for disagreeing) would make sure that walking out the door isn't a rash thing to do...There's definitely something to be said about perserverance...I mean, maybe you're supposed to be learning something through all this crap you are being forced to wade through??
    Anyway, just my two cents worth...Good Luck
  11. by   rstewart
    At risk of appearing unsupportive, here is my opinion:

    A serum K+ of 6.1 (assuming this is not a dialysis patient) in most facilities would be a panic/critical value----prompt medical attention may be required. Your obligation is not to make an attempt to notify a medical provider but rather to actually accomplish notification. Now, I do understand your feelings: I am a staff nurse myself, not nursing management. Physicians who are on call need to be available; the situation should be remediated when they are not, particularly those who are chronically slow to respond or do not respond at all.

    The solution? Notify the charge nurse or house supervisor, (ie utilize the chain of command) document the calls in the medical record, and complete an occurance report.

    Frankly, I think the situation with radiology was a crock....totally unfair to you. But for now you obviously work in a facility where the nurses are blamed for everything. (You don't really expect management to admit that the cuts in support /ancillary services which they made resulted in a reduction in the quality of care, do you?) So my previous advice holds here as well: Utilize /notify the chain of command, document your efforts in the medical record (objectively/no commentary, of course) and prepare an occurance report.

    I'd leave that place. After all, we all make mistakes. And it's much easier to just blame the nurse rather than examine the system. But that said, I hope you will accept my advice. The ball was dropped on the lab notification and if harm resulted you could have had some legal as well as employment problems.
  12. by   KaroSnowQueen
    This is a terminally ill patient and this was NOT a big change from his previous values earlier in the day. I had spoken with the MD earlier that day and he was more upset about the creatinine going up than the K. He supposedly was waiting for me to call, and more than one attempt to page per ans. svc. was made.
    Mgmt that night was more upset about the snow storm and mandating staff to stay all night than anything else, as you recall, "routine" calls for help were told to wait til staffing was covered at 11.
  13. by   babyrabbit
    I just joined today. Actually, I also just quit my job, too. I have my resignation ready to present to my supervisor in the morning. I have been with the same hospital 11 1/2 years. I can float, I can take call, I can come in on my day off, I can work my share of weekends and holidays. What I cannot accept is being the only L & D RN for 12 hours regardless of the number of inductions and/or mother/baby diads on the floor. Ours is a nursery/postpartum/ L&D combination floor which is staffed with one RN and one LPN/aide now regardless of how the census changes on the shift. We have 6 LDRPs. Also, for c/s now, I am the only one going back for the baby. That leaves my LPN alone, even if I have another laboring patient. Also, babies no longer "count" on the census. Am I too paranoid about the potential for disaster? And forget lunches. I attempted to turn in my resignation 3 weeks ago when changes were enacted, but the doctors approached me and asked me to try. It doesn't feel good. I had two inductions and the third labor patient added; and there were 2 moms and babes ( one with birth defects). I am OVERWHELMED!!!