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  1. Pretzlgl

    What was your secret weapon for surviving nursing school??

    NOT working during nursing school - because I scrimped and saved for a year before and all during...
  2. Pretzlgl

    Therapy dogs....what do you think?

    Excellent idea! One of the Assisted Living Facilities I visit has dogs come in - and the residents love it....
  3. Yeppers. I would bet, Acosmic, that you are a brand spanking new RN. Idealistic and all. Not a bad thing - but give it 10 years and get back to us.....
  4. Thanks, Karen, for putting my thoughts into sentences. Great post.
  5. Pretzlgl

    Thinking of quiting after 2 years

    Why does this so-called profession have to be this way? I worked as a bank teller before becoming a nurse and was treated with waay more respect. Hmm, maybe that would be an idea....
  6. Pretzlgl

    Thinking of quiting after 2 years

    I totally agree. When I was a new nurse we went to the Nurses' March on Washington. I was so impressed at that time by how well nurses stuck together. I couldn't wait to practice. HA! What a jolt when I realized that I was way off on that one. I was also asked to change my charting when I charted that a doctor hadn't called me back after multiple pages (pt with blood sugar of >500) Finally called charge nurse who called medical director and was taken care of. BUT I charted it all. I was asked the next day to change my charting and a general memo went out stating that we cannot chart that a doctor did not return a page. I gave my 2 week notice the next day. I think I too picked the wrong profession. We not only worry about our patients care but also our licenses, ALL THE TIME. Anyway, that felt good to get that out...... :chuckle
  7. Pretzlgl

    Is my nursing license in jeopardy?

    Wow! Thanks for the great reply and advice. I am turning in my 2 week notice - but am going to do just what you said with witnessess. Thanks again!
  8. Pretzlgl

    Is my nursing license in jeopardy?

    Thanks for the responses. Let me clarify - I don't mean that the doctor would hang the nurse out to dry - I mean the facility. A little background is that 2 nurses have been fired recently - and one has had disciplinary action placed on their license for not performing according to the facilities' "standard policy". One of the nurses is suing because how can you follow standard policy if no such thing exists. (Wrongful termination). Anyway, I myself am getting out of there - too much liability IMHO.
  9. Pretzlgl

    Is my nursing license in jeopardy?

    Hi all. Any input would be appreciated. I work for a facility with no policy and procedure manual. I have repeatedly asked for a policy pertaining to, for example, how to flush a central line - only to be told "we don't have a policy on that". It is a hospice - not JCAHO accredited - so they technically don't have to have policies set. BUT - I feel that my license is on the line every time I do something but it isn't according to any policy or procedure set by the facility. I'm told just do it by MD order. Well the MD order say, Central line flush per protocol. I really feel that this is done purposefully - it will be the individual nurse hung out to dry and not the facility if something goes wrong. What do you all think?????
  10. Pretzlgl

    pay scale- why so hush hush??

    That's it. And it happened to me. I found out that the new grad pay was going to be .03 more than I made with 7 years of experience. Now granted it was only 3 cents - but NEW GRADS SHOULD NOT MAKE MORE THAN EXPERIENCED NURSES. I found out because the hospital openly publishes its new grad rate. Went to my manager, asked her to compensate me fairly - she went to HR (because she thought it was wrong too) and was denied. Turned in my 2 week notice the next day.
  11. Pretzlgl

    Nurse to lead New Jersey hospital as CEO

    Exactly. Ours is still focused on the almighty bottom line. The latest and greatest cost saving measure to come from our CEO - only change linens on beds when they are "highly" soiled, and patients don't need more than one blanket - because "layering blankets does not create added warmth". Can you believe that???
  12. Pretzlgl

    Do you see the pendulum swinging the other way?

    In my hospital there is actually a waiting list to get onto certain floors/units. And there are no dayshift positions available. Last year perdiem nurses worked as often as they wanted - this year they are cancelled constantly. Seems to me as if things may be swinging a little the other way.
  13. Pretzlgl

    Integrity of Administration?

    Wow - that is exactly what I thought when I read the title of this post!
  14. Pretzlgl

    Doctors and Nurses Gone Wrong....

    Oh, OK. I thought we were talking performing equal jobs. Of course we are all equal as human beings. And by no means do I think that they are superior to us just because of their education. Their jobs are different than ours, but not better.
  15. Pretzlgl

    Doctors and Nurses Gone Wrong....

    I don't think that docs are superior to me - but I don't think doctors and nurses are equal either. Superior implys that they are better than me - they are not. They are more educated than I am. But if I wanted to be an MD, I would have gone to medical school. We perform different functions for the patient - therefore we are not equal.
  16. Pretzlgl

    transcribing orders

    Same at my place. I refuse to take an order like that. I did not go to medical school and won't pile that onto my already overridden workday.