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Hello everybody. I can not think of a better place to ask this questions other than a forum full of what I believe to be Gods angels in human form. In your experience taking care of the injured... Read More

  1. by   firstinfamily
    It seems to me just about every patient whom I have been with in the dying process has reached upwards towards the sky or said they see a bright light coming towards them. Some are talking a conversation that only they seem to hear. I do ask patients if they are seeing angels and some admit that they are. I usually make sure I notify the family, after checking vitals, of course, because I have found that when they say they are seeing angels it is not long before they pass.
  2. by   grandpaj
    I work on a unit with a lot of hospice/palliative/comfort care patients and have heard from many coworkers that seeing or hearing children days to hours before passing is pretty common. I haven't encountered it myself.
  3. by   3lj9
    There is an on-line book with many examples of death-bed visions including cases that produced verifiable information and or involved multiple experiencers and therefore cannot be explained as hallucinations.

    Death-Bed Visions - The Psychical Experiences of the Dying
    Sir William Barrett
    ISS: Death-Bed Visions - The Psychical Experiences of the Dying: Sir William Barrett
  4. by   CPIfornurses
    Amazing things seem to happen around the time of someones passing. My Grandfather said he saw his relatives that had already passed as he was passing on himself. Very powerfull.
  5. by   essT
    Premies walk the line between life and death more delicately than any adult patient I've cared for. They can have a "spell" (i.e. a severe desat, bradycardia or even code) and then be back with relatively stable vital signs in a short period of time. After a baby has a very bad spell, there is something different about their eyes. Little ones who normally spend only seconds at a time with their eyes open will have a wide-eyed stare for a looooong time after you get them stable and tucked back in bed. I can see in those eyes a sense of wonder and peace that exists no place else.

    NICU has forever changed my understanding of the spiritual world...
  6. by   holy man
    Hell and heaven both are real...those who are very sinful in the end of there lifes meet yamduttas or messenger of death who are fierce looking beings with twisted features....generally can only be seen by the dying person...they take his/her subtle body out from the gross body...and take him/her to the court of lord yamraj(lord of death)...where he/she will be judged for his/her sins....and according to there degree of sins..they are send to different hellish planets. These hellish planets situated below earth planet....It's not a fairy tale...but a truth.It's absolutely important for one to live a pious life if he wants to alleviate to the higher planets like heaven etc(celestial beings comes in this case to take the pious soul with them)..otherwise in the end he/she has to meet with those ghastly beings.
  7. by   JosieVarga
    Thank you for posting. I have read William Barrett's, "Deathbed Visions: How the Dead Talk to the Dying." A great book. Another great book is Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick's, The Art of Dying." To me, one of the greatest validations is when someone on their deathbed says that someone is in the room that they didn't know to be dead. I don't know how else to explain that other than to say there is definitely something after this life. I am not a nurse but am currently researching this phenomena. It's wonderful to see so many share their experiences on here. Thank you.
  8. by   pamela001
    These people that have a bad experience probably have DARK SOULS. They don't go to heaven. They come right back in again. They don't have charts like the rest of us.
  9. by   ProgressiveActivist
    I have see many dying older people see and talk to their departed family members.
    It's always a family member.
  10. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from pamela001
    These people that have a bad experience probably have DARK SOULS. They don't go to heaven. They come right back in again. They don't have charts like the rest of us.
    I may be feeding the troll, but what on God's green earth? They don't have CHARTS like the rest of us???
  11. by   compjj
    I came across this thread while reading up on death bed visits (sparked by an episode of VICE that showed a Norwegian woman end her life by doctor assisted suicide.) Anyways, that heavy episode rehashed some memories from when my uncle and grandmother died that I wanted to share.

    In late 1999 my uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and after treatments failed was put into hospice care for the inevitable. Upto the diagnosis he was an ardent atheist but faced with death choose to adopt Christianity. My grandmother (his mother) was alive and had been making trips from Florida to visit and care for him. I was young at the time and for that reason probably didn't fully appreciate how stressful it was for her to watch her youngster son wither away.

    My grandmother had just returned to her home in Florida when she suffered a heart attack. This was a little over a month before my uncle died. Her condition was stabilized at the hospital and for a while it looked like she was going to recover. By this time my uncle was in rough shape (he had since cut off all visitors except for his immediate family) and my father and other uncle were worried to inform him that their mother had had a heart attack. After she was stabilized and had been coherent enough to talk to my (healthy) uncle they decided to tell my (dying) uncle the news. So it's admitted that he was aware that she had a heart attack and was in the hospital.

    About a week before he passed away he told my father that he had had a dream/vision of my (deceased) grandfather coming to his bedside and telling him everything would be fine and that a woman would die 3 days after he died. As you may have guessed 3 days after he died my grandmother passed away. She had never been told that her son had passed (we always speculated that she didn't want to outlive her children so she was trying to die before he did.)

    I realize there are definitely logical explanations for this prediction (a lucky guess based on the fact that my grandmother was in the hospital) but I wanted to share the experience and see what you guys thought about it (having had more experience with these kinds of situations.)
  12. by   nutella
    In my experience, it is not unusual that patients who are in the dying process or "closer" to the end of life will see already departed relatives or other loved one. At times, they also speak to them.
    I usually explain that this is the way our body, mind, and soul prepares for the transitioning and the end of life. It does not seem to be connected to a certain religion or belief and it often scares the family while the person at or close to end of life does not seem to be bothered by it, some even welcome this experience.
    Some while ago, a patient I had taken care of in home hospice passed away. I had never much dreams that involved my work, I feel very centered in what I do. However, that night, in the early morning hours I had a dream that this specific patient was knocking at my door (I lived in an apartment house in that dream with the patient apparently also living there) and the patient came to say "good bye". In the dream was no talking - it was gestures and waving. When I woke up, I did not think about it much, it was a weekend day and I was not working. It did not surprise me to learn later that this patient had died in the early morning hours of the night that I had the dream.
  13. by   mybirdpinky
    Very well said and so TRUE!