Cheers and Geers from our Peers !!

  1. Hello all, just curious as to what all of the nurses and nurses to be out their have on their minds. What do you have to CHEER about work and life, and what whould you like to GEER about work and life. Any topic goes (as long as it is within rules). Consider this a place to speak about whatever may have made you happy or sad today, and get a little feedback and/or support !!

    Have a GREAT day, or not, either way share it with us !!
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  3. by   MustangSallie1997
    I would like to CHEER a nurse I met here at allnurses not too long ago. We had what you would call a :smiley_abdiffering of oppinions. At times we were both very irritated at the other, I was taking it personally because the post was about me. She took her nearly 50 years of experience, and looked at things differently. She thanked some of us on the thread that told her how her comments came across, and could hurt others !! She didnt let all her years of experience close her mind to others and what they had to say, and how what she said made others feel !!

    This ended up being one of the most beneficial, and positive threads I have been on so far and I wanted to CHEER her for being such a professional and looking at things know who you are if you are reading this !! to you !!!! Thanks, I have grown too because of you !!
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  4. by   EmmaG
    The best part of nursing is the people I work with...If it weren't for my peers, I'd have quit nursing years ago.
  5. by   wonderbee
    My patients. HH patients are welcoming and warm, especially out in the rural areas. They'll try to feed you or give you a cup of tea. Had to send a LOL out to hospital on Thursday. She had been down for a couple of hours. She must have spiked a temp and gone into pneumonia between visits. Had I not trusted my instincts and come back for a second try, (had been there earlier, no answer) I just don't know. She was so happy to see me. So trusting. Such a responsibility but so rewarding.

    Paperwork. Anyone familiar with HH knows that the paperwork involved far outweighs the actual time spent with patient and is ridiculous. At my office, paperwork seems to rule over patient care. I tendered my notice this week. When LOL above was found down, the first and only words out of my DOCS mouth was to tell me what kind of paperwork needed doing.
  6. by   muffie
    cheers .... my co-workers

    jeers ... paperwork, the wet rainy weather
  7. by   MzMouse
    Cheers: My patients and being lucky enough to work for a terrific surgeon.

    Geers: Working wayyyy more hours than I want and no help in sight.
  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Cheers are working for the best Hospice Organization and nursie maties. Loving my man, life and all we have achieved so far. I have nothing to complain about because my patients make me realize we are not promised tomorrow. Make the most of each day the Good Lord gives us.

    Geers.... Gosh cannot think of any right now...
  9. by   KJB_65
    Cheers for my co-workers. They are THE hardest working group of women (no men there right now) that I have ever had the priviledge of working with and not one of them would not help If I needed it.

    Cheers to my son in law who is deploying to Iraq on Nov 7th. I am so proud of him.

    Jeers that he has to be deployed in the first place

    Jeers to the paperwork here also. I have been in home care and Hospice the last 6 years and it takes more time than the patients do.
  10. by   sharona97
    Cheers to the posters I've been able to learn from in tis site at allnurses.
    Geers to debaters that won't accept a disagreement.
  11. by   leslie :-D
    cheers to the incredible staff i work with.
    it is through them, that our pts get only the very, very best of living w/loss.
    and everyone benefits.

    cheers to my fascinating and ever-so, supportive family.
    even if we don't always like what the other is doing, it is the respect of self and others, that allow ea of us to take our own journeys, and be surrounded in love.

    and cheers to the jeers in life.
    for w/o the downsides, how could we ever rejoice w/the blessings we behold?

  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Cheers to my family and friends.

    Jeers to whoever invented paperwork.

  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Cheers to my wonderful staff members for letting me push them hard over the past month in order to be ready for our state survey, doing everything I've asked and more, and still coming into my office to tell me, "If you weren't here, I'd quit---you're a GREAT boss!"

    Jeers to the 'suits' who seem to think that more paperwork=better resident care.
  14. by   truern
    Great big cheers to the best group of co-workers anybody could ask for!!

    Cheers to management that actually listens!!

    Jeers to family members that took one semester of nursing school or dropped out of CNA classes that question every action I take, especially when they claim to be in the healthcare profession as if they're RNs and then I find out it was the above mentioned scenario.

    Jeers to patients and/or family members that think if they're demanding they'll get special care. Uh, no...that's not the way it works, people.