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  1. MzMouse

    accused of bullying....

    Managers shouldn't even take complaints seriously when not one example can be made. I have been in your position and it's very difficult to defend yourself when you aren't even being told what you are doing wrong. I think most of it is bogus.
  2. MzMouse

    How do you handle the everyday stress of a nurse?

    I have been doing much better at leaving work at work; it isn't always easy but it makes all the difference. I also exercise, eat well and have a wonderful husband and friends. Oh, and a beer isn't bad either.
  3. MzMouse

    How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    I live in snowy Minnesota and have never missed a day to work due to snow. Often I make it when coworkers who live closer cannot make it in. I think nurses owe it to their patients and fellow staff to make an honest effort.
  4. Evidently not slight of hand enough... Wow; that is scary. As far as policy compared to what actually goes on; that isn't uncommon. If I roomed every patient ( I work in a clinic) the way our Patient standard of Care is written it would take me 15-20 minutes per patient; not acceptable to keep things running. Of course it doesn't help that policies are written by people who never see, much less ever do any patient care.
  5. I am naturally introverted, but 20 years of nursing has made me much more outgoing. You have to be willing to speak up and advocate for your patient and be able to effectively communicate with your patients, coworkers and physicians.
  6. MzMouse

    My nurse looks like a zombie

    Reminds me of a comment on the last Press Ganey survey..."the nurse looked tired." Seriously?? If that is your biggest complaint I guess we are doing something right.
  7. MzMouse

    What are your tricks for leaving work at work?

    It has gotten easier over the years. I used to run everything through my head all the time and let it keep me awake at night. But these days if I did everything to the best of my abilities while on the clock I can go off the clock and leave work behind me. Exercise does help too; it has been an unexpected benefit of my recent fitness fight.
  8. MzMouse


    A few years ago my husband was in the ER; sick as a dog but very much able to speak for himself. I accompanied him and added a couple times to the consult with the ER doc but for the most part sat back and allowed him to answer. He was livid! He didn't feel well, of course, and though I should be answering all the doctor's questions since I am nurse. I explained that is as much a part of the consultation as the physical exam and therefore important HE answered the questions. :uhoh21: Fortunately his good qualities far outweigh this moment of ridiculousness.
  9. I have always avoided personal questions; simply because they lead to more personal questions. I am happily married and childfree by choice and some people cannot understand a nurse not wanting to be a mother. So I keep to one word answers and change the subject.
  10. MzMouse

    Nurses please try to look a little more polished at work

    That does bother me too. We do have that policy in our dress code but it is not enforced.
  11. MzMouse

    One of the most frustrating things about nursing

    A wise NP once told me we can't care more about the patients getting better than the patients care themselves.
  12. MzMouse

    Spending time with your partner...

    Husband (not a nurse) and I get lots of time together as he works M-F and I have day hours being an office nurse. When I worked shift work I did nocs as opposed to PM so we could have evenings together before I went to work. Not perfect, but we made it work.
  13. MzMouse

    Any tips with smells? Please!!!

    I am fortunate to not have much of a sense of smell; probably due to years of allergies. Even when an oder is particularly bad it just doesn't really bother me. If something is getting to me I do my best to forget about the smell and concentrate on the patient. I know it sounds sort of trite, but it does work. It will get better as you get more exposure to smells and get used to it.
  14. MzMouse

    Heartbroken. Ball was dropped BIG TIME. Advice?

    I am so sorry for your loss and the manner in which it was handled. I certainly hope you and your family pursue this; it sounds like this facility needs to examine how they do things. Contacting family should have been done early on in the process.
  15. MzMouse

    Watchers vs. Doers

    It seem the longer someone is a watcher the less chance they will ever again be a doer. My current manager loves to tell stories of her former doer career, but she certainly doesn't seem to truly remember what it was like or want to ever do it again.
  16. MzMouse

    Please help me LPN's or former LPN's...

    1. How long were you or have you been an LPN? 19 years 2. Where did you attend school? At a Technical College in Minnesota 3. Where did you or do you currently practice and in what area of nursing? Surgery department in an out-patient clinic for the last 12 years. Before that I spend seven years working in long term care. 4. What seems to be the biggest difference in your role as an LPN compared to the RN's in your practice setting? RN's are managers or work in departments such as oncology, GI, or Urgent care which require assessments and IV starts/sedation. 5. Have you thought about returning to school to further your education? Certainly, but I couldn't work in my current position as an RN and I very much like my job. 6. Are you now or have you ever been affiliated with any LPN associations or organizations? No 7. Would you encourage anyone else to pursue a career as an LPN? Yes 8. Do you feel if you left your current practice (as an LPN) that there would be opportunities in other areas for practice? LPN's jobs are plentiful in long term care and home care in the area. The area clinics are usually hiring too. 9. Do you hold or have you held a leadership position in your practice setting? No, and I don't want to.