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This has to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, from way back when I was a CNA. Maybe *technically* they are diapers, but COME disprespectful can you get? I call them Depends or briefs, it... Read More

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    No, just the terminology of calling them briefs in general. I believe society has done a disservice to those who are incontinent, misdirected the true focus of the problem away from incontinence, in effect not doing anything to desensitize anyone regarding the issue, letting embarrassment simmer below the surface and covering it over with euphemisms. It should not be terminology such as "diaper" that is embarrassing or demeaning. It's the underlying condition that must be accepted for what it is and calling them diapers has helped me to be honest with myself and accept that I need them and have little choice otherwise. When I think of briefs, I immediately think of "tighty-whities" or boxer briefs, etc. What I am now forced to wear looks like a diaper, functions like a diaper. Why try to hide that fact and call it anything but a diaper except that society has conditioned the medical community into thinking that calling them briefs supposedly preserves dignity. I disagree.
    A person should never feel ashamed of something that they cannot control, such as a medical condition or illness.

    Be proud of it, own it... If the person has a problem with the term adult diaper, hopefully they will bring it up and you can do some patient education that it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrased about and give them justification why. I wonder if there is a perception difference to the word between male and female nurses, I have never heard of not being able to call it what it is. I might even discuss different brand or sources (online, mail order etc) if they need them on an ongoing basis.
    I may refer them to where they can get more info from users of the products as well as suppliers. there are even options for reusable diapers, protective undergarments to guard against leaks, swim diapers for adults, (they may not know these exist), and so on.