Blessing of Christmas,,,,what are you thankful for

  1. It's 6 days to Christmas and wanted to know what everyone is thankful for this year.

    In May of this past year, my family and I suffered a terrible loss of our home to a propand explosion and fire. We lost almost everything. But, thru the grace of God and a few miracles, we have just moved into a new home this past weekend. My daughter is recovering nicely, She was in the home at the time, and only suffered some emotional trauma, which is easing. We are thankful for all of those that helped us, and for being all together for Christmas.

    I wish all who spend their lives caring for others, a very blessed Christmas and pray that the joy in your hearts that we feel at this time, continue to glow thru the coming year.
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  3. by   clee1
    I am SOOOO thankful for my family! My darling bride, my wonderful little girl, and my infant son. My loving parents and helpful in-laws. Even my sometimes-grumpy siblings.

    I am thankful that I am finished with Nursing School (this round, anyway) and ready for the NCLEX.

    I am thankful for a job that pays the bills and worked with my school schedule.

    Lastly, I am profoundly thankful that God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to wash away my sins; and via His sacrifice has made Heaven available to us all.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.
  4. by   June55Baby
    There is just not enough room here to list all my blessings. God has blessed my family and me with more than what we need and so much more than we deserve. I am so thankful that God sent His Son Jesus... I couldn't survive all the trials and tribulations without Him in my life.

    Having said that, I will say that after this weekend of family gatherings, I am tremendously thankful for my grandchildren. I have 4 beautiful grand-girls 7 y/o, 5 y/o, 3y/o, and 10 m/o and both of my daughters are expecting babies next year (we already know that one is a girl)! ! ! ! These precious little people bring me such joy and happiness and bless my life beyond measure. They are gifts from God.

    At the other end of the age range, I am blessedly thankful for my dear loving mama! She is a true "Southern lady" who exudes love and joy all year round! God Bless You, Mama!

    God Bless You all at allnurses and Merry Christmas!
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I am thankful for:

    my family and am so happy god blessed us with my neice who is now 16 months old. Also thankful my brother is comming from OH to NH to visit us for christmas.

    I am thankfull for all troops who are willing to risk life and limb for this country. May god bless them and watch over them.

    I am also thankful that someone invented the tissue, lord knows I have used many throughout nursing school to occationally wipe some tears away, usually around the same time every month....

    I am very thankful speaking of nursing school, that I am going to start my last semester in January. And that I got a 980 on my HESI yesterday!

    well there are many more things that I am thankful for, but in the interest of time...

  6. by   nurseangel47
    Calgon, what an appropriate thread to start at this thankful time of year.
    I'm grateful, first and foremost, for God sending the beautifous soul of Jesus brought forth as a mortal on earth to die later for our sins. And for his people of Israel for leading us to the freer form of Christianity. And as importantly, for a land of freedom to participate and bask even, in this form of religion.
    HAPPY CHRIST-MAS to all on this nursing forum!
  7. by   Halinja
    I'm thankful that I'm in my last year of nursing really is going to be over, there were times when I wasn't sure that it wasn't going to last forever.

    I'm thankful for my boys. All four of them are healthy and I THINK they're happy.

    I'm thankful for my friends, and the love and constant support of a very special person.

    I'm thankful for my two dogs who provide me with hours of entertainment and bottomless affection.

    I'm thankful that my mother survived heart surgery, and that the surgery seems to have helped her mental acuity. (it was getting scary)

    I'm thankful for all the little modern conveniences that we don't even notice that make life so comfortable. (had the power out for 16 hours) For my home that is warm and comfortable, for a car that keeps on running.

    I'm thankful for sunshine, and birdsong, fat roses heavy with perfume, snowy mountains and grassy riverbanks.
  8. by   rita359
    Am thankful for good health for my family and I. Am thankful that my sons who are now young adults have grown into wonderful young men able to care for and support themselves. Am thankful for jobs for all of us. Am thankful that illegal drugs etc did not become part of our family life.
  9. by   Simplepleasures
    :spin: I am thankful that circumstances have taken me out of having to work in LTC, after 27 years of that abuse, I dont think I could have stood up to much more. I am thankful that I have 4 wonderful succesful loving children who now support me financally and spiritually 100%.I am thankful for the hugs and sweet kisses of my grandchildren. I am thankful for the Free Clinic and Community Hospital that is providing me with healthcare , now that I no longer am insured. I am thankful for my hard working ethical lawyers who have had so much faith in my case and continue to work so hard for me and for what is right. I am thankful I found this nursing forum, has really helped me vent and MAYBE actually do some good. I am thankful for all the individual PM's I got in support of my situation. I am thankful I am still alive and did not sucumbe to depression. I am thankful to the weatherman who says we may have snow for Christmas!!
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  10. by   TheCommuter
    I'm thankful for a higher being that cares about me in times of need.

    I am also so thankful for my employment, house, transportation, food, schooling, friends, family, and the other stuff that many people take for granted in everyday life.
  11. by   Midwest4me
    What a wonderfully appropriate thread, Calgon!!!!

    I'm thankful for God's son, Jesus---He IS the reason for Christmas after all! I'm thankful for a wonderful husband who is a friend and a team-mate at home---he gives more than 100%....this mans a LOT since we've been "empty-nesters" for many years now and he helps with the housework and yardwork more than any man I know!!! I'm thankful for all 8 my grandchildren just (wish the one in Heaven was here with us).
  12. by   Antikigirl
    I am very thankful that during the wind storms that hit Oregon and Washington that my family was safe, and the trees that broke in half in my back yard (min of 8-12 inches in diameter on those tree tops that snapped!) missed my home by INCHES!!!!! Three of them! INCHES! Someone was looking after us!!!! !

    I am thankful we got our power back on after 3 days instead of the expected 5! I am thankful we were all safe and warm and spent many hours just being together keeping warm in the family room with a fire and playing family board games!

    I am also thankful that we were able to get non flamable light sources so our home didn't accidentally catch fire! And that we have camping equipment and made wonderful dinners via the fireplace and fondue pots!

    And I am very thankful to the power company teams that worked without breaks for days trying to get the power back on to my community and others!

    Most of all I am thankful that during all this, I was off work and could be there for my family taking care of them...and not at work under generator power spending most of the day answering telephone asking how their loved ones were every 15-30 minutes (I am SERIOUS! For every patient we had an average of 3-5 calls per pt checking in on them...we had to ask an agency secretary/receptionist to come in just to answer the calls for the hospital about the power out!!!!! I was there for 3 hours of the power outage, and was soooooooo very happy to leave!). I finally called the news and told them to please do a story on coordenating efforts between families to only have one person call...and only one or twice a day...and that we nurses would contact them if anything changed with their loved ones!
  13. by   mommy2boys
    I'm thankful for my two wonderful healthy boys, a caring and loving husband and that my father's hip replacement sugery went well and he is out of the hospital for the second time because of a blood clot (he came home this morning).

  14. by   mamason
    I am thankful that my children are happy an healthy. The bring me great joy. I am thankful that my husband is hard working and puts up with most of my crap. I am thankful that my family has food to eat, a roof over our heads. Lastly, I'm thankful for my new job....I may regret that later.