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What were the best and worst jobs you ever had before becoming a nurse? My best was as a vocalist for a band. In fact, if you watch the movie "My Life" w/ Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman, I was... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    [i]Originally posted by dachweiler

    Worst job: Had a summer job feeding and sexing exotic African dung beetles [/B]
    :kiss YOU WIN dachweiler
    All I want to know is ... WHY???
  2. by   SICU Queen
    Best Job: Working with my first husband at the pizza store he managed. I was pregnant with our second daughter and ate jalapeno deep dish pizzas (yes, plural) everyday... Unfortunately I still carry them with me... on my BUTT...

    Worst Job: Well, I have two that compete. The first was selling magazine subscriptions over the phone in a room full of weird people who were doing the same. We had to ring a bell when we sold one. I never rang my bell. Not once. The second was working retail in a fine women's clothing department. One day this lady came in and tried a ton of clothes with NO underwear on. That wouldn't have been quite so terrible had she not had a horrific hygiene problem. Let's just say the clothes reeked of, umm, seafood maybe? after she was done with them. I got in trouble because I threw them all in the trash... Oh well...
  3. by   jadednurse
    Originally posted by SICU Queen
    The first was selling magazine subscriptions over the phone in a room full of weird people who were doing the same. We had to ring a bell when we sold one.
    Oh my gosh! I worked at a place like that in high school...for 2 whole days!
  4. by   KeniRN
    BEST JOB: Before nursing school, worked at the home office for a jewelry store chain filling inventory orders for the stores. I drove 40 miles each way every day and paid $2 each way in bridge tolls. All for $5.25 an hr. I was 20 yrs old. I loved my coworkers and got to see all the new jewelry (silver and gold) and got great discounts. It all came down to the wonderful people I worked with. I was actually HAPPY and WANTED to go to work every day.

    BEST JOB: While IN nursing school (which was a 10 year journey): registration at our city's children's hospital. Started in Admissions dept making $10/hr. From $5 to $10 AND medical benefits, I was rich! Worked in a primary care clinic in the hospital, then worked on the cardiac step down unit as a CNA p/t nights, then finally f/t in the ER working the central desk and registrations until I finally graduated.

    WORST JOB: telemarketing. Quit after the 4 hour orientation.
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Worst job = carhop at A&W when I was 16, worked one night and quit. Although I did get a ten dollar tip from a guy that I brought a cup of water for his dog.

    Best job = secretary to training sargeant in the National Guard. I wasn't in the guard, but got the job and it was great. I was pregnant the last summer there before I went to nursing school and he'd say go to the library and look up some books to read. Or go on home and rest the baby. And he'd clock me out at 4 pm and I'd get paid for the whole day!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   CNA1991
    Best:CNA job I have now!
  7. by   sillywilly
    Best Job:

    Worked at a fish and reptile store for years as a teenager. I only made $5.00 an hour under the table, but it was amazing! I actually woke up everyday and could not wait to go to work. I loved teaching people how to properly care for their saltwater fish tanks and take care of their reptiles. The best part was watching how excited little kids would be when they got their first pet.

    Worst Job:

    I answered a job ad for a hostess for a bar/night club type place. I assumed I would be answering the phone and seating people but I was so wrong!!! When I got there on my first night, I realized that there were lots of women wearing next to nothing taking men who were coming in the back door into little booths and there was some shady stuff going on. I tried to leave because I wanted nothing to do with this but there was a guard at the door telling me I couldn't leave when I was on duty. I started panicking and screaming that I didn't want to be there and he let me out. I ran to my car and never looked back! That could have been a very bad situation.
  8. by   TheMediaLies
    The worst job?

    Mcdonalds when I was 16.

    The best job(s)?

    - Medic in the army
    - certified nurses aide
    - unit coordinator/clerk
    - teletech
    - plebotomist
    - LVN
    - RN