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Am I the only one having problems finding a pair of underwear that do not show when I bend over a patient or ones that dont leave a major panty line? What kinds of panties work with scrubs?... Read More

  1. by   AggieQT
    My very first job ever was actually working for Vickys and I got asked this question more than you can imagine... and I honestly think the best pantys are the ones that are made of .... ... VS has Body By Victoria (91% nylon and 9% spandex)... they are seamless and some of the most comfortable things ever! Only one prob, they can be quite expensive ($12 each or sometimes they go on sale for 3 for $30)
  2. by   bethin
    I wear grandma underwear - but only when I have to work. I always pray that I'm never involved in an accident when I have them on because EMS would have a field day with the idea of a 26 yo woman wearing grandma underwear.

    I just hate the idea of constantly picking my wedge at work. I believe mine are Jockey and I get them at JCPenney. They are expensive but they don't ride up or leave lines.
  3. by   cocco
    Just don't wear anything with lace. One of the new grads didn't even have to bend over all she did was turn around and I happened to be looking in her direction. It was like a train wreck, I couldn't divert my eyes. How can you wear lacy semi-thong panties under all white scrubs.
  4. by   Alexsys
    I like the hanes her way bikini cut. They feel good, they cover your bottom and they are definately not "granny underpants"
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    I wear solid black scrubs ALWAYS and black underware ALWAYS. I think that it may be a little harder to see my panty lines with a dark color. I dont know really cause I dont look at people's hinny's on a regular basis.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    Oh my...LOL! Well..ummmm..I typically don't wear underwear except for bra's..and once a month I wear some Hanes womens kind that covers the entire bum. They are comfy, don't tend to shift, and certainly don't go anywhere I need to straddle to get it out of..wink! LOL!!!!!

    I also choose to have scub tops that fit over my bum, and loose fitting (but nice) scrub pants. I am a child of the 80's so I love large tops that cover! (no I don't wear tight legging type scrubs..LOL!).

    Whites however...I never do that! But in RN school I had to..and well...unless you really try the pants out and buy high will show! Same with tops...I was at work one day and noticed my white bra showed through and I was so freaked all shift! I don't wear whites anymore because of that!
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    How can you wear lacy semi-thong panties under all white scrubs.
    I honestly think there are some people who are aware that it can be seen through their pants, and just don't care (or maybe that was their intent).
  8. by   s.carter
    boxers work great for me. butt I am a guy...
    I know a few women that wear thongs and such, and I can vouch from a male perspective that it is tacky to us also.
  9. by   adrienurse
    white gitch goes with white pants. They will show but what are you trying to do, pretend you're not wearing underwear? Skin tone does solve the VPL problem by making them invisible. The best cut is "boy-cut" I'm finding. Oh and please do not wear prints under white pants or lacy thongs that show through.
  10. by   rclimbr
    As a guy I have never even thought about my underwear. Can you see my boxer lines when I bend over? Now I am all worried about it.
  11. by   ImShelly31
    Quote from Bethy-lynn
    I love this question. My favorite underpants are the Victorias Secret Pink Hipsters because they don't have elastic around the legs, so they don't cut in and give you Double butt- you know, when it cuts in and looks like you have four butt cheeks, instead of two. If you are wearing dark bottoms, most colors will work. but if white, go with flesh tones because they blend in.

    LMAO double butt....heheh I thought I was the only one concerened with this issue! If you are a "plus" size gal...such as myself...I love the panties that they sell at Lane Bryant. I also have pale skin so I buy the nude color or a very light light skin tone pink. The ones WITHOUT the lace around the legs. It gives full coverage and has quite a bit of stretch and give. Love them!
  12. by   Nemhain
    Quote from rjflyn
    This subject has been discussed previoiusly at lenght- do a search. Anyway the others are on the right track. If you have to wear white scrubs then stick with a color that matches your particualr skin tone ie tan or beige if you are caucasion, going darker if you skin is darker.

    exactly. something that is your approximate skin color. also, I go with thin underwear 'cause the panty lines don't seem to show up as much.
  13. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Any. Any kind of underwear at all please! I'd rather use my imagination than seeing it all hang out when someone goes commando.