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  1. Hi everyone. i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what kind of stethoscope is the best as far as being able to hear without distortion and background sound. my parents might buy me a new one for graduation. right now i have a sprague. i noticed that littmann had a variety of stethoscopes. any opinions?? thanks!
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  3. by   CEN35
    i can't think of the model litman i have right now? i currently have one that was $128, diaghram and bell on one side. the sound is great!


  4. by   proud2bme
    WOW, CEN- aren't you a CUTIE!
  5. by   CC NRSE
    i use the littman cardiology iii. i orginally got it because it has a dual diaphram (adult on one side and peds on the other). at the time,...i had no idea which area i wanted to work in. if i had it to do all over again,...i would have gotten the master cardiology because i only work with adults!!!! :d i think the kind of stethoscope you use is a personal perference. i love my littman. i would be totally lost without it!!!! some are a little more exspensive than others. if you are pressed for $$ suggestion is to go with a cheaper one for now. they do have a tendency to grow legs and walk away!!!
  6. by   jules-RN
    I have the cardiology II (sounds like the one cen35 has). I bought it a few years ago for around $130. They don't make that model anymore...they updated it to the dual diaphragm one. I love it though. I had the master classic, but couldn't stand the single sided chest piece...personal opinion. I also had the classic II, but I had a hard time with some lung sounds (I worked in respiratory) and I found that the cardiology II was louder and made it easier to listen to those elderly patients with poor effort and patients on a vent.
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  7. by   Level2Trauma
    I use the Littman III stethoscope as mentioned above. It has an adult diaphram and a pediatric diaphram on the other side that can also be transformed into a bell (standard equipment which comes with it). I am currently in the nurse practitioner program and needed a stethoscope with a wide variety of uses: depending on which clinical rotation I was in, pediatrics or adult. It has been great. I had also thought about the Master Cardiology but the company rep. said that "although it was a good stethoscope, it is very difficult to learn to use (even for the cardiologists). It works based on the amount of pressure applied to the diaphram. Depends on what sounds(high or low pitched) you wish to hear and what area you are auscultating, as to the amount of pressure applied.
  8. by   CashewLPN
    I use the Littman Lightweight...
    Albiet less expensive than the 'super-scopes' the others have, I find it to do quite well..... the earpieces are comfy, and it does sound better than a cheapie...

    px is that alot of people use it... so be sure to lable it and put it in your pocket at all times...
  9. by   P_RN
    Littman Cardiology. Actually bought it from a resident for $20 because he said SURGEONS don't NEED a stethoscope! I wish I'd bought the oto-ophthalmoscope he was selling for $20 also!!
  10. by   TopazStone
    I have the Cardiology II. If you want good sound transmission, pull out the diaphragm and ::gasp:: cut a few inches of tubing off. You want it long enough that the patient can't grab a hold of you when agitated, but a shorter tube makes the sound stronger.
  11. by   SICU Queen
    Cardiology II here... my absolute fave. I used a Sprague in school, and heard very well with that. I liked it a lot too.

    Just don't get something you'll feel horrible about losing. They miraculously grow legs and walk away.

    Unless you engrave your name on the bell...
  12. by   traumaRUs
    I have the Littman with the peds/adult sides. Absolutely love it!!! I work in level I trauma center, so have to hear in all kinds of environments!!!
  13. by   studentnurse_02
    thanks for all of your opinions!! greatly appreciated!
  14. by   delirium
    I'm a student, but I splurged on myself this Christmas :chuckle
    and bought a Littman master cardiology. I got my name engraved on the bell and have a name tag on it. Plus I have a scopecover so I can spot my scope at 20 paces. (Which probably isn't necessary because its always around my neck or in my pocket, when I'm not using it, that is)
    I love it... I couldn't hear that well with the spraque, but more and more I'm thinking that's because the earpieces were so uncomfortable I was really distracted. Those suckers hurt!
    My scope can be used for peds, also, but it looks really huge on a neonate's chest. I think if I end up going into nicu (which is what I want to do... I just don't know if I can get on right after graduation), I may buy one of the tiny scopes.
    This scope is my first experience with a Littman, so I can't comment on the other styles, but I really like it and think it was well worth the investment. Now I can actually hear stuff.